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A blonde haired man with a blood red cross embedded in his palm

From: Cindy

My Story: A few months ago, I started having dreams about this tall, blonde haired man, thin build, muscular legs, tanned. He made random appearances in my dreams which always ended up being quite disturbing. Soon, he was making a nightly appearance, he was there, but not part of my dream, even more disturbing. I was having trouble getting to sleep one night, I rolled over and he was standing right next to my side of the bed, bent over looking at me. I had left my nightstand light on, and my husband was in the living room watching tv, my ceiling fan was on…I was aware of all of these things, so I knew I was not asleep. He just stayed there, bent over me. I yelled out “Who are you?!” He didn’t move. Then I screamed at him to get out several times, and finally he raised up, backed up and disappeared into my closet wall. Two nights later, I was having horrible dreams and woke up to him holding me down in bed, by this time I was not willing to sleep in the dark, so I was able to see him and know this was the same man. I was able to get loose from one of his arms, at which time the palm of his hand ended up right near my face and I was able to see that he had a blood red cross (looked like a plus sign) embedded in his palm. When I was able, I ran from my room. I don’t mind saying I am terrified. I am most disturbed by the cross in his palm, but would like any help or advise that would shed some light on this. I don’t want this to happen again.

Was my dream a paranormal vision or coincidence

From: Donna Lang

My Story:I’m an intelligent woman, 28, married, mom of a 9-year-old daughter, outgoing, responsible, competent, considered very attractive. I rarely have bad dreams but last Friday morning I awoke from a disturbing dream in which I was trapped in a room of some kind and couldn’t get out. After a short bit I put it out of my mind, had breakfast with my husband and daughter, saw them off for work and school and went for my morning jog. When I returned I walked in on a couple, man and woman, burglarizing our house. I was overpowered, terrified and shaking. They had a roll of duct tape, taped my mouth, taped my arms behind my back, taped my legs and left me in a closet. After I was sure they had gone I began squirming furiously, but could not get at all loose and was unable to stand (they had taped my wrists and ankles together). With no way to get out of that closet and hop or crawl for help I realized I might remain bound up for hours until my daughter returned from school. The struggling had worn me out and as I sat exhausted, scared, angry, upset I recalled my dream. Had it been some sort of vision? I became even more frightened and tried desperately to break the tape around my wrists but was unsuccessful. I had never before thought about the paranormal but as I sat in that dark closet I became consumed by such thoughts. Common sense told me it was nonsense but I did have the dream and I was now bound and gagged in a room with no way out. I tried to sleep thinking I would wake up and find it was all another dream but I couldn’t even doze off. Hours passed, at times I yanked and struggled furiously, then, exhausted, rested. All the while I was being consumed by thoughts of the paranormal and I convinced myself that breaking free would once and for all end such thoughts. But I couldn’t get even slightly loose and pretty much gave up. I didn’t want my daughter to find me bound and helpless like this but there was no alternative. After almost seven hours I heard the front door open and began “mmphing” as loud as I could. My daughter and a friend of hers called out and quickly found me. The two of them managed to lift me out of the closet into the light and then pull and cut most of the tape off me. I was able to get the last strands unwound from my legs which made me feel at least slightly useful. My daughter reacted to this situation in a very concerned and caring way. She has been very affectionate since.
A week has now passed, I fall asleep at night fearing another premonition. but I have had no more paranormal visions and am unable to conclude whether my dream of a week ago was coincidence or otherwise.

A house in Texas haunted by the three foot little man

From: DT

My Story: Lived in a house in Texas. Haunted by what we called “The three foot little man”. John an Glen were my roomates. John fist sighted him standing in our entry way while we were watching TV. Neither Glen or I had seen it but, Glen walked over and knelt down were John said he’d seen it. He comes back with the biggest goosebumps I have seen and simply says “cold spot”. I ignored this at first. For the next three days, every time I’d go through the kitchen, the cabinet were we kept our drinking glasses would be open about six inches. I’d shut it every time I walked through. Finally I asked, “how lazy are you people that you can’t close the cabinet door?”. They blamed it on the little man, but I still didn’t buy into it. Realizing I could shut the cabinet door that kept opening, and close the other door, the second door over lapped the other one. They were heavy enough that if there was a draft, it would stay closed. Right after I figured this out, I went to the bathroom right off the kitchen. While I was in there I heard a duddudduddud. The cabinet door was only open two inches this time. I asked Glen if he had just gotten a drinking glass, he said he hadn’t moved. For the next three days I would get the urge to see what time it was. There’s a clock radio in the bedroom off the kitchen. Every time it looked it would be. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 ect. Next time I got the urge, I asked Glen to see what time it was. He asked why? I told him to just please look. When he came back he said it was 2:23. I told him what was going on and if he would of gone when I asked it would of been 2:22. Glen and I were coming out of a room, and Glen stops in the door way. He says Dave this is really weird. He says when he looks at the door leading outside he can see the reflection of the full length mirror on the opposite wall. The mirror is reflecting to the front of the refrigerator. In front of the refrigerator is a three foot little man, but when he looks at the mirror or the refrigerator he’s not there. I was laying in bed, my girlfriend was coming over late. So I left the kitchen light on but nearly had door closed to the bedroom. At the end of the bed I see a square shape with a straight line underneath and something rounded under that. I closed one eye, and it was still there, closed the other eye and it was still there. Closed both and freaked myself out. I figured there had to be a logical explanation, so I get up and turned on the lights. There was nothing there between the bed and the door.

Did I communicate with my grandpa through Netflix

From: Micaela

My Story : I was layng in bed watching Netflix. I had been watching Long Island Medium earlier and she talked about her journey opening up to spirits. In my head, I though about whether I could be open to this ever. I was considering clearing my mind sometime and trying to communicate with my grandpa who passed 5 months ago.
As I layed in my bed, it was almost one am, I told myself and kind of jokingly told my grandpa, that if one am came and I was still watching to shut it off. A little while later my screen just went black. I’ve had Netflix fail many times and ways but never like this.
I smiled at the coincedence, closed my laptop screen, and rolled over to go to sleep. Quickly, I looked up to see the time. One am. Ok, strange coincedence. Haha. Right?
I had a thought flash across my mind about how much my grandpa loved dogs. I have a 9 month old golden retriever who never ever barks except for one quick warning bark if he gets scared. Right then in the dark on the floor he started barking this fearful high pitched series of scream like barks. I wasn’t even thinking I was so shocked and scared and ran to flip of the lights. He was standing scared in the middle of the room wining.

Who knows what happened, but I have never experienced or felt any way close to this experience, and my dog had never done anything like the before or since

It feels like someone is watching me

From: Molly

My Story: Every day when I get off the school bus I have to walk through an old churchyard with graves, I always pass the same ones and now they are starting to frighten me because when I walk past a certain few graves I get a sad feeling and I go cold and it feels like some one is watching me. The feeling don’t go away untill I see another living person. Also once in the same yard I heard some noise like a stone against a window and my name being called when there I no one there. I am not sure if my experiences are strictly paranormal but I still feel uneasy about it all.

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