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Bright whites flashes over Reading

Submitted by: Cathy Nicholas

My Story: I was outside in the garden last night around 8pm having a ciggy and saw what I thought was a flash of lightning. The whole sky lit up briefly. I mentioned this to my husband and he checked the weather forecast but there was no mention of storms. Around 9.30 i was back out and another bright white flash came from the same direction. I live in Reading near Junction 11/12 of the M4 motorway. Strange!!

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  1. This is interesting. I was visiting a website yesterday and found 2 seperate clips of CCTV footage. One from the dashboard camera of a Police vehicle in America and another from a security camera outside a building in South Africa. Both cameras caught shots of meteors coming into the atmosphere and burning bright green. The light was so bright in them that for a split second it looked like day light. these happened on 2 seperate days in November.

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