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Loud crashing sounds from the kitchen but no damage

Submitted by: John

My Story: I’ve heard of other people experiencing this and have read a lot relating to this experience but maybe someone here has experienced something similar.

When I was in my late teens my parents use to go away on short holidays and I would often stay behind to ‘protect the fort’.

We lived in a 3 bedroom open plan house. My parent,s bedroom was situated at the front of the house and it had its own door to the garden as well as its own bathroom. More often as not I would sleep in their bedroom with my two jack russels in there with me, only because if I ever heard anyone breaking in I would be able to get out of the bedroom and into the garden without having to go through the rest of the house.

One weekend while my parents were away I was up late one night watching tv in their bedroom with the bedroom door locked, as usual when I was by myself, with both my dogs on the bed with me (sorry mom and dad). It was late in the night and about 2 hours earlier I had finished cleaning the dishes and had left them on the drying rack. While lying in bed just as I started to doze off the came loud crashing sound come from the kitchen which sounded like the pots and dishes I put there had fallen off the drying rack. I could even hear one of the pot lids spin around on the floor, both my dogs went mad but wouldn’t go near the bedroom door. I couldn’t hear anyone in the house nor any glass being broken as though someone was climbing in through the window. So I chose to ignore the sound, dismissing it as a neighbourhood cat coming through the window which has happened before, and ended up watching tv for the rest of the night. I dozed off in the very early hours of the morning and awoke when the sun was coming through the curtains. I decided to venture out of my parents bedroom and into the kitchen to inspect the carnage down by the ‘cat’ only to discover that there was absolutely nothing lying on the floor, nothing broken and every dish, plate, pot, pot lid and pan were still in the drying rack.

To this day I’ve never been able to ‘debunk’ that. I often think, was it my imagination but then I recall the way my dogs behaved and think otherwise.


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  1. Hi John:-)

    I believe everything you said here, I’ve had this too.

    Back in 1965 my first (late) husband and I were 20 and 26 respectively, we lived in a semi in a village called Spratton in Northampton. Loads of paranormal stuff happened to me there and we both experienced it because he too was psychic having grown up open to ghost speak in a haunted vicarage. But his psychic sense came to the fore once he married me, since mine was active all the time, so this is only one event inside that house:

    We were fast asleep, we had two very young children, a son in his own room, a daughter in hers and I was just preganant with our third. I can’t recall the time, but it was the early hours when suddenly, we both got woke with a start when something massively heavy crashed against the outside of our bedroom door and slid to the floor.

    Tony my husband, was out of bed so fast, his feet barely touched the floor, he may have died aged 41 of alcohol abuse, but back then, he’d just been come out the army and was bantam-weight boxing champion of his regiment, so he was agile. And he wasn’t scared of dark or ghosts either, but he assumed someone had broken in. He flung the door wide open with me begging him to take care, thinking he’d get smashed on the head by the intruder.

    There was no one there, and nothing on the landing, so he went from room to room (this would become a pattern for him with our shared paranormal experiences as the years went by) and he found nothing anywhere, nothing fallen, nothing out of place, our children never woke, never heard anything, the dog never stirred, just the two of us were woken and heard the crashing sound.

    We never bottomed that one, and that exact phenomenon in that house, never happened again, but gosh it was so loud, how our neighbours and children and dog never heard it, amazes me even now, yet nothing, absolutely nothing out of place anywhere.


  2. This Happens at my house often! Currently I have a house guest who is complaining about loud crashing noises at night coming from the kitchen but when he goes to inspect, nothing has fallen. I let him know that I have experienced this plenty in this house. I have never seen any ghostly image but I do have some strange goings on. One day a candle just popped off my coffee table and it wasn’t near the edge. My house guest also complains of the lights in the guest room popping on. I have seen them come on, sometimes along with the fan, sometimes alone and sometimes the fan just comes on. I have tried to attribute this to faulty wiring or a broken remote but it doesn’t explain why the combinating is different every time. Also I will be sitting at my computer and on ocassion my arm will become freezing cold like a major wind just hit it. I always get up to see if I left the front door open. Oh and my house guest said he walked into the guest room and all of his toiletries were knocked over. So I do think that what you experienced was some sort of paranormal activity and not a cat or other animal.

  3. If you read some of Einstein’s thoughts about time I think you might see that time past is looping over your time present. Usually nothing to be afraid of.

  4. This particular phenomenon of loud crashing noises with no damage or fallen objects happens in my home constantly and has for the last 2 – 3 years on a regular basis. I finally decided to check the Internet to see if there were any references to this, as I have never heard of this happening to others. It’s somewhat of a relief to hear that this is not entirely unusual. It happens so often that I don’t even bother to get up to see what happened anymore. Not one item is ever out of place. Many of these sounds or crashes are very specific (such as the pan lid spinning on the floor) and I can identify them. Some are just very loud and startle my cat and I wide awake (she is always asleep next to me and has not caused any of these but is very afraid when they happen). I have even been awake when several have happened. They really don’t frighten me anymore, probably because they are so frequent, but have caused me to lose a lot of sleep. I’ve always been fairly psychic, and many, many other things have happened, such as one or the other of my TV’s turning itself on spontaneously, but I have always been puzzled by these crashes. I don’t know what it is either, but thank you all for sharing these stories as it was very helpful to me and soewhat comforting.

  5. This is happening at my house. Four o’clock this morning, heard a loud crash in my bedroom, it jarred me awake. I thought our TV had fallen off the dressed but it didnt. I’ve heard other things also but this one this morning was the loudest yet. So glad I am not the only person experiencing this!

  6. I heard the same thing!! Like pots and pans crashing to the floor but nothing was amiss at all. This happened to me twice

  7. Same thing happened to My girlfriend and myself. We both heard the same things. We were laying in bed,just laid down and started to reach for the TV and we heard what sounded like an entire kitchen of forks, utensils, glass, cups, all very identifiable sounds. (Everyone knows what forks sound like hitting the ground) However, we weren’t startled, we had a cat, and thought she had just knocked over a ton of stuff. Upon inspection, nothing was disturbed. We covered the house, even the attic and outside; we’d even thought maybe someone had dumped stuff in our outside trashcan (it was empty still from the day before pickup) — We laid back down in bed, and I don’t think we talked for an hour. Was very hard to digest. We know both what we heard.

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