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Loud crashing sounds from the kitchen but no damage

Submitted by: John

My Story: I’ve heard of other people experiencing this and have read a lot relating to this experience but maybe someone here has experienced something similar.

When I was in my late teens my parents use to go away on short holidays and I would often stay behind to ‘protect the fort’.

We lived in a 3 bedroom open plan house. My parent,s bedroom was situated at the front of the house and it had its own door to the garden as well as its own bathroom. More often as not I would sleep in their bedroom with my two jack russels in there with me, only because if I ever heard anyone breaking in I would be able to get out of the bedroom and into the garden without having to go through the rest of the house.

One weekend while my parents were away I was up late one night watching tv in their bedroom with the bedroom door locked, as usual when I was by myself, with both my dogs on the bed with me (sorry mom and dad). It was late in the night and about 2 hours earlier I had finished cleaning the dishes and had left them on the drying rack. While lying in bed just as I started to doze off the came loud crashing sound come from the kitchen which sounded like the pots and dishes I put there had fallen off the drying rack. I could even hear one of the pot lids spin around on the floor, both my dogs went mad but wouldn’t go near the bedroom door. I couldn’t hear anyone in the house nor any glass being broken as though someone was climbing in through the window. So I chose to ignore the sound, dismissing it as a neighbourhood cat coming through the window which has happened before, and ended up watching tv for the rest of the night. I dozed off in the very early hours of the morning and awoke when the sun was coming through the curtains. I decided to venture out of my parents bedroom and into the kitchen to inspect the carnage down by the ‘cat’ only to discover that there was absolutely nothing lying on the floor, nothing broken and every dish, plate, pot, pot lid and pan were still in the drying rack.

To this day I’ve never been able to ‘debunk’ that. I often think, was it my imagination but then I recall the way my dogs behaved and think otherwise.

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  1. Hi John:-)

    I believe everything you said here, I’ve had this too.

    Back in 1965 my first (late) husband and I were 20 and 26 respectively, we lived in a semi in a village called Spratton in Northampton. Loads of paranormal stuff happened to me there and we both experienced it because he too was psychic having grown up open to ghost speak in a haunted vicarage. But his psychic sense came to the fore once he married me, since mine was active all the time, so this is only one event inside that house:

    We were fast asleep, we had two very young children, a son in his own room, a daughter in hers and I was just preganant with our third. I can’t recall the time, but it was the early hours when suddenly, we both got woke with a start when something massively heavy crashed against the outside of our bedroom door and slid to the floor.

    Tony my husband, was out of bed so fast, his feet barely touched the floor, he may have died aged 41 of alcohol abuse, but back then, he’d just been come out the army and was bantam-weight boxing champion of his regiment, so he was agile. And he wasn’t scared of dark or ghosts either, but he assumed someone had broken in. He flung the door wide open with me begging him to take care, thinking he’d get smashed on the head by the intruder.

    There was no one there, and nothing on the landing, so he went from room to room (this would become a pattern for him with our shared paranormal experiences as the years went by) and he found nothing anywhere, nothing fallen, nothing out of place, our children never woke, never heard anything, the dog never stirred, just the two of us were woken and heard the crashing sound.

    We never bottomed that one, and that exact phenomenon in that house, never happened again, but gosh it was so loud, how our neighbours and children and dog never heard it, amazes me even now, yet nothing, absolutely nothing out of place anywhere.


    1. heard glass breaking several times – always coming froma wall in the bedroom. The first time I thought my husband had dropped a drinking glass and that it had broken. Upon inspection it turned out that he hadn’t taken a glass with him when he came to bed.
      I dismissed the incident .
      The second time was horrific.
      Around 3AM I heard a huge glass breaking sound – seemed the glass was very fine – followed by some boxes and wood being moved around in our garage.
      No glass was found, I opened the garage door after first disarming our security system (had to get my courage u for that one) and called into the garage asking my husband why he was down there.
      He wasn’t.
      And nothing was disturbed.
      No, no rodents, no nuttin’ – except the sounds I had heard.
      Then, one day I though there swas an explosion in our bathroom near the wall that provided me with the glassbreak sound.
      It sounded like a jet had broken the sound barrier but clearly came from a corner in our bathroom.
      Called the plumber thinking it might have been some sort of a back-up — he scratched his head and I had the feeling that he thought I was disturbed.

      Which I am.
      But only when I hear loud things go bump in the night.

      Have since done a search via Wikipedia & learned that I seem to suffer from the so-called “Exploding Head Sybndrome.”
      Wrong Wikipedia! – My head never exploded, that mystery glass did.
      Again, I never found even the slightest sliver of glass.
      Stress and anxiety before and after the events was suggested as the culprit.
      After applies, before doesn’t, never knew what hit me and got really scared after this all started.

    2. Hello this exact same thing just happened to me about an hour ago. I was laying in my bedroom in my bed with my husband beside me and all the sudden I heard a noise that I really can’t describe it was just very high-pitched noise and immediately my eyes begin to water so bad to the point where it look like I was crying tears were running down my face however I wasn’t crying. My husband said he could not hear anything and said that I’m hearing something that was outside but it wasnt outside. I don’t know what it was It sounded as if it was literally right next to us right next to me. Then later on that night about 3 o’clock in the morning I hear something else only it being a very loud bang which sounded like kitchen pots and pans where banging against each other and again my husband claimed that he hadn’t heard anything ..and at this point I’m just very unsure and questioning what is going on and also with my eyes beyond watering again to the point where it look like I was crying but again I’m not crying so I am very confused if anybody has experience thisPlease can you let me know what happened or what was going on because I feel like I’m going nuts but I know I’m not.. im a perfectly normal person with no problems at least not that type of problem, I know this may sound crazy to some but this is seriously something I’d never experienced in my life not my adult life that’s for sure! Also about a week prior I heard thumping sounds coming from the wall.. so if anybody can relate and had do such such things happening to them to any extent please let me know thank you so much

      1. Seriously if I was you, I’d get your house blessed with a Catholic priest.
        A few years ago I experienced the pots and pans smashing while I was in bed up stairs. I got my pistol and cleared the hole house. Nothing broken, fell or out of place.
        Not sure what to do or say to whom. Glad I didn’t call the police lol.

        1. Just heard a loud crash in my dinning room. Checked the whole house outside and in. Nothing.
          Ive been in thishouse 22 years.
          This is the fourth time its happen. Im always alone. My wife has never heard it.

      2. Hi all my life since I was child I heard foot steps in my room at night. Then as adult I continued hearing foot steps different places I lived at and loud knocking coming from within the wall and banging and crashing noises all the time but nothing was out of place. And a feeling of being watched all the time. I have had numerous paranormal experiences almost at every place I’ve ever lived at. Thank goodness no horrible accidents or illnesses till age 40 but those were my fault copd from smoking cigs. Now I’m 49. What you experienced was definitely paranormal and yes you are normal and sane. But at one placed I lived my husband and I both always hear loud knocking and we would rush to the front door because the banging was so loud and no one was there and we both heard heavy foot steps coming down the hall towards our bedroom like a man wearing heavy boots and I couldn’t see him but I felt his presence he was male and staring at me and sitting on the bed next to me when I was home alone I was paralyzed with fear I could move for several minutes. He was evil I sensed it.

        1. I forgot to say the house I grew up in that lived in from birth till age 25. I believe to this day a negative energy attached itself to me making me suffer from suicidal depression for 10 years straight and no antipressant worked on me. Thank God I survived God definitely wants me here cuz out of 5 times I had tried to end my life I shouldn’t be here right now. Now I’m ok thank goodness. But I truly believe a negative spirit wanted me to take my life cuz no medication was working. I’m just glad I no longer suffer from that suicidal type of depressio. Now I have a long list of health problems but at least I’m happy.

      3. I too same thing..pans rattling and loud screaching noise.My granduaghter age 7 said it was 3 am and she heard the same thing without me ever speaking of it.

      4. I was in my bedroom this morning and heard what sounded like glass or a big Christmas ornament fallen and shattering to pieces. I thought my husband did it but he was downstairs and didn’t know what I was talking about. I hunted and hunted everywhere but couldn’t find anything that had fallen. So weird. This has never happened before – it freaked me out.

      5. I just had the same experience at 3 sounded like glass breaking around me next to my head like i was asleep only to hear it next to me with nothing knocked over or broken

    3. I had that happened to me several times my best friend and I was sharing an apartment and it happened to me about three times I would be in my room getting ready to go to work or whatever and all of a sudden hear loud crashing noise and come running out of my bedroom to see what it was never wanted to be nosy but I go look in my roommate’s room and nothing in the living room or kitchen had Fallen off the walls or in her room so I go back to what I was doing and finally about the fourth time I heard a loud crashing noise I go running out of my bedroom to see what happened and I stopped myself and I said out loud oh no I’m not falling for that again that’s when I realized it was something paranormal

      1. Tbh same here. my brother and me were entering the house and my sister was right behind us and all of a sudden we heard like the dishes fall from the dish rack we were so scared we ran out. my sister asked what happened and we explained to her what we just heard. she said she didn’t hear anything. and it was weird because my brother heard it too. then a second time last week, my brother and i heard it again and it was night time. i also have a baby sister and she was sleeping at the time. it was so loud i thought for sure it would have woken up my baby sister but she stayed asleep, mind you she wakes up with very little noise. we had even asked my mom if she heard it and she asked me what i was talking about. it’s really scary and things keep getting progressively more scary lol

    4. my daughter is asleep upstairs and it sounded like a shelf fell and she wasnt awake and both my mother and i heard it from the upstairs room where she was sleeping!!!

    5. i have the same experiences many times hearing things falling in the kitchen and the dogs barking but when i go in thete nothing out if place and its happend lots of times in every plave i live

      1. Last night at 2am, i was asleep on the couch downstairs when I was woken by the sound of my wife, my two sons and one of my daughters who had all congregated on the stairs panicking about where I was & what the hell that loud crashing noise was! I’m building an extension at the rear of our house in the evenings & my wife was concerned it had collapsed while I was working in it. We checked all around both the inside & outside of the entire house and then this morning I even checked the derelict house next door but nothing had been moved or damaged. My wife who was asleep in bed when it happened & my children all say the noise seemed to emanate from the rear of the house where the new kitchen extension is but as I say, nothing had moved or was out of place. I found this page while researching similar events and thought it best to share our experience.

      2. At my boyfriends house, we have empty Snapple bottles we’ll set on the counter to recycle. Well he kept hearing them fall over, only to walk into the kitchen and see nothing moved. One night I came over, heard the bottles move but I joked about it. The next morning I walked into the kitchen, went to the fridge and looked over at the counter as I heard and saw the bottle be picked up and dropped back down on the counter. Still no explanation at all, and he has heard once the bottle be thrown, and his cat even went searching for what happened. But it only happens with Snapple bottles.

  2. This Happens at my house often! Currently I have a house guest who is complaining about loud crashing noises at night coming from the kitchen but when he goes to inspect, nothing has fallen. I let him know that I have experienced this plenty in this house. I have never seen any ghostly image but I do have some strange goings on. One day a candle just popped off my coffee table and it wasn’t near the edge. My house guest also complains of the lights in the guest room popping on. I have seen them come on, sometimes along with the fan, sometimes alone and sometimes the fan just comes on. I have tried to attribute this to faulty wiring or a broken remote but it doesn’t explain why the combinating is different every time. Also I will be sitting at my computer and on ocassion my arm will become freezing cold like a major wind just hit it. I always get up to see if I left the front door open. Oh and my house guest said he walked into the guest room and all of his toiletries were knocked over. So I do think that what you experienced was some sort of paranormal activity and not a cat or other animal.

  3. If you read some of Einstein’s thoughts about time I think you might see that time past is looping over your time present. Usually nothing to be afraid of.

    1. That is a very interesting comment and idea ! I never thought of that… I have heard strange noises in my apartment like things are crashing down and yet there is nothing disturbed. I am going to do some research on Einstein and his thoughts about time. Thanks !

  4. This particular phenomenon of loud crashing noises with no damage or fallen objects happens in my home constantly and has for the last 2 – 3 years on a regular basis. I finally decided to check the Internet to see if there were any references to this, as I have never heard of this happening to others. It’s somewhat of a relief to hear that this is not entirely unusual. It happens so often that I don’t even bother to get up to see what happened anymore. Not one item is ever out of place. Many of these sounds or crashes are very specific (such as the pan lid spinning on the floor) and I can identify them. Some are just very loud and startle my cat and I wide awake (she is always asleep next to me and has not caused any of these but is very afraid when they happen). I have even been awake when several have happened. They really don’t frighten me anymore, probably because they are so frequent, but have caused me to lose a lot of sleep. I’ve always been fairly psychic, and many, many other things have happened, such as one or the other of my TV’s turning itself on spontaneously, but I have always been puzzled by these crashes. I don’t know what it is either, but thank you all for sharing these stories as it was very helpful to me and soewhat comforting.

  5. This is happening at my house. Four o’clock this morning, heard a loud crash in my bedroom, it jarred me awake. I thought our TV had fallen off the dressed but it didnt. I’ve heard other things also but this one this morning was the loudest yet. So glad I am not the only person experiencing this!

    1. This very same thing happened to me twice,once near my bed while my husband and I were fast asleep,it sounded like a crash landing on my vanity table,which should have made everything fall off,but no mess,it woke us both in fright,second time inside my closed closet a loud crash landing sound,I was very startled and said outloud,clumsy ghost!!!!!

  6. I heard the same thing!! Like pots and pans crashing to the floor but nothing was amiss at all. This happened to me twice

    1. This is really weird… I had the same experience, I thought maybe I was dreaming, but I know it was real now

      1. This same exact thing happened to me tonight idk what to make out of it how am I the only one hearing it n no one else is?

  7. Same thing happened to My girlfriend and myself. We both heard the same things. We were laying in bed,just laid down and started to reach for the TV and we heard what sounded like an entire kitchen of forks, utensils, glass, cups, all very identifiable sounds. (Everyone knows what forks sound like hitting the ground) However, we weren’t startled, we had a cat, and thought she had just knocked over a ton of stuff. Upon inspection, nothing was disturbed. We covered the house, even the attic and outside; we’d even thought maybe someone had dumped stuff in our outside trashcan (it was empty still from the day before pickup) — We laid back down in bed, and I don’t think we talked for an hour. Was very hard to digest. We know both what we heard.

    1. I heard rattling in the kitchen at about 3am this morning and then again at around 830am . I’m tired and need to sleep but I’m scared as hell bc I know that noone is here but me …

  8. This has happened to me to. i was in my room at about 5 in the afternoon and i heard a loud crash that sounded like it was right in front of my door. i got up with a knife because I thought there was someone else in the house, but there was absolutely NOTHING out of place. i searched the house 3 times, even the attic, and still didn’t find anything out of place. When I found my dog she was hiding in my parents closet whimpering and scared. (she doesn’t like loud noises like fireworks)I still have no idea what made the noise.

  9. This morning at about 5:15 i heard a loud crash in my bedroom that woke me up. Everything in my room was shaking. Nothing broke though. So i ran into my moms room and told her about it but she said she didnt hear anything and my dog didnt react so we just blew it off and i went back to bed. When i woke up later on there was a pile of stuff next to my pillow. There was tape, lotion, a necklace, and my markers just sitting next to my head. We have had other things happen to us my whole life. Even when we buy a brand new house we had problems. We burn sage every few months to keep it under control.

  10. This has happened to my wife and I as well. It was Winter of 2007 and there had been an ice storm causing us to lose power. My wife was pregnant at the time and we ended up at my parents’ house. We were without power for several days and at night, we would sleep in the den by the fireplace. I’m a very heavy sleeper and when my wife told me after the first night about the noises she’d heard the night before (which I slept through), I dismissed it as something to do with the weather. The house that my parents lived in at the time was an unusual-looking house for the area and also had a reputation for being haunted. So much so, it is still referred to by the locals as the “the Spanish mansion” or “the haunted Spanish mansion”. We had stayed with my parents before and although there had been a few strange experiences, (a dog getting locked in a bedroom, voices in another room when no one else is around, a porch light with a mind of its own) I was never actually “afraid” of the place. To be honest I always kind-of enjoyed it. Then the next night rolled around. Same set-up; us sleeping in the floor of the den, my brother asleep on the couch. I had been asleep for about an hour when my wife woke me up and whispered “it’s happening again.” The adjoining room to the den was actually the front of the house which was seldom used. It was acually a living room with an adjoining dining room and the sounds coming from that part of the house that night sounded like hell with the lid off. It literally sounded like someone had taken a china cabinet (or the sofa) and slammed it down on the floor with all their might, hard enough to rattle the floor where we were sleeping. This happened twice more that night and more frequently over the course of the next two days. The next evening, we were all gathered in the same den (this time with my parents) and we told them about what had happened the night before and they were completely unsurprised. Turns out that this had been going on for quite some time and both my parents had experienced it and had yet to find what was causing it. Anyway, that’s been over seven years ago. My parents moved out of the house later that year and over the course of the month they were moving, the mysterious noises became more and more frequent. My wife and I never stayed another night in that house after the ice storm and we still talk about it from time to time. The house is still there and over the last few years I’ve talked to other people who have lived there and everyone has some sort of story to share about their time spent in the house. Some are believable, others just flat-out illogical, but after my own experiences, it’s hard to rule anything out. I’ll probably never get an answer on it, but it is comforting to see that other people have had similar experiences

  11. I have been experiencing very loud crashes in my house for the last 6 months. We bought this house new 11 years ago. My husband passed away last August and we never experienced anything before his death. I was in the living room watching tv and I heard a loud crash in the bedroom and I thought something really bad happened. My little dog was back in the bedroom, she likes to get in my closet for the shoes, and I thought she had gotten into something. So, I started back to the bedroom and here comes my little dog ‘rickety split’ down the hall, scared to death. I went back to the bedroom and nothing was out of place. Yesterday while in the living room I and my little dog heard a very loud crash in the kitchen, sounding like china, kitchen utensils and pots and pans had crashed to the floor. I honestly thought one of my kitchen cabinets had fallen off of the wall and landed on the floor. I expected to see a mess on the floor when I went in there, but nothing was out of place. My little dog was frightened too. It has happened in my dining room and in my entrance hall. I thought the large chandelier had fallen. But nothing was out of place. What could be causing these loud crashes? Is it atmospheric, paranormal or what? I don’t believe in the paranormal, or ‘ghosts’, but there has to be an explanation. I have been ignoring them, but at night, sometimes it sounds like something slaps my wall in the bedroom. Needless to say, I sleep with the light on. My little dog sleeps with me and she hears it to. It is not in my head, she hears all of it, too. I’ve been trying to ignore it, but decided to find out if anyone else has experienced it also. There has got to be an explanation for all of this! I’m sure there is an easy answer for it. Would love to know if anyone could help. Should I have the house blessed? I’m not sleeping that we’ll anymore! Thanks, Mary Miller

    1. You may want to contact a psychic medium. Sounds like someone is trying to communicate with you but you want to make sure of who is in your home. My husband, too, has passed and I now understand the communications of spirits. I sometimes smell cigarette smoke, my father’s aftershave, etc. If you learn to understand these these things, you will no longer be afraid.

      1. I had the same experience many times like the time I heard something fall 3 times in my kitchen. The 2nd time I freaked out and grabed my cell phone and ran to the door. The 3rd time I heard it while I went outside closing the door. I stayed outside till my mom closed the door. It was probably my grandma trying to tell me something because before I heard something falling 3 times I had a lesson with the lds missionaries and in their closing prayer they prayed for the house.

  12. Hi i have aquestion.
    Last night I heard the sound of glass breaking. I left my room to see who was and found nothing. Which was?

  13. Yes, this crashing of dishes and pots sound with a spinning top happened to me too, and my older son heard it at the same time. Plus, a loud clap, and knock on the wall on different occasions in a house we moved into recently. I believe in rebuking those things in the name of Jesus out loud, then ask for the blood of Jesus to cover yourself and the house. Then ask for the angels of Jesus to stand guard of your home. So far it hasn’t happened again. Asking Jesus to be your Saviour and Lord is a necessary hedge and blessing in anyone’s life, and will guard you while being obedient to Him. He loves us, and has a special plan and purpose for every one.

  14. I hear things in my kitchen while the house is still just the sound of the tv thing is i do not seriously believe in supernatural things I believe in god the father his son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit cut and dry, this is to say yes i hear lots of things and never see or hear anything out of the ordinary, I pray when things scare me but so far I have not hearing them until this morning the cat came running down the steps like a bat outta hell the other cats focus was glaring at the kitchen i checked it out nothing out of place no broken dishes and the like i am not fearful for i know the lord is with me and we do not believe in things of this nature god bless hoping everything works out for all i believe people invite this sort of thing into their homes just by believing in it, god is supreme stop worshiping silly things and take it to god god bless you every one

    1. I too am a believer. I have lived in my very small one bedroom house for 30 years. I have chronic health issues. Yesterday, I was sitting in my chair and I heard a loud crashing sound to my left on the other side of a small side table. There is nothing there to make that loud of a sound. I also heard a loud noise in the kitchen about a week ago. Very strange things. But I am not afraid. I know how to pray to take care of it. That is where my thoughts and attention are focused.

  15. This happened to me as well. the building I work in was built in 1906. There is a kitchenette in the break room upstairs. I was studying in the office adjacent to the break room. I heard a very LOUD crash of dishes and hear dishes break and everything. Only one lady also heard the crash, but there was nothing. Not one thing out of place and nothing that had fallen or broken. NOTHING. I told my manager who told me that there were sitings of a ghost or ghosts there. It was a bizarre experience, regardless. But yes, I’ve had that experience too.

  16. This is obviously happening to many. Two years ago i had bought my home feeling so comfortable in it. I was upstairs in my split entry home by the stairway when i heard a loud crashing sound down stairs. Just moving in I had nothing do there to make such a noise. I wasnt alarmed by the sound, and went down there to investigate. Nothing down here but plush carpet nothing yto fall from anywhere. I even opened the door to the storage space under the stair case . Nothing. Few days later, at 5:15am still dark outside I heard 6 sliding foot steps jus 15 feet down my hall wayHavnt heard it since

  17. This is obviously happening to many. Two years ago i had bought my home feeling so comfortable in it. I was upstairs in my split entry home by the stairway when i heard a loud crashing sound down stairs. Just moving in I had nothing do there to make such a noise. I wasnt alarmed by the sound, and went down there to investigate. Nothing down here but plush carpet nothing to fall from anywhere. I even opened the door to the storage space under the stair case . Nothing. Few days later, at 5:15am, still dark outside I heard 6 sliding foot shuffling steps jus 15 feet down the hall way from me. I never felt Extreme fear like that before. Havnt heard it since thank God.

  18. Left a reply to an entry and found that my reply dated today is now “awaiting moderation possibly because the date of the original blog/entry was 2009.
    I had tought it was the newest date and replied.
    Hope this comment might make it – I, too, experienced “glass breakage” 3 times, nothing ever was broken and the last experience happened during the day.
    Won’t go into the fear, anxiety and doubts I experienced – neither will I take “Wikipedia” to task for calling my experience (along with those who had similar ones) “Exploding head syndrome.”
    Let me assure everyone that my head is still on my shoulders – the glassbreak exposions always came from a wall in our bedroom while the huge bomb-like explosion came from the bathroom.
    Sounded like a jet had broken the sound barrier.
    There was never any glass in the bedroom that seems to have a wall that “exploded glass.” Very, very loudly ,and I could hear the fine sound of thin glass.
    Did it make me anxious and caused stress?
    Wikipedia blames stress and anxiety (among other things) for that specific occurance.
    However, while I wasn’t anxious prior to hearing those loud sounds, I certainly was stressed out and anxious after the third occurance.

    And, no, I am not in drug-withdrawal or abuse alcohol.
    Stressed and anxious – yes.

  19. Hi everyone. Oh my goodness. I can totally relate to some of your stories. Just the other night I heard a loud glassy crash somewhere in my condo. I went running in to see what had crashed to the floor. I found nothing until I went in the kitchen. A plate had fallen off to the floor from my baker’s rack. It was on one of those little stand things. In the process falling it had knocked over a little cup and saucer. Thing being, not a single chip on any of the fallen items. And my cat was calming just sitting on her perch way in the other room. She never climbs on that baker’s rack anyway. If she had been the one to knock it over I would have caught her running from the scene and shaking her head like she does when she has caused mischief. So the story goes on to about 3 years ago. My boyfriend who lives with me was gone on business. It was me and the same cat I still own today. I was in the living room on my loveseat just watching t.v. All of a sudden out of nowhere I heard the most loudest sound RIGHT DIRECTLY BEHIND ME of glass just smashing. I have a big china cabinet right in the same proximity so I immediately thought it was the whole thing that had gone to the floor and smashed. That’s how loud the noise was like the entire cabinet of my glass display things had totally smashed. I never flew off that loveseat so fast. My cat again was just as calm as can be sitting minding her own business to the other corner of the room. I proceeded to walk into every room of my house and closets too. I looked out the front window and the back windows, not a soul was stirring anywhere or car moving. Absolutely nothing. I will go to my grave never knowing what had caused this noise but it was so loud like it happened right behind me. Nothing was amiss. And I want to say even though I live in a condo, the soundproofing is excellent here. In the over 10 years I have lived her you can’t hear noise coming thru the walls. Only the heating systems pumping on and off.

    1. I had that exact same crashing sound of an entire wall unit of China. Except I don’t own an entire wall unit of China. My sister heard it one day while she was babysitting my son. She dismissed it as something outside because the windows near where she heard it were open. It was daytime. A few months later as we were walking on the beach I mentioned to her this strange crashing sound in my home. And I can’t figure out what it is. She stopped dead in her tracks and said “I heard it too!”. My husband (at the time) never heard it. I heard it in broad daylight and I heard it at night. One particular evening I heard it while I was asleep in the guest room. It woke me from a sound sleep. It always sounded like it was coming from my laundry room which is on the second floor adjacent to my sons bedroom. This particular night I walked around from room to room. My son was fast asleep and my husband was fast asleep. Nothing had fallen anywhere. I was spooked and I was in my bed, lights off but scared when I heard it clearly again, while I was wide awake. I got up again and when I checked on my son the second time he was still asleep except his legs were nearly touching the floor and his body was half off his bed. So he must have heard it too. I have a clairvoyant friend who told me there is no negative energy in my home but she said that laundry room is like a portal. We lived in a corner house and she said there were a lot of little children’s souls coming in and out of my home. Said the crashing noises are almost like mischief. Like they are playing ball in my house and broke something. But said not to worry none of it was evil. My son had been seeing things that were spoioking him. He claimed he saw a ghost walking in through a wall in my bedroom to my bathroom. Walked right through the wall. My son was 4 at the time. We have since moved (divorced) and although I don’t hear any strange noises in our new home, my son hears people talking and hears things moving all the time. So perhaps it’s always around us but only those who are intuitive or have some sort of psychic abilities can hear it. By the way I was told we all have the ability but if we have tremendous fear about it we won’t hear or see anything.

  20. glass smashing noise but nothing broken or laying on the floor anywhere in the house

  21. I experienced this last night with my 3 roommates. It was around 1 am. We were all in our rooms and our dog was sleeping with me. All of the sudden a large crash that sounded like someone had thrown a large class vase against the wall and shattered it. all 3 of us sprinted out of our rooms to meet in the hallway where we had thought something fell. We searched around for 15 minutes and found absolutely nothing. The strange thing was the dog remained completely silent and just laid in bed. She normally reacts to anything, but didn’t hear a thing.

  22. I just bought a home built in 52 and the realtor said no one had died there but who can you believe these days? I’m alone, awake and at 6:15 am I heard a loud crash in my kitchen area that sounded like a cabinet door falling off onto the floor. No metal jingling, just a dull, loud crash. I too thought an intruder had entered and waited to confirm by listening but nothing more. So I got up, took my flashlight and searched every room, every closet, every cabinet and could find absolutely nothing had fallen but I know I heard it clearly. I do believe in spirits, have encountered them before, communicated with them on a ghost tour via electronic devices, taken photos of them and even encountered an evil spirit or demon at another very old residence far away, which as well, no one had died in purportedly. But I am beginning to think they’re drawn to me, no matter where I am.
    Maybe they’re trying to get a message through. Evil spirits or demons, however, only want to terrorize you, which gives them power which they need to strengthen themselves with in order to break you down mentally by sleep deprivation and influencing you in wrong ways. I know it sounds crazy but this has been my true experience and I’m sure others as well. If it scares you ask it what it wants, show no fear and don’t let it frighten, upset or worry you. However, if you suspect or feel it’s an evil entity, I know it sounds stupid and trite but just ignore it and don’t empower it. It will cease on its own seeking another person to scare.

  23. I’m researching this topic: What would cause a loud crash sound from the kitchen area. This intel story telling appeared, cool. My unknown what caused the loud kitchen crash sound last week. I know my house is haunted and I believe in spirits. But, why now? Around 4am while watching tv in the living room, a loud crash was heard from the kitchen. unknown what would cause that, since I don’t own any drinking glasses or plates. pots/pans don’t make that sound, since I only have 3. anyways, I too see nothing. 3-4 days later there appeared a unknown water puddle at the foot of the bed. unknown where or what caused the leak. I had the water leak pro’s visit the next day. They too noticed the puddle, but found no leaks. The oddest thing is, 20-mins into their leak check, that puddle disappeared. Unknown where that water went too. I’m just wondering if that loud kitchen crash sound came from the water-heater (heater elemites inside coming apart due to age?)Maybe I’ll ask this Old House guy’s this question. As for getting a priest to bless my house, well that doesn’t work. If it is a spirit that wants your attention. Then talk to them and ask them to leave.

  24. I have heard loud crashes coming from my kitchen at night over the last year and a half, and there is never anything on the floor. Recently the crashes have been more frequent so I decided to check online and found this site, Its getting a bit much now so im going to smudge the place with a sage stick and see if that helps. its been a comfort to hear others stories, if its ghost its a nuisance more than anything else.Patricia.

  25. Well, ill add my 2 cents in. Two incidents very far apart. One i was sitting in the living room with my mom when i heard a loud slap sound best described as if you would take off one of your flip-flops and swat the floor with it. Very loud about 2 feet from her. We both looked at each other. The lights were off and it was at night, but there was enough light to look around us. I got up and switched the kitchen light and looked around. Nothing…. We asked each other in disbelief, “You heard that right?” We both did, but after finding nothing i just said, maybe it came from outside and projected itself inside. We both new that wasn’t true but at this point there really was nothing we could do.

    Second time happened today as i post this. Was in my room, parents were fast a sleep in theres. Both lead outside to a small hall that empties out into the living room. I was watching TV in my room, volume was low and all of a sudden i hear as if something fell from up high like a picture and slammed outside my room on the floor. I’m rather good at judging distance and it sounded like it was right in the middle of the living room and not the kitchen. I wasn’t scared but i was a bit startled because i knew it wasn’t my parents. I figured at the very least it was probably one of our family pictures that came undone. I have goosebumps just writing this right now. I guess i was a bit scared because i turned on 3 lights before i looked around. I found nothing. I have two crosses one in the front door and one in the back sliding glass door that leads to the small yard outback. I always look at them when go outside and i always get scared thinking that I’m going to see them on the floor or turned over for some reason. Vivid imagination i guess from two many scary movies. Anyways, this mystery seems like it continues to go unsolved. Too many possiblities. I don’t think we will ever know.

    1. This has been happening in my parents’ house where I have been staying and writing a book. My father is in Florida. the first time is was an enormous crash and shudder, my dog barked and carried on. Not so much a glass sound. Last night it happened three times. I was not asleep any of these times. The first crash was very loud and my dog barked and carried on, the next two were not as loud and didn’t seem to disturb my dog sleeping. Weeks ago when it first happened I thought a tree had fallen on the house or something–nothing. No cause for it, same last night. I was wide awake all these times and my dog was terrified. Nothing out of place. I have been trying to invoke my late mother (who had a major stroke in the next room) to arrive in my dreams. I know it sounds nuts because I’ve never before believed in the paranormal much (didn’t disbelieve), but this is very strange. I want her to answer a question for me and I’m writing a fantasy novel, but didn’t know anything about these crashes before. Since I wasn’t asleep and my dog heard the two huge crashes (I too thought someone was breaking in), I know it wasn’t Exploding Had Syndrome.

  26. I had an experience as a young child. Hearing noises in the kitchen. It woke me up and It sort of sounded like my parents were doing dishes but I knew they weren’t. I felt fear, like I should not go down the steps and then suddenly my dad was standing behind me asking me what I doing and then I did not hear the noises. Now, my teenage child had a very similiar experience. I don’t know what to make of it.

  27. When I was younger (I’m not sure how old to how old) but at around the same time every night I would hear glass breaking, like glass cups. I would always get up right away and go look in the kitchen but there would be nothing. At some point it just stopped all together. The last thing I ever heard from my kitchen at night is the sound of chopping, like veggies being chopped. I thought it was morning so I went to go see what my mom was cooking and I peeked around the corner of the hallway then I saw an apparition float across the kitchen floor. She had one of those Victorian style dresses on (it was also hard to tell though because I could see through her.) But I haven’t heard anything in my kitchen since then. I still live in the same place too.

  28. Today’s dated 15/05/2015 what’s I n my wife is experienced is something which we will never forget in our life..
    Late night around 1am my wife wake me up n said something z going wrong in kitchen..firstly I take. It lightly BT later on when sounds which z in d form f utensils z blowing louder I went to d kitchen there I found nothing this what happens in 3 times with d same magnitude..last when I went out to c something overtakes me n move in my bedroom n now d same sounds z coming out In my room..
    Couldn’t find. Out what’s was that horrible and terrifying..

  29. I also have these experiences. Sometimes it sounds like there’s a party going on in my living room when I shut the lights and go to bed. Sometimes small things get moved around. I have had many “spiritual” experiences also. Last night I dozed off while watching TV and thought I heard something like a window crashing, but far enough away that it would have been in the back bedroom with the door closed. Nothing was shattered or disturbed. Nice to know there are more of you out there!

    1. Sounds like me for sure. I am the only one hearing it in my house right now. I have had a very short experience of people talking that I couldn’t understand. My husband and I share other paranormal experiences in our current home. Crashing sounds twice freak me out sometimes. Weird stuff, and I wonder if we are breaking barriers to the other side. Also, are we having psychic experiences?

  30. 14 years ago…when i was in class 2 in my hostel….which was situated up the hills of Darjeeling,India.

    In our school we had 5-6 “Dormitories”….(large rooms filled with double taker beds for students) & a seperate small room for the teachers….this was the case with all of them

    My dormitory was in the 2nd floor.
    Now what happened with me is Extremely Weird/Bizarre!
    We had 2 go 2 sleep at 8pm & wake up at 5am.
    That random night….(me 7 years old) along with some other 100 students were sitting together in the common hallway of dormitory 6 watching Superman in CN(animated) 😀
    suddenly our vice principal barged into our dormitory all of a sudden(which was the 1st time in d entire year).

    He then told us not to go to the toilet that night because down in dormitory 7 (1st floor) all the windows in the hallway broke on it’s own.
    Back then i was so small & ignorant that i didn’t bother/care.

    Although now i think why the hell wud going to the toilet have anything to do with windows shattering somewhere else!!! :/

    Anyways… every other night,i felt an urge to piss(it was extremely cold there).
    I went to the toilet….it was like a 15 feet narrow passage with concrete wall on the left & 4 consecutive commodes on d right….

    At the end of the passage towards the left was a door where every1 used to piss on the floor (yuck)

    I think it was somewhere around 1pm…. I headed towards the door….unzipped my pant…
    & as soon as the 1st drop of my piss touched the floor….at that instant! all of a sudden; i heard a sound!

    At the end of the passage(which means just beside the door & the 4th commode) was a window & beyond that was ‘NOTHING’… was the edge of the hill… u won’t be able to see the surface from there!

    I rem the sound crystal clear till this date…. what i heard was some1 say ” Maa MAa maa maa maa……….infinity” & with every single word the sound & instensity increased simultaneously!

    it was like an Electronic voice of which had a weird echo with it…repeating itself with the tempo really Really fast…
    it was like some1 started playing a tune & was turning the volume knob up nonstop…

    It felt as if whatever was creating that sound was Rushing towards me from right side behind me….

    I rem my eyes bulged out, my heart was racing like crazy…felt as if i was going to be killed…..but i cudn’t stop my piss….

    I then thought to myself that i shud concentrate on finishing my piss & as soon as i finish…. I turn Left & DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it felt as if my body was trying to turn itself left instincively……was ..Horrifying Beyond words…. The sound became sooooo loud…. it started hurting my ears…. My mind went completely blank…i turned into a robot which knew he had to finish pissing,turn left & daSh!!!

    i then dashed….faster than i cud hv ever ran in my life…..(Remember all this happened in a few seconds(20) but it felt like an eternity!
    The voice was so so so terrifying! Words cudn’t describe!
    I have seen so many horror movies,heard so many songs & audio clips….
    BUT NEVER have i come across a sound/voice that terrifying,deep & Evil! no…not even close!

    i dashed to my bed & was literally shivering….The voice had stopped btw…there was only the whistling sounds of the stormy wind.

    The next day when i told my friends what happened, they laughed at me or didn’t pay any attention… One of them said they heard nothing….
    Then i realized, How come a sound soooooooo loud….(100 dB atleast)
    wasn’t heard by anybody….
    when i went back into the toilet that morning i found a small fist sized hole in the glass in the lower right corner…!!!!!!!

    Have been scarred for life & DO believe that they exist!
    No 1 ever believed me…..then i found this website… i know it’s lengthy but i thought i cud share my experience in search for some answers!

  31. Hey john, I have had this experience too!. when i was younger i often walked home from middle school to my empty house that had a punch code access. my younger sisters bedroom was located directly above the front entry way in our house. i came inside the house and started taking off my shoes when i heard it… An EXTREMELY loud crash directly above me. ( it sounded as though the large 30 inch television we had at the time had somehow ended up in my sisters room? and had fallen off of her dresser on to the floor?! i ran outside and waited for my family to come home about an hour and a half later. we went upstairs to her room only to find no tv, and nothing on the floor. now the house was not that old built in 1987 and had no pipes or anything in the ceiling if you no what i mean. the upstairs windows were all locked and to this day it scares me thinking about what that could have been. totally stumped here ?! i have had strange things happen to me all my life but this has got to be one of the strangest. i just decided to type this query into google today to see what i could find on the subject. its something i will never forget.

  32. Probably when i was 4 or 5 this happened to me. I was scared for some reason and wanted to sleep with my parents in thier room. Later that night i was awakened by the sounds of dishes crashing and cabnit doors slamming. I just laid there frozen from fright and eventually fell back to sleep. When i awoke in the morning i checked the kitchen but everything was normal. For some reason i never woke my parents or ever told them.

  33. This has happened in my house twice. I have a little ghost child in my home. It’s quite scary and almost seems like the whole house is affected by the noise. My house is huge and my parents could hear it from the other end to where I was. It’s definitely something paranormal, but probably nothing to worry about. Probably.

  34. This phenomena is also going on in my home.It is increasing in frequency and loudness. I don’t know what to think or do about it. I cannot figure out whether is a an evil spirit or a friendly guide.Other paranormal things happen like things moving on their own. This particular spirit is expert at creating noises, not just crashes, but all types of falling to the floor sounds. I even believe this spirit makes things fall off the wall to crash on the floor. I also think it steals things that mean a lot to me. I am not happy because it is interrupting my sleep with it’s rudeness. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what’s the point or the meaning. I’ really like to identify and go deeper into this us. Honestly, I am at the point where I feel cursed by a living person putting spells on me, a sort of voodoo type of thing.

  35. My family and I have lived in our current home for nearly 8nyears now. We are the second occupants of this 1958 ranch home with a walkout basement. The original owners built the house and lived here until they each passed away (neither on the property). Every 2-3 months we’ll hear an enormous charsh, as though some heavy bookcase or furniture has fallen a to the floor in another room; the floor seems to shake with the impact. This happens at all times of the day and seems to emanate from various rooms and different family members have heard the crashes – including the dog. Evry single time we go to investigate the ctahes, we come up empty…nothing can be determined to have moved, scooted, fallen, or shifted from its normal location.

    It happened again today and both my wife and daughter (and the dog) heard the crash. My wife phoned me at work as she patrolled the property inside and out – nothing. We simply cannot come up with a reasonable explanation, so we tend to accept it and move on…but it does bother us both very much.

  36. I’ve been living in my 1935 year old bungalow for a year and have heard two very loud glasses shattering on two separate occasions with two other people hearing the same thing. Like all of you, we found nothing. I also sleep with my door closed. One night I heard “3” distinct loud knocks on my door. I thought it was my friend trying to scare me, so I didn’t bother getting up, but she said she was fast asleep. I found out a week later that my neighbor’s husband had died that night. I’ve also had jewelry, cups, and other things moved. I would find them a week or two later in weird places. My mother passed away a little over a year ago, so I attribute some of the more “mischievous” stuff to her.;-) lol! The other stuff…probably just someone from the other side popping in to say hello or trying to make themselves known. Most of them are harmless. As long as they’re not actually breaking anything, I’m okay with their presence.:-)

  37. Um, hi guys. I can’t believe I am posting on a site like this, but I have to mention talk about it. I can’t get something out of my head. Tried to ignore it, but its nagging at me, severely.
    About two years ago or so, I was living alone with my wife and first son at my dad’s house. He was sick in the hospital, my mom had died a few years earlier and we were living there waiting to sell the place.
    It was about 6pm or so and my wife and I were in the hallway when we heard something fall. It sounded like metal pieces, like a clothing rack or pots and pans and it sounded like it just shifted or maybe one or two pieces fell, so we looked around really good for where the sound could have come from and we found nothing.
    Just when we were done looking, it happened again, but this time very loud! It sounded like a whole crap load of metal structures and pipes, pots pans etc, simply fell. It sounded like it started to slide down the wall, and then it all crashed to the floor, and loudly. It was right there infront of us, within a few feet of us. I opened the coat closet and was positive I would find some boxes that had fallen, but nothing fell.
    Being an atheist, I thought maybe it was an animal in the attic that nocked stuff over, but we didn’t have an attic. It was just a crawl space for insulation and I was born and raised in that house and my parents didn’t store anything up there. Certainly not something that could come sliding down the walls and crash like that. My next concern was a burglar, but for crying out loud I knew that wasn’t the case. All I could do was stand there, baffled, and just move on with life.
    We sold the house and its been 2 or 3 years. I have a nagging feeling to go back there and ask them if I can look in the attic to see if some of my parents belongings are up there that we might have missed when we left. I have to know if something up there fell…twice.

  38. Soo this happend to me like 30min ago. I live in a apartment with my girlfriend and brother. It was like 3:50 am and me and my girlfriend were asleep. My brother said he wasn’t. But I woke up to a sound of glass breaking. I stood still to see if I heard any one running or climbing out a window. Nothing. I decided to go and check. I slowly went to the kitchen. I found nothing was broken ot out of place. I checked if the doors where lock and yes. I opened my brothers door to see if he was ok and he was awake and claimed he heard the sound too. Idk what could tjay been if we both heard it at the same time.

  39. Last night at about 9:00, my son and I just finished dinner. I had put everything away and we were enjoying a movie. My son ran over to the table and there was a huge crash in the kitchen like glass was breaking and pots and pans had fallen allover the kitchen floor. My heart was pounding and I had immediately expected it to be our cat and got up to inspect. The cat was sleeping on the couch right next to me the whole time. My son had not knocked anything over. There was NOTHING on the floor. My apartment was spotless. I inspected all cupboards top to bottom including the fridge, dishwasher, and oven. Everything was right where I left it. I’ve never experienced this and never knew it was a thing. It has me pretty frightened as i’ve had some pretty terrifying paranormal experiences in the past. I am hoping whatever haunted me before is not back. I often see me son doing strange things as if he is talking to someone or waving to someone on the ceiling. pretty creepy.

  40. When I was about nine years old I laid in bed between my great grandmother an great grandfather it was about 3am …all of a sudden we heard pot an pans crashing to the floor sounded like the whole shelf collapsed my grandmother got up to inspect it I went with her nothing was out of place I asked her
    what was that why did that happen why that happened she told me that was a warning from God she was very religious but i believed that theory because the next day my uncle ,her son, murdered his wife

  41. This has happened to me on several occasions twice to myself and my daughter when we were watching T.V. dishes breaking and of course nothing was there no broken dishes of any kind.
    I have experienced many paranormal events throughout my life some very profound.One of the most profound was when we lived on a farm for 5 years there was a huge barn on the property and inside the barn was a chicken coop we had lost some chickens to weasels so i decided to fortify it with chicken wire, inside the coop i had hung a portable radio which i had fine tuned a classical radio station ( i heard chickens like classical…lol) my son and i were working on the roof of the coop when the radio starts changing stations stops on a heavy metal station and the volume cranks up !! i was so mad i started yelling at my daughters how long it took me to get that station in and why did you change it !! I climbed off the roof and into the coop not a soul in site and this happened twice !! We had a King Sheppard biggest bravest dog ever he would not go into the barn put the brakes on and would not cross the threshold into this barn. Here is the kicker this was a 150 year old(give or take) post and beam barn we moved out and 3 days later it caught fire and burned to the ground. Someone had filled it with green hay which may have combusted or who knows….?

  42. Four months after my family and I moved into our new home, I was alone in the house asleep in a bedroom in the lower part of the house, below my children’s bedrooms and hallway, which led to the garage. Suddenly, it sounded as if the door from the garage had been kicked open and thunderous footsteps resounded across my ceiling into my son’s bedroom, which had been the former master bedroom. I then heard furniture crashing and what sounded like my son’s bed being up ended and the dresser, etc., turned over. The deafening noise actually made me think my ceiling was about to cave in. The sounds continued as I raced up the stairs to his room. As I passed the door I had heard open with a bang, I saw it was closed and locked! I looked into my son’s room and everything was completely in order! That night I told my husband about the incident and his face went white. He had heard the exact same thing the morning before at the exact same time! We did not believe in nor had experienced anything paranormal before. When we moved into the house, what I thought was a strange woman came to our door who had been one of the former owners, and she warned me to “be careful of the house.” She told me it had broken up every family who had lived there. I dismissed her because my family was as loving and solid as a family could be. We spent the next six years living in hell in that house as if our family had gone crazy, and seemed centered on my husband and son. It eventually destroyed all of us. Looking back, I so wish I had known these things existed, whatever they are. Our cat used to track something invisible to us, and we just thought it was our cat being weird. But, I can tell you, whatever it was, it was pure evil and it won. My children and I never recovered but my husband went on to become rich and powerful and he used his wealth and power to continue to destroy his family with a vengeance. Something evil definitely took him over. When you looked into his eyes all you saw was black nothingness. Watching your best friend and soul mate turn into a unrecognizable monster was devastating. I am 64 now, and my mental and physical health were destroyed and I have had to watch my children suffer and am helpless to stop it. Whatever it is continues. Things were so bad, I left the state so have no idea what happened to the people who bought the house from us.

  43. 03/08/2016 My wife heard a loud noise dishes moving she was up stairs in the bed room. She frantically called me on the phone and explained to me what happened she said she was afraid to go down and check. I told her don’t worry just go since I was not to far from the house plus we have have an alarm and cameras around the house. She went down and all the dishes were in place. I tried to find a scientific reason to why the noise could have happened. But she insisted what she heard was not normal. I plan to have a pundit come in and do some prayers and clear the house of what ever paranormal activity exits.

  44. I can’t believe I am the only one who has experienced this…tonight I was in my room and my son was in the living room. I heard what sounded like someone dropping a drinking glass on the floor. The noise came from the kitchen. I rushed to the kitchen thinking it was my son who had dropped a glass. He was sitting on the couch. I asked him if he was ok? He said yeah but the noise of breaking glass was not the first time he’s heard it. He said he’s heard it before and had heard it several times today about once every half hour. It was loud enough to bring my daughter out from her room on the other end of the house. She claims it happens all the time. Usually when she is home by herself. She said today was the first time in a while she’s heard it. I went through the house. I am a collector of milk glass so i thought maybe one of my pieces had broken. Nothing was moved or out of place. I thought maybe something in the running dishwasher had shattered. I opened the door to find nothing. I have rented the same house for almost 10 years and my landlord passed away a couple of years ago which left the house to his son. His son has never been in my home but complains alot about the upkeep I do. I do notice whenever i bring up how I miss my old landlord because he was a wonderful man is when I find the odd stuff happens. Our house is a small ranch house with only a crawl space for an attic. As i am writing this I swear I can hear my ceiling creaking as if there is something moving around up there. The house is pretty airtight but one time, all the windows were closed but a big gush of wind blew through my kitchen which resulted in a note board which hangs on my cabinet door swinging sideways….When things happen we aren’t scared or in fear so it tells me that whatever it is isn’t hear to hurt us but lets us know they are hear. A few weeks ago I was sitting at the kitchen table and my front door slowly opened…which is odd because there is a screen door you have to open before you can open the main door…

  45. I heard that too last night there was a loud crashing sound in the living room or in the kitchen and my dad claimed he saw the remote controler rolling by it self

  46. Roughly 15 years ago my sister and I were home alone. We were in the bedroom and we could hear the kitchen chairs being scraped across the floor. We were so scared we left the house and went to my grandmothers house next door. Around this same time period if we were downstairs we would hear a sound like a recliner being closed upstairs followed by footsteps that stopped at the top of the stairs. Our little dog would get very upset and bark for some time at the bottom of the stairs. Another time my sister and mother heard a crash that they described as if a heavy piece of furniture had dropped. Again nothing was moved. Things have been quiet for years now but today the sounds started again. My mother was on the phone and there was a crash sound so loud that the person she was speaking to heard it as well. My mother said she heard the loud sounds 8 times with footsteps between. My parents had this house built in 1978. Nobody else has ever lived in it but there is evidence of perhaps a pioneer days homestead on the property as well as a Native American site on the back side of their property.

  47. I am so comfused at my situation!!!! It is somewhat like this. But every night I have realised these noises, but my bedroom is upstairs. So about every night that im up, around 2-3 I hear noises not like dishes crashing, but like somebody just moving around cluttered pots and pans, it is a faint sound, but tonight it phased me a littlw bit. Usually, when I would hear it I would just think, “oh, Dad is doing the dishes,” but tonight it phased me, dads dont do dishes and 3 o clock in the morning EVERY MORNING/ night. So i started to listen, and thats when i got terrified. As i listened i realised that it was the same noise happening over and over, identical sounds hapoening every 2 minutes. Its was like- “clink, clink” then 2 minutes later “clink clink” so i thought that unusual so i go to look down stairs to see what was in the kitchen, and it stopped, nobody down there at all. But when i went back up to my bedroom, I could hear it again?!?! And all of a sudden at 4 it stops conpletely. I dont know what it is because my thiught are, my room is over the garage, and maybe it could be irrigation, or im completely insane, but nothing i could think of sounds just like dishes, pots and pans moving around! And the weird part is is that it ISNT just ramdom different clinks, its the same clink over and over. Ugh i dont know what it is, but im so eager to find out.

    1. I heard loud banging coming come my fireplace. So loud it woke me up. I have a glass fire place screen. It happened a few times so I called an animal control company thing an animal was stuck in there. They found nothing, climbed the roof to check the top of the fireplace screen. Secure. Then my tv stand started rattling very loud one night while I was watching tv. LOUD!! My night stand also moves around and makes. Noises. Called another pest control company to go under my house. They are coming next week. I asked if anything could get in my house from underneath to the fireplace. He said no way. And said I don’t want to talk about that to you.

  48. It is such a relief to find out that I’m not the only one hearing loud crashing noises! My husband and I had our house built 19 years ago, so we are the only ones who have lived in it. My husband passed away in 2007, in a hospital. For the last year or so, I’ve had three experiences with a loud crashing sound coming from the kitchen. It sounds like a bunch of metal cookie sheets falling from a top shelf onto the tiled floor. But when I go to look, nothing is out of place. I also have been hearing really loud bangs on the roof. I know what it sounds like when squirrels and raccoons leap from the tree to the roof, and this is much louder. It almost sounds as if something very hard is thrown at the roof. One night, I heard this noise on the roof near the front of the house, and about 20 minutes later heard the exact same noise except it was on the north side of the roof. I’ve checked the roof and grounds for anything, even meteors – but found nothing that would explain the bangs. I have absolutely no explanation for these loud noises, but have to say that apart from initially being startled by the crashes, I don’t really feel fear. But I am very glad to read that I’m not the only one experiencing this!

  49. Every night when I’m watching TV before bed I put my phone on charge until I turn my TV back off. Tonight I forgot that I had charged my phone earlier downstairs, so I had to go down and get it from the kitchen (lights are all off downstairs), when I started to open the kitchen door I heard a crashing noise. As the fridge is by the door I presumed that magnets and papers on the fridge had fallen. But when I opened the kitchen door fully and turned on the light everything was normal, nothing had fallen etc. As I usually remember to bring whatever I need upstairs, not often do I have to go back downstairs, but every time I do the same thing happens. I start to open the door and hear the same crashing, but when I enter everything is normal.

  50. I moved into my apartment in October 2015 and I have heard weird crashing noises maybe 5 times since I moved in. Usually it sounds like a shelf with pots and pans on it has come crashing down from the wall. But the other night it sounded like a bunch of books and papers had fallen to the floor. Nothing is ever out of place when I go check. It doesn’t freak me out or anything. I am just curious about it. I don’t feel fear or anything in my apartment. Maybe it is a time loop. My 9 year old son hears it too so I know I’m not crazy. 🙂

  51. explanations for a dish flying out of the cabinet in the kitchen one day when I and my ex-girlfriend where in the kitchen she was washing dishes and said I’m a bitch talking about herself that day then I was in the kitchen to get a cup out of the cabinet in the kitchen and right after she said she was a bitch I went to say bitch of a bitch and then I opened the cabinet door and a glass bowl flew out of the cabinet and landed straight on the table without breaking at all and I and my ex-girlfriend was in shock about it to but Ik that I’m a dianic Wicca religion witch myself but I also know that I do not have telekinetic powers myself though I’m sorta starting to think that my ex-girlfriend might have had telekinetic powers herself though she did not practice magick herself because she was a Christian though though yes her own mother was a satanic witch herself so Ik that I believe that there are ghosts and demons as an empathic abilities person myself but though I’m not sure how the dish had flew out of the cabinet onto the kitchen table and didn’t even break at all which torn between the three thoughts of it was a ghost or a demon or my ex-girlfriend having telekinetic powers all Three possible scenarios are running through my mind even till this very day long after we had broke up with each other and yet still that day when the dish flew out of the cabinet in the kitchen onto the kitchen table without breaking at all still freaks me out not knowing what had caused the dish to fly out of the cabinet in the kitchen and landed on the table without breaking at all please explain this which one of the three things that would be the best possible explanation for the dish to fly out of the cabinet onto the kitchen table without breaking at all the possibility of a ghost, the possibility of a demon or the possibility of my ex-girlfriend having telekinetic powers herself the top three things always running through my mind about that very day to back in 2010 or 2011 when me and my ex-girlfriend were together in a relationship with each other

  52. This just happened to me. I was in the kitchen getting something to eat. My dad was in the living room and my mom and my sister were asleep. Suddenly I heard a loud crashing sound of pots and pans falling near my room.. And the thing is everyone heard it and we checked the house and found nothing. My cat was calm…she didn’t move a bit. Now I’m thinking wth just happened?

  53. This has just happwned to be 5 minutes ago
    I dont know what it is
    It happened in the kitchen
    The microwave was on
    I heard glass/plates braking sound

  54. I have been haunted since childhood and have heard the crashing sounds many times. From my research of the paranormal, some say the crashing noise is that of a spirit or entity coming through a portal.

  55. Strange things are afoot. A week ago today, I was sitting in the living room eating my breakfast around 6:00am and I heard an appliance power up in the kitchen. I thought it was just the fridge cycling on, but the sound was unusual for it. I went to check on it and when I turned the corner I realized it was the microwave. I watched it in disbelief for about 10 seconds and then it turned off by itself. No one else was up and the timer was zeroed out the whole time. Last night, I was at one end of the house on my cell phone and my daughter was at the other end of the house playing on the Xbox. All of a sudden, there was a loud crashing sound, as if a bookshelf had been toppled or something had fallen off of the wall. The dog started barking and my daughter started yelling daddy, so I got up to investigate. Went outside, upstairs, in the garage, everywhere. Nothing out of place. It was so loud! My daughter said it sounded like someone had fallen down the stairs or pictures coming off of the wall. Weird stuff.

  56. All times of Night and Day there’s a very loud boom that sounds like it would break my windows but it don’t whatever it is is hitting my windows and they do not crack I I wanted to stop whoever it is but I don’t know what to do

    1. This has been going on for months now about 3 or 4 months now I can hear the click when you hit the window and then boom very loud I have sheets up to my windows and I decided that I can’t live like that I don’t know what to do I’m at my wit’s end I don’t know who this is or what this is tormenting me please help me if you can

  57. I have had this many times growing up in my childhood home and my mom would also hear it. I moved out and seven years ago moved back and it’s happening again. It has only happened in this house, no place else that I’ve lived. It just happened again a few nights ago. It sounded like someone picked up my child’s tv in their bedroom in the middle of the night and threw it to the ground. Every time it happens, nothing actually fell. It always scares the hell out of me when it happens and I wish I knew why it was happening.

  58. Sometimes our deceased loved ones will try to communicate with us. My husband is a sceptic. However three days leading up to my fathers death, and three days after his death; we both experienced our car keys moving by themselves, cups lifting from the table, bathroom door opening on its own, a tall shadow figure trying to hide from view, and strange scratching sounds at the bedroom door. My husband was scared because he had never experienced anything like that before. All ghostly activity stopped three days after my fathers death, and has never returned. Proof that science can’t explain everything. Just to mention, this stuff started happening even before I knew my dad was in the hospital dieing. So I can’t say it was our minds playing tricks on us, because we didn’t even know he was dieing. It wasn’t until the doctors realized they couldn’t save him, that my aunt called me to tell me the news. I think this is the reason why there was so much happening; I didn’t know he was close to death, and something was trying to let me know.

  59. There is a spiritual battle every day of our lives. I am strong believer in Christ (a prayer warrior is what I would like to claim I am). I too have experienced sporadic encounters. My husband lost his father in 2014, while we were here at home the weekend before his funeral, we were sitting downstairs in the afternoon watching whatever was on TV, when our alarmed chimed as if someone had entered our house. Where we were sitting you can see all entry ways to the house, no one had entered. However, it has been history in our home sometimes our doors open up stairs and we have to go up and close them. We chalk it up as if someone didn’t close completely and any gust of wind will blow it open. Anyways my husband went up stairs to see if that had happened and all doors were shut. He comes back down and we begin to watch TV again. The same noise went off again as if someone entered our home. We both just ignored it and kept watching TV, within 5 minutes or so there was a huge crashing sound upstairs that shook our ceiling above us (as if someone had shoved a huge dresser over loaded with weights on it or something). The jolt was huge and intense, that we both ran upstairs to go check it out, we looked in our bedroom and everything was in place — yes we were baffled! We went and checked every bedroom and looked in all closets. We also checked our 3rd floor (attic converted into an excercise/storage area) and all was in place. I felt it was his dad visiting us- saying goodbye. There was other family dynamics happening (not all in good taste) and I told my husband it was your dad hon! Letting you know he was with you and he loved you. He always thought I was cucoo-in the cucooclock! But I am not even that 🙂
    I truly don’t know to this day what that really was, but i did have a vision/dream of his father and he told me to tell his son (my husband) he loved him very much and he was right!!!! I remember when I had that vision i woke up or if I was awake I don’t truly know but I was just crying and crying and telling my husband this. My husband that I had fever – ugh! heh!heh! No it was no fever it was real!

    Yesterday my daughter told me she was awakened by a huge slamming noise (like something crashed outside of her room). I told her did you check she said…. heck no! Mom I wasn’t going outside my room to see what it was. She has always had a gift but she chose to ignore it as she grew up she would be able to see “waves on the walls” she would describe as if the walls were moving in waves… then someone we knew would really pass on. She was 4 and 5 years old by the time she was 8 -9 she told me she didn’t like when this would happen because she was sad when people would pass away. She stopped talking about it to me and told me as a grown young adult she purposely chose to block it.

    Well ladies and gents we are truly not alone in the least sense but I will tell you our Heavenly Father is an amazing guardian & protector over all!! You need to pray over your home with the blood of Jesus and claim your residence for the glory of him only and no one else has any reign in your home but HIM!!! Amen! Pray and give thanks daily remember all the glory to him Hallelujah!!!

  60. I just recently had this experience. I am a Realtor and I was showing a vacant home. This was the second showing. I arrived at 5 pm, opened the house, turned on all the lights, walked the entire home. Home is vacant and empty. I waited for the clients near the kitchen. All of a sudden I heard this horrible crashing noise (I thought a mirror fell off a wall or something) that seemed to be coming from one of the bedrooms. It was so loud I jumped, my heart was racing, my hands were shaking. I was alone and I had walked the house so I knew it was empty. I walked and re-checked every room and nothing. Nothing had fallen and everything was how I originally found it. Nothing had happened outside of the house either. I waited outside for the clients to arrive and we actually went back again today and nothing. I have been know to get very bad feeling right before someone passes away. Has been happening since I was a kid. Not all the time however it does happen. Most recently when my uncle passed away. I was compelled to get the hospital. A few weeks ago a school friend passed away and three days before I got that horrible feeling and I messaged him. 🙁

  61. My fiancé and bought a 2 flat condo 2 years ago. It was all peachy months ago but we’ve argued and spent maybe 10 days apart because of arguements. She always complained about things shattering in the kitchen but nothing being touched. Knocks and footsteps but I’ve always dismissed it. Im one of those that don’t believe until I see but at the same time considerate others. 2 days ago she came home, before twisting the knob to walk in she said know twisted itself and she walked in. At first , she thought it was my daughter opening the door but she was actually in my arms playing. I didn’t believe the knob twisted itself but I told her I believed what she thought she seen I’ve always heard foot steps and talking but always said it came from the vents and neighbors upstairs. Then couple days afterwards I couldn’t sleep. I was in and out of sleep from about 6-8 am. All of a sudden it sounded like 3 glass cups break in the bathroom. I yelled “Get the fuck out of my house”. Walked to the bathroom cautiously and no one was there. Then I looked down. The vase fell to the floor unbroken and all roses on the ground not intact. I was creeped out but tried finding a logician explanation to keep me sane

  62. Last night at around 10am I had my TV on with the sound almost muted, I was checking messages on my mobile phone when all of a sudden I heard a very loud falling sound coming from my wardrobe which has the door taken out, this particular wardrobe was built in with the house which is from the early 1930’s.
    I froze for a few seconds and my heart was in my mouth. I know for a fact that I was not imagining the sound as it was clear and extremely loud and so very close to where I was laying in bed. I conjured up the courage to investigate and found that nothing had fallen as the only items were light weight jackets hung up.
    I have recently lost a family member (almost 2 weeks ago) to whom I speak with on a daily basis (even though he is no longer). I even asked him where he was in my one way conversation with him. I don’t know whether it was him trying to let me know that he was there or if it was something else altogether, all I do know is that it was very loud and there was no reasonable explanation as to what it was.

  63. What happens when you hear those sounds and then you actually start to find things that are broken?? I’ve lived here for 2 years, a 12 y.o. modern style house. I stopped getting up when I heard the crashes, always nothing there, mainly in the kitchen and dining room, but most recently the finished basement and garage. I have security and lock my doors. This week I found the long, plastic fluorescent bulb cover smashed on the floor of my walk in closet (fell from the ceiling light). It’s light weight, but hit a cherry stepstool so hard it left deep scratches. Last night my house alarm went off, sending me alerts saying the door to the garage had been opened. The door was closed. My chill meter has been off the charts reading these posts. I wasn’t serious about finding similar stories when I googled this, but here we are.

  64. My friend has had the same story happen to her in her house

  65. I had kinda same experience too! it happened to me once!
    I was sleeping in my bedroom I think it was 5 am when I heard a very loud explosion sound inside my bedroom. when I opened my eyes I saw a shadowy figure which frightened me a lot(I could hear my heart beats) I closed my eyes and when I opened it there was no one there I saw that shadowy thing twice. which I thought it was only my imagination.
    I had another experience when I was 11 years old I used to share bedroom with my older brother that night around 1am I heard people screaming(man and woman) I asked my brother next morning about the noise and he said he didn’t hear anything!
    I heard a lot of noises that they did not exist; explosion, screams, even someone calling my name.

  66. A few years back i was in my living room with my sister when we heard loud crashing sounds from my kitchen,we both were expecting a wreck but we were shocked to find it all ok and just today i heard knocking sounds from my kitchen.Im not surprised with it all i have spirits coming and going im not not the only person who have seen them,my daughter experienced them too hearing our names called and moving things about,i dont answer to them i just get on with what im doing

  67. Loud crash in kitchen one night whilst in the adjoining room, my boyfriend jumped up shouting ‘what’s that!’no damage to be seen anywhere. He had no explanation, couldn’t believe it. I had heard it a couple of times before. This is in the UK.

  68. Two days after my only brother’s unexpected and sudden demise and before his cremation, when all family members and near relatives were sleeping in our house at night I heard a loud sound of something falling on the floor. I thought it was our microwave or OTG or some big sized instrument in my brother’s clinic upstairs that fell off. But I was sleeping with my infant right in front of my kitchen along with my mother and relatives around me. No OTG, microwave or any appliance/instrument fell off. Nor anybody else from so many people heard anything. I thought may be all are deep asleep but was surprised that my dad didn’t get up to see what caused such noise. Normally, he is the first person to get up if some noise happens during night and check all over the house and outside to detect the source. He is a light sleeper. Few days afterwards, I asked if anyone heard any sound that night, none of them had any idea what I was talking about except for my brother’s grandmother-in-law who said she had fallen in the bathroom at night someday around those days. However, what I heard was not the sound of flesh fallen on marble floor. It was like the sound produced from a large and heavy metallic appliance fallen on floor. I shook this experience off and never gave it much thought before reading this post today. Around those days we had many electric faults happen in home and once at least 3 of us smelled a floral scent out of nowhere. I checked the source. Although incense sticks were there on one of the kitchen shelves, they were not alight and the smell from them was nowhere near strong enough to fill the living room for each of us to notice so effortlessly.

  69. At 7:40 or so pm…. I was making a video of my singing so I could improve….my dad was playing video games and my sister was watching a YouTube video about nail polish ” simply nail logical” anyway I picked up the camera an was about to turn it off when I heard a loud… CRASH “bu bu bu bu” i thought maybe something had fallen but no we checked the whole house….Nothing….we double checked everything and pretty soon we decided to check out side still nothing my dad looked everywhere. We decided to come back inside WHEN I REMEMBERED I HAD A VIDEO….we watched the video and made up our minds that it definitely was from the house rewatching the video it sounds sooo loud!!! What was this??????

  70. A few months ago, I was sitting in my livingroom watching tv with my two cats. I heard a cabinet slam shut very loudly and looked up the stairs and saw one of my cats coming down. I shrugged it off thinking she was trying to open a cabinet in the bathroom upstairs. Last night it happened again…but, the cats were outside and then I then remembered that all of our cabinets have the “soft close” mechanism. I tried slamming one of them but it won’t. First time I have ever experienced something like that.

  71. I am haveing this same issuie at my apartment the building was built in 1921 and hear things in the hall ways such as knocks on my door or footsteps cold breezes crashing in the kitchen nothing happened my neibor and i was in the hallway and heard the knocks nobody there it got to the point i dont even answer the door because nobody there i have cats they asleep most the time when this happens or in another room i have went in the attic one night to check for animals such as racoons squarrls ect nothing when the building was built i guess the familys would be here and the souldgers from world war one this where they woukd go i have antique mixers and lamps late 1920s to late 1930s got the blueprints to the building yeah i knew there was a boiler but also found there was a series of large insinarators in the basement and some entrance to the tunnels under the city through a drain i sometimes smell colouinge i went to do some research and found that others have experanced this so my question is why would someone be trying to communicate with me

  72. When I was 9 I was on a couch bored watching youtube. Then, I heard crashing sounds, I can’t define if it was my sister playing the drums. But I thought that it was my sister scaring me because she said she would scare me at night. But I just her sleeping and I freaked out as it happened again and I just sat in the corner and wait for it to stop as I was terrified.

  73. Just last night in the middle of sleep I guess it was between 3-4 am I heard this loud crash like dishes or something had fallen and it was like a magnified eco sound. We jumped up and my children were still in deep sleep and we checked everywhere and nothing was out of place. I believed that this happened once before then a lady I to deal with at an HOA meeting popped in my head and she was from one of the countries that believes in voodoo and I didn’t want to assume and judge but who knows. It freaked me out. My dreams were so strange for the rest of the time I barely slept. But tonight I will go in and do a cleansing demanding that whatever this was is bind and loosed back into the pits of hell where it belongs, never to return in the name of the FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND JESUS PRECIOUS NAME CAUSE THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE IN. OUR ROOMMATE SAYS THEY HEARD SOMEONE SOUNDING LIKE THEY WERE BREAKING INTO THE BACK SHED AND INVSTIGATED AND FOUND NOTHING. THIS PERSON I LOVE DEARLY BUT THEY HAVE MENTIONED SOME STRANGE THINGS THAT THEY ARE RESEARCHING AND BEGINNING TO BELIEVE IN AND I AM HOPING THEY HAVEN’T OPENED A PORTAL OR SOMETHING CAUSE IF SO, I WILL CLOSE IT AND THE ROOMMATE WILL HAVE TO GO. THIS STUFF IS SO REAL THOUGH.

  74. I was in my living room watching some tv and all of a sudden I hear a loud crash in my kitchen . I go out to see what happened and my kitchen clock that is on a wall with 3 screws was in the middle of my kitchen floor , all windows and doors were closed , lights were off and no one was in there ! My dog wouldn’t settle all evening I thought she was just hyper ! The clock also stopped at 9:20pm I was seriously creeped out .

  75. Yes, I had the same experience. It happened at the time my husband died… a crashing loud sound from the kitchen. Some 2minutes later, it happened again somewhere within our room where my husband was lying dead. I had been asking around what it could be. Could it be my husband’s favorite saint driving the evil elements away? I know it has connection with my husband’s death, but what could be an acceptable explanation for such phenomena?

  76. Hi I have heard something this morning and am still hearing it whenever I look at my doll in the kitchen it sounds like flip flops and heavy breathing I am scared to death thinking that something is there but I will not get up and go look but it sounds like it’s getting closer and closer to me. So can u help me?!

  77. This exact thing happened to me!!!!!!!

  78. This JUST happened to us. Early morning and we are all asleep. I heard a big THUD, as if someone has fallen from a bed. I brace myself and wait to hear crying ( my daughter and grandchildren are sleeping in the room beside me) but there is none. I run to the bedroom and they’re all asleep. My daughter holds her head up and says, “I heard it too”. And I go from room to room and even check parts of outside, trying to pinpoint the noise. Nothing. I must add that my four year old grandson died in April from a car accident. I immediately wondered if there was information.

  79. I don’t know if this is the same thing but to day I fell asleep as I usually do nothing out of the ordinary but I woke up to a noise it sounded like a red plastic cup was being slammed on the ground at the first few very soft times I attributed it to noises from the fans but it moved a
    To random places I The house and each one got louder it sounded like someone was playing the cup song loud so I gently you could barely hear it I got my pocket knife and called my brother who is 16 and he asked me what was going on I told him and he believed me as be was inclined to because a similar occurence happend while we where home alone a few months back a tapping noise at the random windows so like I said he asked me what was going on I told him and he got up with me and there was nothing there like the last time but and I noticed that my cats where sitting in the hall way right before the noise was and one of the cats never came out from the room unless dragged out and I dont think it was I was hearing things as before I did anything I got a app on my phone that shows the volume of sound around me and it spiked when the noise went off

  80. So, for about two weeks now I’ll be up somewhat late at night. I hear dishes in the sink shifting around and in the cabinets like something fell when nothing is in the sink. After the first few times I check every night what they look like before anything happens. It’s started around 3 or 4 am but it literally just happened and my sister heard it this time, it’s 10:40 pm. This time was different. Instead of a clatter of dishes it was more of something just breaking. We checked everywhere and absolutely nothing. What is this and what should I do

  81. Greetings to all re: audio phenomena. I’m author of “Haunted Marysville” coming out this Spring; Mville, MONTANA… a high Rockies mining ghost town with 80 people still here down from a late 1890s 5,000. Book came after discovering this place is Ghost Central from the other reports. Deflected from hard history after a move into an 1894 cabin (half renovated)and an extreme (double) even I call an audio poltergeist. SHOULD be formatting the manuscript due April 12 but detoured into random “Yeah, let’s check similiar reports.” This is a totally random website find but extremely intriqued; continuing research and immediately struck by the first story (John in 2009). Sure will be more amazed as I read the rest.
    Still tackling investigating entire paranormal universe so noting John had 2 dogs present. As I, babysitting a big Pyrness (sp?) mountain dog and a Germ Shep/Bassett Hound cross (yes, it’s genetically possible). Just an odd side note as I too woke up in middle of night (on sofa adjoining kitchen/old part of house)but these dogs just staring in kitchen.
    I DO NOT WAKE UP past a snort or snore most nights. Clueless why I woke long enough to even notice then, out of the kitchen came what I’ve described as not a fall but an AVALANCHE of domestic kitchen items. Literally as if every dish, cup, platter, utensil, etc. was at once dumped on the floor. With a PhD in setting things up wrong, clumsiness, top heavy wire rack shelf unit I instead on using, etc. (and too groggy to note this the SAME stuff that scared off others) had no doubt I was to blame. Blue ribbon effort. “Damn. I’ll clean it up tomorrow.”
    Really disgusted (and impressed) with myself/foolishness. Dogs BTW just sat and stared (suspect they’ve seen plenty with more years here than I). Rolled over then: “Imagine an irate Dwayne Johnson giving a running-start bodyslam to the house’s main brace beam while unleashing an armload of lumber.” BAM BAM BAM! Sledgehammer hits.
    “Wow! I really outdid myself this time!” Snore.

    Nothing out of place next morning. Yes was IN the room but all possible explanations debunked with knowing neighbors grinning. Talked to out of town owner: SAME thing scared off renters and him as well. Me too, had I been half awake.
    Not the venue to babble more; wanted to throw this out. Very interested in this particular phenomena. Massive mechanical energy necessary but how…? Thrown then replaced better than a clandestine FBI office search? What’s the science behind it?
    Incident will be in book; now still no as “The Haunting of Julian House.” Vince Moravek is my name. VMMARYSVILLE@GMAIL.COM is my voluntary email if it shows up in this text box; feel free to contact me. Will end summarize with note that the startling event was only precursor to then checking a “haunted mirror” with moving lights inside (I never saw) in unrenvoated Dark Hall stuck on shelf for decades. Behind was a hidden cache of pioneer to 1940s maps, papers, reciepts… most maddenly “normal” in their nature tho cool by 2019 x some family letters and what is turning out the suicide note of a boy who shot himself after a car accident.
    Dogs I was watching owned by lady who turned out to be best friend of that family 60 years ago; one 80s-some daughter still around (I failed to find myself) and still knew. Went to take papers to first lady to then give back to friend/last family member. Mindless detour in garage to get sunglasses from car then another mindless automatic crouch-and-grab of a small wood panel from otherwise clutter of lumber pile. NO REASON. Confused myself until turning it over to see: L H JULIAN, SILVER CITY MONT — surviving piece of first Julian’s store in Silver City 1883. Some Hey Forgot The Best! force drove me like a joystick, zero conscious control but felt nothing, to retrieve the best relic of their family. GGGrandaughter “over the moon” to get it.
    And that’s just the tip of that ol’ iceberg up here.
    I have no web site presently but adding the HP info.

  82. I’m amazed at how many people have had this! I thought I was alone (alongside 6 other people who heard it too!)
    Here’s my story :

    I was on holiday in France years ago with my family and friends. We were staying in a beautiful holiday home, no neighbours, just us, the house and good times. It was cosy, clean, immaculately kept. One night during our stay, everyone was in bed, all bedrooms were upstairs, and everyone was fast asleep until there was this horrendously loud clash, it sounded like a large shelf of pots, pans and cutlery had collapsed all over the kitchen floor. Everyone heard it, all seven of us…We all rushed out of the bedrooms to see what was going on. My Dad, our friend and myself all went down cautiously, we didn’t know what to expect. An intruder? A broken shelf? We anticipated to find pans, pots, knives and forks all over the kitchen but strangely, nothing was out of place. No broken shelves, all pots and pans were hung and stacked as they were that evening, the cutlery was all as organised as before, all doors were locked but there was nothing around that explained the insanely loud crash that we all heard. There wasn’t any nearby houses and the noise was definitely inside the house.

    It still gets me thinking after all this time.

  83. This has happened to me several times already. After I walked out my kitchen and started walking towards my bedroom I heard the loud sounds of every pot,pan and dishes crashing in the kitchen floor.. i was paralyzed with fear for about a min.. I went back into the kitchen and it was perfectly normal.. I cannot debunk this experience.. brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

  84. Oh my goodness. So many people?

    When I was about 15 years old, I should have bedroom with my 21 year old brother. One night at about 3 am, I was woken up by the sound of somebody throwing dishes in our kitchen. My brother continue to sleep. I woke him up and tell him to go check what’s going on in the kitchen. He told me he doesn’t hear anything as I continued to hear loud crashes coming from the kitchen. Even the dog that slept between our beds didn’t wake up. I continue to listen to the sound of dishes crashing in our kitchen for another 5 minutes before it stopped. When I woke up in the morning, I asked my parents who cleaned up the dishes. They didn’t know what I was talking about.

  85. Hello. I have a very similar story to you guys. 2 years ago, I heard a crashing noise at 5am from downstairs. I hopped out of bed and ran down to see wtf was going on, but found nothing. Nothing was out of place. it sounded like pots and pans falling on the floor. My dogs were even still asleep in their beds undisturbed so I thought perhaps it was just a vivid dream and went back to bed…

    …until I checked my security camera the next day. Check it out!!

  86. I’m reading this because this is happening to me every night after I brought some antique decorations…I’m so scared but I dont want to throw away my antique

  87. I m from India I had experience something same I started searching reason for knock knock 2time from my kicthen.even my wife heard same sound as we r having dinner was loud clear knocking sound from kitchen cabinet.never experience anything in house but now we are worried about sound come from date is 9april2020.

  88. My experiences are similar, but not exactly what people are describing here. This happened today right around noon. I was in the bedroom and I hear a drawer open with silverware rattling as though someone is sifting through them. Then right after, I hear pots clanging like someone is moving pots off the shelf and setting them back down. I check the location of my roommates and realize I am the only one in the house. I walked to the kitchen to make sure dishes didn’t fall off the counter and nothing was out of place except for the silverware drawer being slightly open (and i know it wasn’t open prior because it bothers me when things are left open and i had walked through the kitchen many times that day and never saw it.) I have also witnessed out outside lights coming on randomly during the night, my dog waking up from a deep sleep and barking like crazy, my wireless speaker shutting off randomly, and heard a whisper directly in my ear while laying in bed at night. I’ve never experienced things like this before. Strangely when the kitchen incident happened I wasn’t afraid.. But I knew what I heard and could not explain it.

  89. I just had this happen to me, I woke up to my baking sheet making a loud noise like someone was knocking on it, my girlfriend had done the dishes earlier so it was on the dish rack. She didn’t hear it (sound asleep) I brushed it off as our cat being mischievous, until I got out of bed because I needed some water. I looked at the dish rack nothing out of place and my cat was out cold sleeping on his cat tree. It happened at 5 a.m. Its the first time I’ve heard this phenomenon since I was a young child. Except back then it was much louder and the pot and pan banging was throughout the whole house that i lived in at the time, No one ever heard it but me and it happened a handful of times. Now it happens 15 years later, but on a smaller scale compared to when I was a child. I’m convinced its a ghost as this morning when it happened I was already awake in bed, was just having trouble sleeping. So I know it cant be the exploding head syndrome thing.

  90. Loud crashing noise in kitchen. I was up, about 10 feet away cat was on table nothing found.

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