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The mystery of the Nintendo Puzzle completed whilst we slept

Submitted by :Sam

My Story: This strange little incident happened to my nine year old son a few weeks ago.

for my sons ninth birthday we bought him a nintendo dsi.hed already had a nintendo ds and wanted to upgrade as hes very good at taking photographs.when the new professor layton and the diabolical box was released we downloaded it on to his ace card.he loves these kind of mystery games but can get very frustrated when doing the puzzles that appear through the chapters some of them are quite makes it harder for him as he is autistic and has dyspraxia and puzzles are one of the things he finds difficult to work out in his friday night hed spent ages trying to do a puzzle and was really frustrated because he could’nt do it and did’nt want me to help.he was’nt very happy when i told him it was lights out.anyway early the next morning he woke me up and asked me if i’d been in his room in the night and done his puzzle for him.i said no of course not and why.he told me that when he woke up he looked at his nintendo and the puzzle had been completed.i asked him if he had done it and forgotten he said no way.there is only three of us in the house my son,my six year old daughter and myself and none of us had done the puzzle.

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  1. I’ve looked this up on various blogs, review sites and Nintendo based site and although there are some reported glitchs with some of the stages or levels, so far I’ve not been able to find anything similer to what you’ve mentioned. Was the DSi connected to a mains (power socket) and powered on the whole night?

  2. hi john
    the dsi was’nt connected to the mains,it was powered on,and was was on my sons desk which is the opposite side to his bed.this is not the first time we’ve had incidents with my sons toys,but the only time its happened with the nintendo.

  3. Hi Sam:-)

    I certainly believe this happened exactly as you share it, we both seem to have odd stuffgoing on electrically, which I do believe has to do with our paranormal connections. I’ve said before, you’re a natural medium like me, the more you share, the more I am convinced you are, and just by being in the vicinity, you allow the paranormal access to all kinds of odd behaviour.

    I told you in an email recently I’d had some more weird stuff like this and would put it in the site, it can go in here.

    A week or so ago, somewhere here or in the sister site, inside another response to something else that resonated, I mentioned how my phones and voice recorders, plus video recorder have minds of their own, recording stuff that wasn’t, shouldn’t, and by all the laws of average, couldn’t possiblly happen.

    I also mentioned how when I paid a medium from outsaide my town to come to read me (my first ever sitting with a medium, cos mediums can’t read themselves, and I’m a medium) how she immediately picked up I am a medium, sensed the room was filled with souls and, how when I recorded the session, afterwards, EVP imprints over both our voices, as it’s ‘playing back’ then stays there. Stuff that wasn’t there the time before.

    The night i shared that in the site, I decided to pull the tape and listen to it again while I was in bed. At the very start, three more words have come in EVP, words that were never there before, and I can’t make these out at all, except the voice is male. This made me try an experiment, one I’d tried before with a digital voice recorder and which came out with no EVP at all, when I left it on as I slept and mentally invited anyone who wanted to, to speak. Nex tday, all I heard on it, was my dog and self, breathing, and occasional turning over oises as we slept. And my dog wandering out and the sound of her lapping water.

    This time, I used the old style hand held tape recorder, the same one I used to tape my sitting. I took a new tape out of cellophane wrapper, and put new batteries in the machin. It is only a recorder, no radio, no fancy gizmos on it, just on/off, fw/rw, and record buttons. I switched off my bedise radio, the tv was off, only my bedside light was on. I put it on my bedside table and let it run as I read for a while and it should have picked me up turning pages, having a moments cough, and switching off the light and going down the bed, as well as my dog having a scratch as her paws scraped against the plastic sides of her bed. It didn’t.

    Instead, next morning, I found it had run out, rewound itself and stopped, with the red ‘on’ light still on. when I played it back I was amazed to find it had picked up radio stations, it made really loud ‘whipping’ noises like a lash being whipped through the air, and every time it did, it went to another radio station, and it started off with lots of separate news clips, when I say clips, I mean, it flipped in and out of differnet presenters voices and cut them off and moved on to another, over and over for about the first five minutes.

    Then, it cut in and out of church services, again, whip lash sounds as it flipped through stations, and different voices, male and female and a child at one point, and each was a different part of sermons, hymn siging, and the child was sorta separate. And it lasted about ten minutes, and then, a very loud clicking noise as if someone turned it off and the remainder of the tape was blank, and still, no bedroom noises, no sound of us both breathing, no fidgety movements etc, which I think was more unusual.

    What I did clearly pick up through these clips of ‘sermons’ was the message that kept somehow interceding about ‘the Lord of Hosts, returning’ and how close that is. And this, is exactly what my psyche and my own visions and voices have already shown/told me… but no way, could I make what happened on that tape, with no media even on inside my home, imprint upon that tape. Still got it.

    My brother thinks because they’re magnetic, these old tape recorders, that the atmosphere must have had a sort of ‘funnel’ that allowed it to pick up on airwaves traversing through. But the interesting thing here, is that I’m on the ground floor in a block of flats where even mobiles have problems and often lose their signal!


  4. hi jeanie
    i had not thought about it being connected to me before,it gives me something else to consider.i had seen it as being connected to my son,it only happens with his toys never my daughters.
    i have also sent in my experience with the christmas lights that i emailed you about last week and that i have an effect on electrical items i have mentioned that when i email you i get problems and that we have had similar experiences,more than similar in some cases!
    your story about the evp is really interesting i believe this is connected to what we have have spoken about already.i think you will hear the news again before it happens like you have previously mentioned and this will happen more frequently and become much clearer as that event draws closer.

  5. Hi again Sam:-)

    I’ve come to add to my story of the ‘new’ three words, that somehow appeared in EVP over the top of my recording of that reading I had with another medium. the stuff I said wasn’t there last time I played it back.

    Last night I decied to try and make out what the words are, and attached the hand held recorder to my speakers.

    The place that it ‘attached’ is immediately after she (the medium) came in, and as she was walking across and around my living room, ‘feeling the energy’ and had just said “Of course… you know you’re not alone in here don’t you?” and immediatey after those words the new three words speak in a very deep baritone voice, like someone is leaning on their chin and speaking into a mike, but they are not distinct. she went on to say, “there are so many people here, but you know that don’t you?” but before she does, this voice now intercedes and after playing it a few times, I had the tone and the rythm exactly, and then I switched it off, waited a few minutes, turned it on again, and it ‘sounds like’ the words are… “This old man!”

    And interestingly, she then goes on to say there is a man here (who she puts at fifty-six) who “comes here often” seemingly, and oddly, it’s someone I wasn’t attached too, but who wishes I had been, and who comes back often, because he likes my company. Nothing she went on to tell me about this man resonated with anyone I’d known (I got all of them later) but, it did resonate with a guy I knew online who had just died a year before aged 56, and who she could not know about, and who I helped with other things related to his studies, and who was not a flirt in any way, indeed, he was happily married. But we’d shared our backgrounds and I’d told him about my ex and she related back to me, things only he could know across the couple of years I’d known him. what she never knew either, was that the night before he went to surgery, knowing I’m a medium, he broke his own rule (he was never on hotmail chat box at nights, only middays to contact fellow students on his course, and me, whom he met accidentally online, my fault, I somehow crossed over and barged into his chat box and scared him to death, because as I said, he was a shy man, not a stalker type and not a problem ever.

    That night when I saw his name lit up, I knew something wasn’t right, and I cheekily told him off and said he should be in bed with his lovely wife. That’s when he said the second op’ for heart valve replacements was on for the next day, he’d been waiting all the time I knew him, the old op’ was no longer effective and he’d been forced to give up work, the course was to keep him occupied and take his mind off it.

    He confessed he needed to speak with me, and instantly, I had a strong sense that he was about to die, but, I reassured him he would be ok… it’s what you do… and we chatted until he was calm, and then he promised to email me as soon as he was home and in recovery. two days later, everybody in his email box recieved an email, his heading, his son’s voice, sadly telling us he died on the operating table. He did, I checked his local paper obit’s online.

    I believe it’s him the medium first picked up, and that his is the voice on the tape, that after six years now, has returned to let me know he’s watching over me. We never spoke, only exchanged photos once, and he knew about my heartache over my Asperger son. I think i’m lucky in as much, as he’s appointed himself to look after this old cyber mate.

    The voices that were suddenly ‘imposed’ upon the tape toward the end, on the third time it played back, are differnt, and many, and white noise so loud, it sounds like a bubbling brooke… and not disimmilar in places to those ‘whip lash’ noises my recorder got when tuning in and out of radio stations recently. Like they’re breaking through an atmosphere. One other deep voice, with words I can’t make out to this day, is followed by loadsa clickings as if the mike is turned on and then, it’s like a lot of people are talking at a party, and then, all the bubbles and if you’ve seen White Noise the movie, it’s amazingly like that, then, another, softer voice says words I can’t make out again. I will one day!

    Then it clicks and clicks and clicks looudly and returns to the medium and me speaking, yet it wipes us out totally, when it speaks EVP. And I have never ever, attempted to do anything but put that tape on playback. It should not be able to pick up on playback, it does! Still, after three years, it’s still doing it! Whenever I replay, another EVP is on it!

    I haven’t been able to check out where the radio stations came from, and no idea if any of it is happening, has happened already, or, was happening at the time, because it’s so many short ‘bites’ all disjointed, and I’m not a technician. It’s as if it wasn’t actually affording information ‘news wise’ but merely showing me it could.

    As for the church speak, I am a Crhistian who doesn’t do church, nor churchy/bible speak, yet all the snatches of those ‘sermons’ that it caught, refer to the same message, ‘The Lord of Hosts’ return… now me, I’d just say God, not the Lord of Hosts! And the child speaks very clearly all about ‘being alone inside the darkness’… and lots of it. I have no idea if he’s reading it, as part of a service, or, if he’s saying it, because it cuts back to the middle of a hymn.

    I believe it’s you who attracts these things to happen, maybe your son is abit that way, but you form the energy link, and if it troubles your son, you must do what I did years ago, make a deal, ‘leave my children alone, don’t scare them in ths way, let me raise them safely, then when they leave home, I will listen and communicate with you” and they will quieten down a lot, still be around, but not much bad or scar stuff will happen. Mostly stuff that only you will see, hear and understand. But be warned, when they do leave home, they will crash back with a vengeance and there’ll be a queue a mile long!

    I met two other mediums after my reading, both my age group, both like me, only to discover they too made this deal when their kids were young, and like me, they suddenly got flooded when they lived alone. One of them awoke to see an actual crowd inside her bedroom all around her bed, and nearly wet herself, she now travels europe, doing on stage readings to audiences. It also happened in this way to the one who read for me, she had only started a year earlier, in much the same way, after years of refusing to ‘listen’ till her children left.

    We protect the children because they can be vulnerable to possession, and one of mine was, which is what made the front pages all those years ago. No one must ever, play with, entice, challenge or attempt to control the paranormal who has children in their home. You cannot control it. It will chew you up, play games, and spit you out!

    Never, ever, hold a seance and use the board… especially with children in your home… just don’t! That’s what I said back then on that front page, in 1973… and nothing has ever changed my mind on that score!

    Babies, children, puberty, stay away from the paranormal!
    All are open and at risk.

    We are not, we can say no and mean it, we can say yes and set the limits, and it has to listen… it seems to be written somewhere in the universal code, because I learned this then, was led to understanding, and it has proven to be true.


    no edit, too lazy

  6. hi jeanie
    thankyou for this.its very interesting,ive never done anything to do with evp,might give it a go one night and see what happens.don’t worry i would never do a seance again and definately would never touch a ouja board.
    i get things with my mobile(sony ericsson walkman w580i)1 yr old now.such as messages disappearing before my eyes,people on the oter end even though its not rung and stuff appearing that isnt on my ring and msg tones also sometimes change by themselves.also like you it happens depending on my mood.the day with my lights i was stressed.
    i hear things in my kitchen at night,sometimes you would swear theres a party going on in there but when i go in nothing.i also hear conversations going on and get loud noises like things falling or being moved but when i go and look theres nothing out of cat eve also picks up on this she runs into the room leaps on my knee and sits staring at the door for ages,her little heart beating so fast i can feel it.this is also where i get touched the most or think thers someone behind me and when my daughter was about 2/3 she suddenly would not go in the kitchen by herself i would have to go with her,that lasted for ages but she could’nt tell me what it was that scared her.i also got something really strange happen once with the plastic lid of a milk happened twice on the same night like it was confirmation that it was’nt just a fluke.i was making a drink and took the lid off both times i seemed to drop it now normally it would fall through the gap between the cooker and the cupboard but both times it seemed to hop over the gap and spun on its side round and round far longer than it should of done.the first time i thought it was odd but probably a fluke,then the next time i made a drink it did the same thing exactly i knew then it was’nt a fluke but it was really weird to watch.i also sense things being here the atmosphere suddenly becomes electric and i can feel it so strong,like its just waiting for something to happen!!!

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