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Bulbs, fuses blow and radios turning themselves on for no reason

Submitted by: sam v

My Story: This is another incident that happened to me last week.

I put my christmas tree up last week id got three sets of lights on the tree,after a while i noticed that on one of the sets of lights some of the bulbs had stopped working.i brought another set of lights the next day and when i got home i took the three original sets of the tree,sorted them out,removed the broken set and checked that the other sets were working before i put them back on the tree.

i put the lights back on the tree with the new set.when i had finished i turned the lights on and relized that now another set had bulbs that had stopped working so i took that set off and went out later and brought another set,i put these on the tree,turned on the lights and noticed that the final original set had now stopped working.i then went and turned on my lamp and the bulb blew immediatley.

i do have this effect on electrical items,i also get things like my radio turning on by itself,weird things with my mobile and when i try to send emails especially to jeanette mentioning this because jeanette has said previously this happens to her as well and we seem to share many experiences.i also go through spates of blowing bulbs and fuses,sometimes it can just be one light in particular.there are no problems with my electrics as these have been checked.

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  1. Sam:-)

    I know I said I was off to bed in my last email, but just checked here before going and saw this entry.

    I know about the lights already, but thought I’d add what happened on my mobile today… I use it for timing my dinner, the alarm section, and I was just thinking about setting it today and took my mobile out of my pocket (Nokia XpressMusic, touchscreen lockable keypad with slide-lock) only to find it was unlocked, and already set to ‘new alarm’ waiting for me:-)

    So frequently do these things happen to me, this tuning of my mobiles in anticipation, making the job easier, yet it takes two decided moves to unlock, and press clock, to reach that mode.

    I now joke with whoever is behind it. Today I said, “You heard me again then?” and got an immediate “We did.” reply.

    When I’m upset my laptop plays havoc with me, like it tunes to my every mood, cos when I’m totally relaxed it goes like a dream, so fast, but heaven help me when I’m feeling jaded, it needs to be restarted at least three times, inside that period of time.

    My TV turns itself on and off, the opposite to what I just did, and lately, I have been woken in the night three times by someone knocking loudly, but no one is about at all, the blcoks in darkness, streets are bare, my security light is off, and my CCTV monitor is clear. And interestingly, each time my eyes go to the clock alarm beside my bed and each time, the screen time has shown the time in numbers that are significant to my life, 233, 556 twice… like I’m woken to look at these numbers, and then I checked the dates to find one was my late dad’s birthday, one was my late aunt’s and one my late mum’s… all in November… and those other numbered times are house numbers. 556 was my dad’s family home, a block from me, my aunt and granddad and grandmother all died inside it. My gran’s ghost was my first introduction to seeing and speaking with ghosts andshe disturbed everyone whenever I was there.

    233, is a house we owned and sold to one of my daughters. She’s not happy in her life, and though I’m not supposed to know, I actually dreamed things were bad for her at the time she had marriage problems, as with another daughter. It’s like my electrics know, and decide to keep me informed of changes!

    Years ago, my first car, an Escort GT 1300 (in 1973) that I passed my test in, refused to start one day, I called on my late dad, a seriously clever hands on man, an aircraft technician, motor mechanic, precision tool maker, watchmaker and pianist, he could do anything with engines and clocks of every kind, church clocks too. I called on him to help me start my car, I had five young children to get to school and nursery that day.

    My car sprang to life, let me drive them to the schools and then I headed into town, when suddenly, it stopped dead, refused to start again, and right outside the garage where my dad apprenticed as a teenage motor mechanic. They just wheeled it in and found it could have been dangerous, can’t recall what part, but it was important, and they told me I was lucky it didn’t happen on the motorway, whatever ‘it’ was… all i had in my head, was how the hell did my car stop right outside dad’s garage?

    Of course, I never question now, I already know good souls care for us, from human through to plant;-)


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