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Submitted by: Jeanette Jordan


I thought I’d better come back in to make this statement for the sceptics, and for those happy surfing debunkers.

those who think I am a self appointed know it all, and there are, and have been many such accusations in my life. And always, back then, I refused to defend, explain, discuss, this subject, until my children had grown up.

They all have, so now, I can speak out about my paranormal life.

I did not ‘assume’ the title ‘medium’ am not a ‘new age’ self appointed psychic.

The title of ‘External Medium’ was afforded to me by the then Bishop of Peterborough, UK , in 1973.

I did not want, nor like the title, always had referred to myself as an “unwilling psychic” and did everything I could to try and stop this side of me… always before this event i’m speaking of today, I hated the word, and anyway, it smacks of being mediocre:-) and I’m far from that!

Granted, I’m stubborn, strong willed, and determined, which suits me better… since it (the paranormal) has made me that way, I’ve had to be, through coping with it all.

I’ve let family and friends walk over me, I get hurt by them all the time and they see me as weak, but strangers and the paranormal do not phase me… nothing, outside of God, will bring me to my knees.

External Medium simply put, means I’m as stubborn with them on the ‘other side’ as well, it means I just wont let them in… like whoopie Goldberge did in the the film Ghost… it can’t and wont, get inside me… but it/they, can communicate with me, and me with them.

During 1973, a lot of personal stuff was happening that wasn’t good, and the paranormal and I skirted with each other, because my defences were right down. I was like that kid in Back to the Future, I hated being called a liar and a coward… and a friend wanted to hold a seance in my home, and I said no. Told her I knew if I sat down at the table (my children were upstairs asleep) with her, her first husband, and my (late) first husband, things would really happen. I think she thought that I was pretending to be psychic, and was calling my bluff.

She laughed at me, called me a liar and a coward, called ‘yellow’ in fact… and at twenty-eight, I was still silly enough to need to be believed, and long before ‘back to the future’ had hit the screens, so, Jeanie got hopping mad, and let it happen.

The glass went wild, none of us knew about ‘opening and closing’ and it went wildly round in circles, spelled a sentence, then careered off the table and smashed all over the floor.

It culminated in six months of hell inside our home, six months of really serious stuff, and because I already had three deaths close together in my family, already moved there with a child’s ghost from a former house following me, and a ghost inside the new house had made it’s presense known to all of us, it was the worst time of all, for me to open up another portal.

Of the ministers times three I called in, two ran away. The one who stayed explained to me, that a medium like me, is afforded special gifts, and is like a tiny pinprick of light, inside the darkness where lost souls are roaming.

These are souls who never have moved on, who hang back in the earth plain because of unfinished earthly business, or who can’t let go, or who refuse to realise they died and block their own passage to the light. He said that they home in on that tiny little light, the medium, and in this case, that was always me.

It got me clouted as a child, and blamed for everything, accused of knowing far too much, and it made them all, my family, fear me. So, I adopted and inherited, their own fear, of me!

As I said, being a medium is a scary lonely business!

When things went badly wrong, when neighbours, friends, family, and the local council, and eventually, the police and local church all became involved, and eventually, the Bishop, it was seriously out of hand.

Poultergeist activity went bananas in my home, for all of six months. No one could stop it, and it was eventually, down to me, and when I understood this fact, that’s when it really tried to get inside me, tried telling me to kill myself, and miserably failed, but not until it ‘rooted’ my feet to the middle of a road as a lorry came hurtling toward me, and my husband ran and dragged me to safety just in time.

It was like glue had stuck my feet solidly to the tarmac as I was crossing with my husband, he kept going, I could not, and he ran back and saved me. Screaming at me, demanding to know why… but I couldn’t move at all until he broke it’s ‘glue like grip’ from under my feet. So, then it did the dirtiest trick of all, to pay me back, it got into my then youngest child, for four whole days.

I’m not relating that, it is still raw.

But suffice it to know, a few months later in early 1974, it got front paged, not my idea, the Exorcist was in town, first showing, people were hysterical, fainting in the aisles, and the press went to the churches, to ask if this could happen and did they know anyone who’d ever been possessed, and anyone who ever did an exorcism, and the C of E said yes, me.

They, the church, asked me to speak, to warn people not to play, and eventually, I agreed, the condition was, only my Christian name in print, no pictures.

It was a small town then, and sod’s law, everybody knew that it was me… and people knocked my door, and I got rehoused, and am the only person in our town, ever to be rehoused through poultergeist activity. Still am, to this day!

What happened though, was nothing like the film’s portrayal, there was no gooey sludge and slime, no twisting heads etc, but, it was far more frightening, in ways I wont explain, and only my faith in God and his intervention, through a crucifix taken from the rectory wall and blessed inside the church, made of the same type of wood they said, that Christ would have been crucified on, got me through it. And together, God, me and that cross, got my child through it.

I didn’t do it, I was ‘used’ as a the vehicle, the medium, to sort it out. I was the light that let it in, so, looking back, it makes sense it was me, who was the medium used to send it back.

An exorcism had been planned, already booked by the Bishop for my child, they’d intended to use two priests, for safety, to perform an exorcism, but, it was like it knew and it got really bad, before they chose which two to use.

Two are used to double up the strength and power, to stop it going out of my child, and into the priest, that’s what they told me.

One night, at it’s height, when it had followed us right across town and was active well away from our home, where we had taken refuge, I was afforded a blessing, as I prayed and called to God, the cross over my chest in bed beside my husband, our five children sharing a mattress on the floor provided by our hosts and my German Shepherd between them and the door on guard, something absoluting amazing happened. As I clutched a crucifix and prayed, it came to life, it pulsated, the wood all down the back came alive, and that’s when I knew I had to act. I woke my husband and put his hand on it and he, ex squaddie, former boxer, nearly pooed his pants, he recoiled in shock and said “It’s alive!”

Togetherm he, me, god and that cross, did what I knew was needed, the words came easily, I commanded in God’s name, it took a while, but it worked. It wasn’t nice, I’m not going there again, read it in our central library archives.

Next day, it was gone.

That’s what was on the front and centre pages of our local paper.

I’ve been called nutter, weird, crazy, and seriously mad. my whole life long, and today, inside this site, I’m affording you the truth, of why i call myself a medium… or rather, why the church, the Bishop, afforded me the tag!

Three other times in my life, the crucifix, not that same one, has activated for me, after a car crash that should have killed me, and once here, inside this flat, two years ago, and made things happen that should not be able to happen.

Anyone, anyone at all, who wants to ‘cross’ me on this issue, on my faith, had better get one to defend their accusations with, because they’ll need it, I do serious battle for my God!

And I’m his advocate forever!

I’ll always win that argument , every single time… because from the age of seven, in a coma, when He made His presense known to this nothingness of a kid, I know without a shadow of doubt, God lives, Christ lives… the Holy spirit lives… and this, from a non indoctrinated church goer, from a family of atheists!

Believe whatever suits you, whatever turns you on, I know who turns me on… who is the only truth, God is, and He works for all of us!

Have faith, and ask.


PS… to my statement:

It’s not the cross, the wood, the emblem, that makes crucifixes come alive for me, that makes miracles for me, it’s the ‘faith’ I have in God and Jesus who are behind the meaning of them, through the sacrifce God made, through on one, for all of us to share.

It’s faith alone that wins the day. No cross will work without it.

If i never come in here again, if I share nothing else, this is the most important truth I’ll share inside my life!


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  1. Talking of how things work inside the paranormal, those who know me, already know that I equate it to an enormous jigsaw, where many things only come to gether years apart.

    In other words, you have one weird experience, it scares you, you can’t fathom all of it, then years from that, during which time many others happen, unrelated, you have another one that is related to it, or, something in your life, suddenly relates and throws you back in time, and you start filling in those pieces of a jigsaw, because suddenly, some of them make sense and they tie to one all that time ago, and then, maybe to another that is yet to happen.

    Which is why, I don’t ever do ‘coincidence’ because everything is planned, much as sceptics hate to be told this, it is!

    All my life it’s like this, and here’s one from the above experience:

    Exactly where that lorry, rooted my feet to the ground, is where that Tarmac lorry dragged me to, at the age of seven, when it hit me on the zebra crossing, and took me from half a mile down the hill.

    It was the exact spot that the woman saw the bunch of rags underneath the back axel, saw it was a child, me!

    Also, the same spot, where, nine months after the Easter I was run over, on Christmas Eve of 1952, the ambulance that was carrying me from one hospital to another, whilst still inside a coma, hit a bump and woke me.

    I do recall thinking after the ‘rooting to the tarmac’ it’s as if something was angry that I didn’t die back then. And wondering why, that same spot had so much impact in my life.

    My eldest child aged seven then, suddenly left the side of my pram, and ran across the busy main road and almost got run over, the sports car stopped inches from his legs, and terrified the driver.

    And, my mum lived in that road just down a bit when she was first in service at the age of 14.

    And years later, in my first marriage, in 1968, I was helped by couple who had seen me with my brood and felt for me and liked me enough thay brought a friend (a local councillor) in to help me, to get our first council home, and weirdly, he now owned that same house my mother lived in back then.

    And on the opposite side of that road, is the garage that my dad apprenticed in as a boy, and where when my car broke down, in 1973, it chose to stop right outside of that (it’s now a drive in MoT station) and, they wheeled me in to find I could have come to grief had it chosen to stop on a motorway, since seemingly it could have!

    Something is trying to tell me summat about that stretch of road, I can’t avoid it, I drive it every time I go to town, see my son, etc, so, I often wonder, will it claim me yet? And conclude the business it left unfinished, one day?

    Coincidence be damned!


  2. I’m going to add something to my personal beliefs that may, or may not, be popular.

    I believe through my personal experience, that many of the things we’re told by modern day ‘medium’s’ and ‘psychics’, are misleading.

    There is one medium I do believe is genuine and gifted, and so, although he deals in the subject and our views do differ on this subject I am about to mention, I still hold him in great respect, and believe he is likely the most honest of them all. That man is John Edward, whom I like to watch at work, on the CBS Reality channel with Virgin Media.

    I like him because he talks fast like me, doesn’t draw breath long enough to ‘read minds’, ‘dig for information’, he just keeps it coming as it lands inside his mind, and his only aim, is to show those grieving at their loss, that life goes on beyond physical death, and that their loved ones, are still here, around them, are aware of their situations, and also have moved on. His only aim is to spread this message and bring comfort. He has my vote of confidence every time with this.

    However, in all the paraormal experiences I’ve had, and in the years eternal life has been shown to me, proof positive in fact, that no ever dies, that God exists and that we all move into the spiritual realm, there is one part that I myself find hard to understand.

    That we need, or even want, or even do, continue to own houses, properties and items (‘he’s got another motor cycle and is riding it in heaven’) doesn’t gel with me, since i do not believe that spiritually advanced souls, would even need to continue to live out their eternal life in the same way they lived it here.

    A spirit is free of such needs, and becomes a part of the whole spiritual universe, and my view of heaven as a child inside that coma, did not show me these things. What I saw and felt and was made to understand, went way beyond those needs and was more a ‘fulfilment’ and a ‘wholeness’ and serious ‘belonging’ and ‘freedom’ from all earthly material items, and personal pains and hurts within a family, within a world suffocated and guided by such things.

    The abslolute ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’ whilst being ‘held’ inside the most ‘unconditional love’ which opened up such understanding, of so much, that you never even you had had questions to before, and questions that had hurt, confused and bewildered you, all of those at once, are made clear within your mind/soul/self, it it the most amazing feeling that cannot be transmitted, passed on, only, experienced alone.

    If I have to put it into words that can be understood, I’d liken this to your first ever love affair, where no one in the world knows how your heart beats so rapidly, at the thought of the object of your desires, or even knows the secret thoughts you dare not share, and then, should you heart felt love be reciprocated, that most amazing climax of first love, that makes tears run down your face with happiness.

    Only the sexual equasion is not needed. It’s a climax of the soul, where you are overwhelmed with joy, love, and amamzing fulfilment, all at once.

    I once tried to share this thinking with someone, who said with amazement, “Jeanie… that’s why people use drugs, that’s the stage they’re looking for… and you get it for free, do you know just how lucky you are?”

    I was gobsmacked, this was a psychologist friend, and he envied me!

    I’ve also been afforded this same set of emotions, exactly, all them again, a few times since the coma, inside my twenties, and my thirties and middle age… and looking back, I realise it was always inside prayer for other people.

    Maybe that’s the answer, loving others, more than we love us… I think it is the only way to go.

    No one knows why some of us are mediums, least of all the mediums themselves. No one knows how the paranormal works, I certainly do not, I just know it does!


    That doesn’t mean you can’t be angry, or fall in and out, it simply means you must forgive, forget, and bless them all.

  3. Oh Jean you poor sod….you really do need a check up from the neck up girl.I honestly thought you’d eventually grow up but your stories and ‘memories’ become more outlandish the order you get.
    But it did give me a laugh.

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