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My spirit guide has saved me four times when I was cycling

Submitted by : Alan Tyson

My Story: I have written a story regarding lost time during a reike healing session and whilst i’ve been pondering my experience i have reminded myself of something which came about as a result.

the day after this strange event took place i was with my then girlfriend at my own home, just around the corner, where we were playing with energy and doing some light meditation when i “saw” an image in my mind of a teenage girl, about 14, wearng a blue dress with blonde hair and a very silly amusing attitude; this was obvious as i had a bath not long after and the boxer shorts i was about to wear suddenly flew accross the room, off a small table, landing in the water, in my mind i heard a giggle, typical of a teenage girl. i had no bad feelings, infact quite the opposite, it moved me to tears and i felt a strong connection to her.

a few days later i was speaking to my dad telling him of this experience. he looked deeply shocked and told me that the person i was “seeing” was a relative who died two years before i was born; she ran out of her house onto a main road and was hit by a car, dying at the scene. she was wearing a blue dress and her character was, as my dad described, just like mine, i.e a bit silly with a warm and helpful nature.

this resonated loudly as i have had some unusual experiences whilst cycling. this has happened on four occasions in the last 15 years. once in 1995 where i was riding my bike being followed by a double decker bus when i felt a sudden bump and a screaming thought to get off the road, as i did this the bike frame snaopped throwing me on the road, had i not done this then i would’ve been killed, no doubt. in 1999 i was suffering a drug addiction and rather than go to my usual secluded spot i again as before felt the bump and the scream, i went home, overdosed and had to be brought back, i would’ve been dead had i been alone. i gave up the heroin that very night. in 2004 i was cycling down a dark road in a nearby villiage when again i felt the usual thing, i got off the road and a subaru screamed past, hit a bridge then careered off the road. by my estimates he would have taken me out, again with inevitable consequences. the most recent was in november 2009 when i was cycling as usual and checking over my shoulder when over taking a parked vehicle. the now familiar feelings were strong enough to cause me to slam on the brakes, as i did this a car came flying up from behind me and veered at me, had i not stopped again it would have been a disaster.

i now know that this person’s spirit (Jenny Wright) was acting to save me, i know beyond all reasonable doubt that she is likely my, one of, spirit guide. i can now feel her presence and as i said become very moved by the emotion, in a good way, never sinister.

shame she can’t tell me this weeks winning lotto numbers but at least she is very good at protecting me and when i cross over to spirit plane she will be waiting, with her big smile and sillyness.

this isn’t the first time i have been contacted by family memebers. my great grandfather used to visit me. my grandfather came to visit me a couple of weeks after succumbing to cancer as i was having terrible difficulty coming to terms with my loss, i immediately felt better and haven’t greived since. my great, great aunty aws stood next to me at her funeral, with her hand on my shoulder and my uncle, who died from alcohol abuse at the age of 50 was with me when commiting his ashes to lake windermere he was laughing at me whilst i was slipping on the rocks inm my bare feet. he speaks to my mum quite a bit and now has a clear voice (rather than the slurring caused by severe alcoholism) and is reunited with the friends he couldn’t save when the herald of free enterprise capsised off the belgian coast in 1987. he had been a steward on the ship and was just moved to another ferry a week or two before.

it’s strange that i only really commune with past family members. this has really been more active since my awakening in 2004.


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  1. Hi Alan:-)

    I meant to come in here and comment before on your entry, I find it an extremely interesting story, and what makes it so for me, is the time lapses between your experiences, the back up of your dad’s realisation over who the person was, in that instance, and the way you reason out your separate events.

    I too believe many of my visitors are ancestors dating back across centuries, I very seldom have people I shared my lifetime with, maybe because I never shared hapy times with them, maybe because I made it really clear I couldn’t handle them again, but more likely because I believe the older familiy members, more ancient ones, protect me from them now, as they did from my first husband.

    I’ve never wanted him to visit me (died in 1981) and only once, did he ever try, I saw him standing just beside my open bedroom door, a few months ago, showing only half of himself, and I realised that he was waiting for me to let him in, couldn’t for some reason show his whole body (I saw the entire left hand side of him) unless I gave permission. I immediately told him to go away, that he isn’t welcome, and he did, faded instantly. Thank God, since he’d been violent throughout our telve year marriage.

    You obviously have good family members visiting you at various times and protecting you, the fact it is never sinister, is very good, and it seems to me, you handle it very well indeed. You have serious psychic tendencies, which were always there, but which, you seem finally to have come to terms with, and accepted, since 2004, due to a down to earth approach.

    It’s possible the drugs you used had blocked the naturalpath and timing for this to happen before, and I’m impressed by how you’ve come through need for that and accepted who, and how, and what these gifts are for. You have guardians who care, work with them, and care for yourself as well.

    God bless


  2. thanks jeanie this was a very encouraging reply. i am currently having some difficulties but i also feel i am being well looked after; there has been a sparkly mist of energy sticking with me for the past three weeks so i know this spirit (as this is what i beleive, no “feel” it to be. time will tell but i hope i can be assisted again.

    i am very humbled to hear that i am only, so far that i know, being contacted by good spirits but to be honest both my parents families were fantastic people and if there were a rouge they, especially my great grandfather, would soon stop them in their tracks. i am hoping that if there is something musing me to make dodgy decisions or have a bad time in general i will be cared for.

    thanks again.

    Al 🙂

  3. You’re welcome Alan:-)

    Good to see a sensible approach to this subject, and good to know you feel positive energies around you, trust that instinct, ignore anyone who twlls you otherwise, you’re psyche sorts it for you all the time.

    I’ve always trusted mine, espeically when meeting people face to face for the first time, it never led me on the wrong track, but my heart and other people’s persuasion has.

    Many times, I’ve been proven right and now and then, after taking other people’s advice and regretting it.

    Once I shook the hand of a man who I ‘knew’ without a shadow of a doubt was a lying and was not what he professed to be, and was persuaded to accept his word against my better judgement, and that first instinctive dislike, was later proven right, and we paid a price for obeying my families wishes to continue with him in dealing with our business.

    The same applies to spirits who drop in on us, you ‘feel’ if they are good or not, and that first sense of ‘peace’, or ‘disturbance’ at their presense, should be your guide and determine your decision to continue with them, or not.

    I’d say, right now, you have found good souls, and they care about you, so you’re on the mend, and the right track.

    The minute that the feeling changes, and makes you unsure, turn away from them. And wait for good ones once again.

    Trust your first instinct every time!

    I get the feeling, you’ve more or less, sussed this for youeself and that you’re spiritually progressing.



  4. hi alan,jeanie
    ive had these experiences too all my life.apart from seeing my great grandmother who had passed over,apparently she used to sit on my bed and sing to me.(i dont remember this)i could always tell whether people were good or bad,lying or telling the truth.i used to think it was me because everybody else would like and trust the person so i used to listen to them and then would eventually be proved right.i can now watch people on the tv or in the news and i know that they are lying,its so frustating at times but i only listen to my inner self,that voice and feeliing in my gut now.i also get lots of dreams that come true,have experienced astral projection,hear voices in my house and get touched.i can also home in on lost objects(apart from my fake snow.see previous christmas lights entry i think)i think about them mentally go through my house and can feel where they are.i use this so often i dont realise how much if that makes sence its just a part of my everyday life.i find it frustrating at times because i see things on the news and i know the person or people are lying and these are big cases,and you just have to wait for time to take its course.i can be talking to people and i know whats going to happen but cant tell them,i can even just walk past someone and i can feel their emotions,its like it jumps from them to me,i have had freinds like this in the past who just drain me with their emotions,they have such drama going on in their lifes,i have to try and keep them at arms length,and i know when people or animals are going to die i usually get this as a voice in my head but over the last few years ive seen it as a lightening bolt or line across peoples face,i dont know why it i said and im sure you will agree that at times this part of us that we share can be frustrating,heartbreaking,fascinating,scary and unnerving but im glad that i have it and i wouldnt be without it .

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