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I heard a deep clear voice but there was nobody there

Submitted by: Divad

My Story: Gonna type this & make it Vague and attempt to give just the basics of what happened………..Ok,About 1993 Me & My Gf lived in a House we were renting. Well populated neighborhood. Kids playing, normal active neighborhood……My Gf is at work one day….I was home doing some house cleaning for her, I started doing Dishes…..I still to this day dont understand WHY i didnt have the stereo on or something while i was cleaning. I Always clean to music always…..But I remember very clearly as if it were yesterday…..No stereo, No Tv, Nothing…..Just me standing doing dishes alone at about 3pm in the daytime……..As I was doing dishes ,I heard a deep clear voice which sounded to be aproximately 2-3 feet directly behind me….I can still remember how the exact wordings sounded like, although it only lasted about 4-7 seconds. But a very clear,deep almost very evil sounding voice……….I immedietly turned around,collected my thoughts for about 2 seconds & in denial of what i just experienced, I turned and immedietly went out the side door of the house which was about 7 feet away to my right. I stood on the porch,almost afraid to go back inside,yet its broad daylight. I wasnt superstitious,back then atleast…..and i tried to tell myself i imagined it…..I didnt. It was crystal clear & seemd to be just behind me. Im a musician & have a very sharp ear for detail & I heard this….and didnt say a word to anyone for several years about it,because back then,that would sound crazy. ….does it?

Updated: January 13, 2010 — 10:13 pm


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  1. OK Divad… what exactly, did the voice say to you?


  2. I’m a musician too. I had this experience a number of times, one really loud one. They always shout at me if I’m in danger, which is pretty handy. What on earth did he say to you? Don’t jump to conclusions. Ghosts are constantly interfering in my life, and usually it turns out to be a message. They’re very protective and it’s very reassuring.

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