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My mother’s face appears in photo of me with my Grandson

Submitted by: Jacqueline Cuttino

My Story: Visiting, I went to visit my sister who lives in southphilly it was all next to kins well any way we were taking pictures on cellphones everybody like had their own cellphones for who ever wanted to take a picture but for some odd reason i let someone take a picture of me holding my grandson and it was about seven taken all together but there were four taken with just me and my grandson and he would not keep still so any way i caught a mist in two of the pictures and the third was slightly and the fourth picture was an apparation of my mother face with a smile and a bright light glooming right their on her whole face i can see the eyes and the nose the lips and it was in color you can actually see the whole face with a smile i have picture i can send to your email address i wish it can be published or aired on some type of sightings ……..

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  1. Hi Jacqueline:-)

    I found your entry interesting because this happens to me too.

    though i’ve used mobile phones since 1996, I didn’t get my first camera phone until the year 2002-3, and I used it often to take photo’s of my son and his then girlfriend, as well as other people. Now and then his girl would take the camera from me and take pictures with me in, or some of me alone.

    every picture of other people, came out perfectly, every picture with me in, alone, or with others, was always distorted by odd shapes and ghostly vapours, and would pull itself completely out of shape, enveloping me in mist and superimposing shapes of faces over mine.

    One in particular looks like my late grandfather in his youth. The reason this one hit home with me, was because, just weeks before her death, my aunt came to me disturbed, she’s napped by day and woken to see her father (my grandfather) standing before her smiling, and her actual words were these, “Not daddy as I knew im, but daddy in plus fours (a type of cycling breeches) and young again.” and I’d already seen pistures of him as a young man, and he could double for my older brother, so the likeness in the photo’s on my camera, was distinct.

    I too still have these pictures, with many more similar ones from that camera. Since I gave the camera away, I needed to clear it, and as that time, they weren’t so up to date with transfering data, I had to text message them to my newer camera and upload to my laptop from that one. Oddly, one of the pictures that uploaded, came out even weirder than it was, because on the camera, I was still in frame, with another person’s misty shape superimposed over me, yet, in the upload, it has no sign of me at all, it’s come out like a close up of an earlobe… I know, weird or what, but that’s all that transferred on that one and nothing else. And it is more like vapour, yet these too, are colour pictures.

    I tried experimenting with that camera, took pictures in the home, of the dogm each room, the garden, neighbour, and all of them were clear. turned the camera round and took snaps of myself, and every time, again, I was enveloped by a mist and ghostly faces and weird funnel shapes.

    My next camera did video as well and that one picked up EVP immediately, on my first video clip (only did short clips back in 2004. And I got the most amazing message from it. It also began to behave in strange ways, and do things that make me call T-mobile and they said they never heard of things like that before, so then, I knew that it was me.

    My next camera also behave oddly, had a mind of it’s own, and the next one on, now in my pocket (contract phones give free upgrades) and once again, this phone is doing things on its own, and every phone, does different things, to the one before it… I’d be here all day if I tried explaining, but as well as changing my ring styles and sending and receiving invisible texts, it does lots of other stuff as well that makes me laugh now. Waste of time calling my provider, every time they say they never heard of phones behaving as mine do.

    Currently this site doesn’t do pictures, but Andy may well include them later. Hang on to it for then.


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