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The face on my bedroom wall and other strange experiences

Submitted by: Janet

My Story: Hello my name is janet , 18yrs ago i moved to a new house everything was fine for the first 6months then one evening i went out to a friend’s house for a couple of hours i left my son who was 15 at the time at home with his friend when i came back home they were both sitting on the wall outside in the rain so i asked them what they were doing outside in the rain they said they were watching tv when they heard banging about in my bedroom which scared them as no one else was in the house so i went upstairs to my bedroom but everything was just as i’d left it so i told them that but they still insisted they heard banging so i let it be , each time i went out and my son was at home he was always outside when i got home saying there was banging in my bedroom in the end he would’nt stay in when i was’nt at home . i invited a couple of friend’s and my niece round for a meal my son was sleeping at his friend’s, after the meal we decided to play card’s so i turned off the tv and we all sat on the floor to play we played a couple of game’s when suddenly the tv turned on it made us all jump i turned it off again we continued to play when the tv turned on again it freaked us out this time so i left tv on we stopped playing card’s then the front room door flew open i shut it and made sure it was shut properly i just sat down and the door flew open again my friends decided it was time to go we were all freaked out i stayed that night at my niece’s ,everything was ok for the next few day’s and my daughter came back home to live she had moved out of her boyfriends flat so we sat up late chatting then we went to bed i just turned off the light and i wanted to go to the toilet so i got out of bed and felt something crawling on my feet when i looked down i seen maggots i screamed and jumped hitting my head on the corner of my bedroom wall which knocked me on the bed when i looked up it was’nt my bedroom i was in there was dusty floor boards and an old dresser in the room i ran to the door and went out to the landing turned on the light bumped into my daughter who had heard me scream and my daughter screamed as she seen blood on my face where i had gashed my head on the wall i also woke my son aswell i told them i slipped an banged my head on the wall as i did’nt want to scare them with what i saw [i told them the truth a few years later when we moved ] nothing more happened for a few days i slept in my daughters room then decided to go back to my own room the next morning i woke up there was an very large evil looking old mans face on my bedroom wall it looked like it had been done by black finger prints when i looked closer i could see loads of smaller faces in the old mans face i was bewildered how did it get on my wall i phoned my sister and friends who came to see it they all said it was evil an to wash it off but i could’nt i was fascinated by it but also scared me i can’t explain it a week later i was rushed to hospital with an abscess on my appendix i nearly died , my neighbour came to see me in hospital she asked me if i had a lodger as she had seen a man at my bedroom window for a few months looking out i said no and told her what had been happening she was horrified i told my sister what she had said , when i came home from hospital my niece had washed it off the wall i was quite annoyed at the time but she did it because she said she was scared for me so i understood my sister came round that day and made us pack up some clothes and we stayed with her until i got another house . thank you for taking the time to read this i would love to know if anyone could tell me please anything about the face on my wall and the other experiences i had as all these years later i still cannot forget it will be with me always ….janet

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