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A man in the same clothes has followed me for 26 years

Submitted by: Sandie

My Story; For years all my family have made fun of me because I see the same man wherever I go or wherever I have lived. And I have lived in various parts of this country and Ireland.
The first time I remember seeing him I was only about 17. I’m now 43 and the strange thing is he never seems to look any older and he is always in the same clothes…. and that is the main reason I know that something is odd. I’ve seen him walk past my home, my place of work, from buses, from cars, in shopping centres,
once in an airport, on family days out and once even in a television news reel when he was just standing behind the reporter. I’ve tried to run after him, I’ve shouted to him, waved at him and he never seems to hear me and I never seem to be able to catch him up. My family have now called him My Invisible Friend, because they never see him. I just call him, HIM and they all know who I mean. I’ve never told friends since I’ve been an adult so only my immediate family and my husband know about him. I wrote to a site a few years ago and asked if anyone could give me an idea of who he may be or what he may want but everyone just made fun of it all so I’m hoping that someone here will read this and take me seriously. I used to be very frightened by him and once thought he was stalking me but now he is just THERE and somehow I feel like I’m being watched over.
Anyone’s thoughts on this would be very much welcomed.


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  1. Sandie, hi:-)

    Obviously you know this situation better than we do, and I certainly wont make fun of you, because you have obviously accepted this and personally, if he is with you, he can’t be meaning harm, he’s had more than enough time to do that!

    What this odes remind me of though, was agenuine stalker that I had, who stalked me across ten years, before finally, apologising to me. He was real enough, It started when I was seventeen and young and I guess (so others used to say) quite pretty, size eight and petite with long brown hair. I did attract a lot of whistles and attention, but was very shy back then and have never been a flirt, so when this man hung around my place of work, I voided his stare, which was direct.

    One night after work, tripping in my three inch heels toward the bus stop, a pair of arms reached out of a shop doorway, it was winter, dark, and pulled me in. It was the back of Littlewoods and a short cut to the bus. He kissed me very long and soundly, and I froze, and was terrified, I had no idea who the hell it was until he let me go and said, “I’m sorry, I just always wanted to do that ever since I first saw you.” I ran like the clappers for my bus and was shaking al over.

    He wasn’t my type, he never did it again, I never told anyone, but every time I was in town, across the street I’d see him, watching me, and as the years rolled on, it wasn’t every day, but every few days, then weeks and then months, he’d reappear and I’d see him following me, and he knew i saw him.

    I married, he married and still it went on, I even pointed him out to my hsuband once, but he never said anything. Then, a good decade later, someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned, and it was him.

    He apologised, he said he knew it had to stop, he never meant to frighten me, or hurt me, but, he just couldn’t stop himself because he was attracted to me, so I guess I’m very lucky that he was incontrol of himself and knew what he did was wrong and must inside, have been a decent guy.

    He said he was settled now, and embarrassed by his behaviour and he was sincerely sorry, and promised it would never happen again, and it never did, and we shook hands, and once in a blue moon, for a few years, before I left the town for eighteen years, I would see him. He would flush, loo a bit embarrassed, so I smiled and nodded, and he’d smile and turn away. End of.

    Is it possible, he’s real? Is it possible that like me, you have a secret, but nice, admirer?

    As soon as I read this, he came straight back into my mind. And he was deedicedly no ghost, because he slowly grew a family like mine and we passed, two mums and dads, with tiny tots, nothing to write home about at all.

    Just a thought.

    If this man is a ghost, or something like one, well, he’s another truth, I saw a man (only once) he came and laid beside me in my marriage bed, where my husband was, and believed he was a ghost, and was seriously startled. I took in every detail of him, and he was blonde and handsome, and very tall. Months down the line, we separated, my first husband and myself, possible almost a year went by, then, I met a lovely guy and got involved and the night we got together, I turned to face him, and had a flashback, I was looking at the man who lay beside me, not a ghost, but a prediction from my future. Hand on heart, this is absolutely true, weird like this is normal in my life.

    I’d thought he was a ghost, and he wasn’t… I saw a man who wasn’t there, then, he was. No it didn’t last and he broke my heart and it took me three years to recover and date a man again, I was in my mid twenties when we met.

    Two years ago, I saw his death notice in the paper, and it hurt all over again. Such is life.

    Your admirer,watcher, stalker, may be past, present, future, be patient, and report back to us, when yo get the answer, because one day, you will.

    I’m trying to tune to this, and not getting anything at all, so maybe he’s not there, or I’m not meant to know.

    Thanks for sharing with us though, fascinating, and thanks for waking up some memories as well.


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  2. Hello Jeanette,
    I was amazed to get even one reply so thank you for reading my story and not laughing. I have thought about the stalker theory often and the reason I don’t think it’s that is because of the odd places I see him. Even places I don’t know I’m going to go until I get there, ie, a sudden unplanned shopping trip out of town and the one time I saw him on the TV freaked me out. It’s weird and difficult to describe how I feel and I don’t think I explained it as well as I could have in my post. If just one other person said they saw him I’d feel better. I don’t feel under threat from him but strangely if I don’t see him for a few weeks I start to worry and that just makes no logical sense to me.
    You said you were trying to ‘tune’ into this and I don’t understand what you meant by that.
    I thought your stalker story was creepy and dread to think how I would have coped with that at such a young age, under today’s laws that would have been sexual harrassment I should imagine. It’s good that he apologised to you though and seemed to understand how he’d frightened you.
    Seeing the man beside you in bed sounds like precognition and I’ve heard of things like that happening before. Very scarey though. I’d have screamed blue murder.
    Thank you again for your reply and if ever I do unravel my mystery man I’ll post again.

  3. Hi Sandie:-)

    I hope you do post again if you get to the root of this man and understand it better.

    I’m wondering, as you said he appears in places you never made forward plans to go, and on the television, have you had other odd experiences as well.

    Have you experienced any other kind of paranormal experiences, because if this man is from past, or furture, or another dimension, it’s paranormal, and the likihood is that you’ve experienced other things as well.

    You actually explained it very well.

    I made an error in my age when recalling that stalker of mine, I was sixteen and a half when it began, I was thinking back afterwards, and recalling it was just about the time I met my first husband and that was my age then, plus, i’d left office work and was working in Woolworth, and had come out of the back doors and was passing Littlwoods back doors. I was happy too, I’d been told I was being groomed for supervisor work, the youngest they ever chose and my manageress said she wanted to train me up to take her place one day. Life got in the way, but I recall being on a cloud, because someone saw more in me than my parents did, so this man, took my happy thoughts by serious surprise.

    And it could have been more than ten years, because my eldest was arounf ten when it stopped and it began eighteen months before his birth.

    yes, I look back and know, I could have been murdered that night, and today, even if I hadn’t, he’d have been arrested for what he did. I couldn’t tell anyone for ages, about a couple of years after I married, then I told my husband. I never had any adult I could turn to in my life, and being branded fabricator because of weird happening in my life, I didn’t think anyone would believe me.

    The guy in our bed, the precognition event, Iwas wide awake, but unable to move a muscle, though I tried to so I could wake my husband. The landing light was always on,not just for my children, I was twenty-six when it happened, but still afraid of my gifts of paranormal kind, and never turned a light off at night, the dark terrified me, my experiences were many.

    Here’s one from that time, in that room, across four years, and it’s a nice one, though many in that home were not (it’s the one we were driven out of, the one that made the front pages, by poltergeist activity) but this one is rather nice.

    We were a family of seven, I was a mum of five by the age of twenty-four, and with a German Shepherd we made eight. (She experienced with us, and she let us know it) Anyway, we were short of funds, always in that marriage, and had no chest of drawaers in our room, the kids rooms were fitted, ours only had a walk in cupboard, bare boards, above the stairs. I had piles and piles of clean clothing on the floor, placed on clean paper, waiting to be ironed.

    I’d open the door and think of what I wanted, and with five sets of children cloths and ours as well, that pile could be quite high. Yet weirdly, every single item that I thought about, appeared in my hands each time I palced them in the pile, merely having recalled the item I needed to find.

    It never failed, it was like a magic cupboard that just gave up to me, whatever item of clothing my mind pictured and needed to find. It happened over four years in that house, even when bad spirits were in there.

    Now if you’ve read my other entries, you’ll know about the murdered girl, and the cupboard (in the previous house) and she died when her mum shut her inside, to ply her trade in private as a prostitute. She was jailed for murder, we never knew about it when we got the house.

    When we moved to the next house, I know she came along with us, she followed me, and I only now, as I write, recalling the friendly ‘cloth finder’ think it may well have been this girl, affording me a hand in the only way she could. I long ago got told by a priest, he believed she saw in me the mum she should have had and attached herself, because I loved my own so much.

    I know the time she followed, and came in our new home, because the nephew I had the death premonition on and I, both saw the door handle go down and the door opening, and through the gap, we saw noone was there.

    I learned the whole stroy after we moved out into the house I saw the man in on our bed and with the friendly cupboard, when a new friend I made outside the school, turned out to have lived in that same house she died in, and also sensed her, and almost had a breakdown, and was forced to leave all her precious cards, Christmans, birthday, valentine and easter etc, in two bags that were still there when we moved in. Opening that cupboard almost suffocated both her and me, every time, so neither of us used it, the child, died of suffocation.

    I it seems kept her, she’s never left me, only across the years, she takes things away and some she returns, and some I never see again. Once, a small sherry glas was taken right out of my hand and never seen again, often, it’s earrings (I no longer wear them, too many disappeared.

    I have this thought that she’s saving them for me, because every one that went, glass included, went soon after I uttered the fatal words to someone that, “this one is my favourite.. etc” I never, ever, say anythign is favourite again, I stopped after my best pair of earring disappeared in 1999. They were hand made, Manx, a souvenir of three and a half years living in the IoM… and they were the Three Legs of Mann… sigh, she’d better have them when I meet her face to face;-)

    You will get an answer to this man one day, I am still getting revelations about many of my odd experiences, all these years down the line, and some answers will make you amazed, some will make you wonder why you wasted time worrying and some, well even make you laugh, and shake your head at them, on the other side. Because they’ve teased you abd you took the joke too seriously through fear.



  4. It’d be easy to get rid of him if people stopped making stories like these.

  5. Yea what a load of garbage. Jeanette you got problems honey.

  6. Alan:-)

    You can’t invet the truth!


    You have some surprises coming your way sunshine…


  7. Gaurav:-)

    I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but for my part, God found me as a child inside a coma, saved my life too many times to count, revealed to me that no one ever dies, and has been revealing it ever since, across the past fifty-eight years. I have never been without him in my life since!


  8. Jeanette,
    No I’ve never had any other experiences, save once when I was very small and poorly, measles I think, and heard someone singing me a lullaby but my temerature was pretty high so like mother said at the time I was maybe wishing to hear it.
    I haven’t read your other entries Jeanette. I can’t remember what keywords I words I used to search for a site like this but then read a couple of the entries here which made me think someone may listen. I’ve read the replies to my post and can see that people aren’t always as kind as you but I’m used to that if I mention it. You may now understand why I’ve told no-one outside my family for many years. I don’t beleive in the paranormal as such although I do find the experience of others interesting and in truth I have never thought of HIM as a paranormal experience just a very odd thing in my life which I just wish could be explained.
    What do you mean by telling Greg he has some surprises coming his way?

  9. Hi again Sandie:-)

    I know well why you kept this to yourself so long, and it angers me that people make you feel afraid to share because of their inability to grow up and see beyond themselves. Push the ignore button in your head whenever you read such childish nonsense, I do!

    Tell me, does this man age at all each time you see him? If not, he must be paranormal. If he does, he has a remarkable ability to know exactly where you’ll be… and if you’ve find him following you when you’re not local to your area, it seems you should be investigating further. If no one else can see him, he has to be paranormal, which means you need to either tell him to move on, leave you be, or, demand an answer to who he is.

    If you demand he leaves, he must, though whether he will answer, is debatable. If you encourage him, you may let in a force you can’t control, do not overtly invite, nor make him feel you want him there. The paranormal can only remain if you concentrate on it and actually invite, otherwise, it will move on. Thats not to say you wont attract others, but indvidual paranormal souls will not, cannot, cross the line unless you let them.

    I was instantly afforded words to say to Greg, and when they come that fast, they’re sent by someone else. Which tells me he is in for paranormal experiences of his own some time in the future. I was made to know, it’s as a means to wake, and shake him up, for his cynical response. It’s what I heard inside my mind, so I passed the message on.



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