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I felt a hand pet the back of my head when I was in bed

Submitted by: Julia

My Story: I was just laying in bed, trying to fall asleep but unfortuantly I was wide awake when the pillow my head was resting on moved, like someone was slipping their arm underneath it. Then I felt a hand pet the back of my head. I jumped a little and looked around, but no one was in my room. I had the door locked. I laid in the dark for a few minutes and then turned on the light. Now I keep feeling cobwebs on my back.

Updated: March 22, 2010 — 10:45 pm

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  1. This is quite normal experience with paranormal for me Julia:-)

    You have strong psychic tendencies, if they are touching you, those cobweb sensations, mean someone cares, as with the arm underneath your pillow, this is likely someone related who loved you as a child, maybe a grandparent, or parent, if they have crossed over. Failing that, it’s some one close who watches over you.

    You are blessed and cared for.

    Just say quietly, in your thoughts will do, “Thank you, I know you’re here, but please limit what you do, to as much as I can handle, thank you.”

    God bless


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