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The entity that has been stalking my mom tried to enter my room

Submitted by: Yarelis

My Story: I walked among the shadows of my bed room when i heard a knock at my bedroom door i open it thinkin it was my sister when really it was no one. well not exactly no one but the entity that has been stalking my mom for the past two to three years. it tried to go in my room but something held him back i dont know what happen but it held it back long enough for me to react to what was going on. i hear it move towards my mothers room and it jumps at her springs on her and starts choking her i watch in despear at what the monstuores thing was doing i grab my rosery and run to my mothers bed side and place it on her hand the ethinty jumpsoff and runsaway.ive seen this demon or creature alot more now then that specfic night. it still haunts my momsdreams currently.i dont want it in my home anymore but screatly i still do i long for it to return so i can kill it.

Updated: March 22, 2010 — 11:01 pm


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  1. Yarelis..

    You’ve read to mnay vampire stories, and become far too creative, try writing fiction, you’ll succeed!


  2. Your story confused me a bit,
    You say you can see and hear this?
    and that also its haunting your mothers dreams, and that it tried to chock her?
    why don’t you get someone to get rid of it now?!
    and how are you planning on ‘killing’ it yourself?
    sounds a bit strange to me, :S

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