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A premonition of my husband’s death and other paranormal experiences.

Submitted by : Virginia Hess

My Story: Hello Andy. i have had many experiences over the years and they started when i was young. i attribute to my being part American Indian. When i was seventeen and my sister was 19 and moving to Chicago came to see me. It was november. As we sat in the bedroom and she was telling me she would be back for my graduation in May I looked up at her. I was sitting on the bed and she sat infront of a mirror dresser. I saw no image of her in the mirror. I felt very sad and in january we got the call that she had been murdered. I know in November she was going to die.
When I was 21 and married I dreamed that that my husband died, I saw the car he was killed in down to the casket. It was so real i woke him up and told him. He said that all things will pass. At Easter he won a easter basket and came home with the film and told me to take the photos they would be the last ones i would have of him and Gena. I asked him why that she was so young and I didn”t understand what he was saying. his response was that he was 29 and always be 29. he had seen everything he wanted to see and done everything he wanted to do and he would not see 30. He also told me that when he was gone i was to stay in this town and not move home. i would find no happiness there. and he would come back until I returned to this town.
He was killed in an automobile accident (10 days before he was 30) In the car that I had dreamed about and buried in the casket that i saw. I moved back home and within a week, he came. i was asleep and woke up and he was at the foot of the bed. He said he was alright but he was not happy and would not be happy until i left. He then walked over to the crib and picked Gena up held her then put her back n the crib and faded away. My room was next to my parents and only a sliding door separated them. The next morning I got up with my father and he asked who was in my room the night before. He said he saw a light but could not make anybody out. and he wanted to know how the light picked up gena and held her. I told him I didn’t remember.
A few days later i went to visit a friend, but stayed only 2 days when she told me I would have to leave. Something was following me and it was not real. Gene continued to come every night with the same message to leave the town that would not make me happy.I wouls sleep with a 100 watt lightbulb on because he would come night after night.
After i remarried and Gena was about 5 years olds ,she woke one night in a fright. She said that a man came to her bed, and asked her if she was happy and he would always be there. She expained to us that he was not as big as Fred(second husband) and had a mustashe. She refused to go back to bed, so fred said he would sleep in the room to prove that nothing was there. In the morning, he was sitting at the table and he looked like he had not slept all night. i asked him what was wrong. He just looked at me and said that he felt that someone was breathing down his neck all night. Gena was never shown a picture of her father until she was six and had no idea what he looked like. Babysitters would never stay the night and complained of water turning off and on and strange sounds they would hear. To this day i will not walk in a dark room when Gena is in there asleep. i can feel his spirit. i think he is watching over her from a different world.
I have many more stories but that is only 2, have had 199’s and a near death experience. So if you want any more you may contact me. Thank you


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  1. Virginia:-)

    You wont like what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway… because I want to help your family move on.

    You loved your first husband, father of your child, and you held him on this earth plane out of love, pain and loss, and he remained for those same reasons. You must have consciously, or subconsciously, begged for him to stay, held him from the light inside your grief. Instead of letting go.

    And out of love for his unborn child, for you, he stayed insdie this ether. And he has made it his soul’s mission, to protect your only shared child. It was a soul deal you both made, when he was tragically taken.

    And though scared, you were glad inside. When it suited you, but when you remarried, it no longer did, because it frightens a growing child, and it unnerves you and unsettles your new husband.

    You have to set your first husband free, and to do this, you must send thoughts to him, no matter where you are, day or night, no ceremony needed, no magical rites, no circles, and decidedly no ‘experts’ because you are the expert here, you were his wife, mother of his child, and his confidant, so you must trust he hears the thoughts you share, because he does.

    You must thank him in your thoughts, for staying, for not going to the light because you held him back through grief. You must assure him of your love, because remarried or not, you have room to still love him, you have room to love all people should you choose, and every love is separate and special, and does not impede another. All hearts are nedless in capacity for this.

    You must thank him for the life you shared, and tell him it is time for him to go now, that you set him free, that he must cross into light and rejoin the souls who wait for him in there. You must mean it, inside love. You must not fear the soul you loved, embrase him one last time, use a picture of him if you like, touch his face, he will know and feel it, and ask for his blessing for your marriage, your new life, your daughter’s new relationship inside this marriage, and ask him to release you both and let you live in peace.

    Then bless his soul, bless his part inside your former and your future lives as one half of your daughter. And wish him all the love you did the day you buried/cremate him, and close the door inside your mind, see the door, visually, see a door, even draw one if you wish, and close it in your mind as you wave him off, with joy.. no tears, with love, with happiness and thanks, for the lovely child you shared in creating.

    Say a prayer of blessing in your daughter’s room, ask God to enter there, and feel the atmospher change, grow warmer and relaxed. It will, I’ve done this many times for myself, for trapped souls inside many homes I’ve lived inside and for my first late husband.

    Word of advice, do not say anything, until you really mean it, don’t say you are letting him go and saying goodbybe, if your heart still holds him back, because your soul is too, and he will only hear your soul and obey that, don’t send conflicting emssages to him, be sure when you do this, on your own, privately, you are really ready, and you mean it, he will then decidedly, move on.

    When the atmosphere is warmer, when you can sit inside the room and all find peace again, you will for a while, miss this presense that once you needed, then you feared, and will even try to bring it back, he will not come again, so be sure your heart is letting go and make it permament. there will be an empty feeling for a while inside of you, it will pass.

    I promise.

    You are the key, you kept him here, you hold him here, now, thank and let him go.

    Good luck and God bless.


  2. To Jeanette Jordon. Thank u for your thoughts on this matter. i have not keep gene here , he made that decsion before he died that he would always be hee fr Gena. I find no treat from him nor do i want he to stay. he has always had my blessing to move on. His daughter feels his love nd concern and he is her guardian angel.

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