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  1. Hi Rae:-)

    Don’t be afraid, I’ve had this all my life and so has my brother.

    Everyone is psychic to degree, they just don’t know it, but they are, those that are mediums tend to be more advanced this way, no idea why, whether we were born before and developed due to this, old souls, as some say, or whether we listen more and grow, who knows, but every human has capacity to experience paranormal.

    It is modern life, modern man, who made us fear ridicule, and close down on this very natural side to ourselves.

    Next time you hear your name, just think, no need to speak, they hear your thoughts, so just think, ‘ok, I hear you, I’m unnerved, but I’m curious, so please, take it easy on me, and help me understand who you are, and what it is you are trying to say to me.’

    Don’t get too involved, don’t go getting into paranormal games or groups, and don’t show fear, since negative energy feeds on fear, and allows less friendly souls to come in, whereas, positive energy helps you when you remain in control and unafraid, and then, they will aid you as your ability to listen, understand, and develop this side of yourself, opens up.

    If you’re young, don’t play with this, not ever until you’re all grown up.

    But if you’re older, trust yourself and trust your inner strength, it’s much greater than you know and say a mental prayer for help to God, and protection from neagtive influences, every time you communicate this way.

    Imagine this, someone speaks your name and then, walks round the corner, you look up, you’re not stratled, not creepy, they’re there and you see them.

    The exact same thing is happening, the fear stems only from the fact they’re on a different level, wavelength, outside your field of physical vision, but, not outside your psychic vision, which as yet, you haven’t mastered.

    It’s like learning to read and write, the words are jumbled, alien in nature, and they make no sense, so you fear them in confusion.

    When you have listened long enough, your ‘inner eye’ will show you more than you can see right now, and not necessarily in pictures as you know them, but in an different way, and once you’ve learned the trick of translating exactly how they’re showing themselves to you, and realise you’re actually ‘seeing’ through a veil across dimensions, maybe time, maybe space, maybe universe, you will master the trick of communicating properly, and no longer be afraid.

    A blind person never sees us, but sense us even though we may not speak, and our words can be ‘felt’ by them in ways that translate us to them, truthful, liars, trustworthy, or not… and I guess learning to master our psychic side, is not unlike a blind person learning to cope inside a visual world. They too must overcome their fear of us, and fear of the obstacles, and so it is with us inside the paranormal. In this effect, we are all blind, until we overcome our fear, and learn to adjust to the sixth sense and translate which way is best for us to communicate.

    Some psychics get visual images, some hear words and some, just feel it all and ‘know’ and communicate that way, I get all of these and more, which means I’m more developed. I’ve only seen and read one medium that hand on heart, I can say is exactly like myself, describes his contacts that fit mine to a tee, and that’s John Edward… every time I watch and listen to him, it’s like opening up my own life. He makes me feel normal, because we are the same.

    You will one day laugh when your name is called and you’ll answer back and tease and if it stops for a period of time, you will feel empty without it… until it starts again.

    It’s likely a relation you may never have met inside your lifetime, or someone who knew you, but you were too young to know, or someone you did know and love, attemtping to let you know they are with you.

    Only rarely is it a guide, since guides tend to come if you are more developed in the psyche, and experience many other paranormal events. This can be quite young, it rarely starts later in your life.

    For now, be relaxed about this, since it means you’re psyche is intact;-) not too much damaged by the sceptical world we have created.

    Take care and God bless


  2. My grandfather had this too!! we always tough he was kindda psychic or something.
    After a few checkings with a “healer” my grandfather decided to go to doctor… well….it turned out he has an principle of schyzofrenia.
    Now he takes some pils and does not hear his voice whispered anymore.

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