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I woke up to find a bright light above my head

Submitted by:  Maddy

My Story: I’ve had many expiriences over the time, and i have been told that i have ‘the gift’ but i think that one of the most strangest encounters i have had was when i was 11.

I had just been told that my grandad had died, and i was sobbing my heart out for days after being told. I was on my way to the bathroom to find something later the next day, when i crystal got thrown at me and hit me on my shoulder. I picked it up and realised it was a crystal for healing and protection, This wasnt really strange to me but it really ment something, so i hesitated and moved back into the room. Later that night i was woken by a loud banging on the end of my bed, when my eyes focused i realised there was a bright light above my head.
I went straight back to sleep feeling happy.

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