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My photos revealed orbs and soldiers in a swirling mist

Submitted by: Virginia Hess

My Story:  On a trip to gettysburg in early 2004 a friend and I decided to visit the Devils den area one evening. He had brought along a digital camera. I was sitting at the bridge across from the den and I felt compelled to turn and snap some photos of the site behind me at plum Run. it was not until after I had taken them that on the first one was orbs and swirling mist. The 2nd one had more defined mists appearing. On the 3rd one I caught 3 soliders, one in a kepi hat another with the hat and a mustashe and facial features. and the third with a sword.. These were taken in rapid sucession and I saw nothing with the naked eye

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  1. Virginia, hi:-)

    I like this, since I too get pictures of many things I do not see at the time of taking them, keep snapping.

    I also see many things when I never have a camera handy, bummer ay:-(

    Maybe one day, we’ll be able to upload some of our snaps and compare the stuff we got?

    Thanks for sharing


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