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Why do my radios randomly turn on and off

Submitted by: Erin Jones

My Story: I don’t know that this is really a story, more than something strange that has been happening to me for most of my life. Any explanation of these events would be very helpful. I started to realize that things might have been slightly off when I was about 8 years old. This was about the time when I received my own personal radio to keep in my bedroom. I noticed that sometimes the radio would turn on by itself, or when I was listening to it would turn really loud, ore really soft. I spoke to my mother about this and she said that it was probably loose wiring and that it was no big deal. That continued to happen on and off for a few years. I then got an alarm clock that had a radio built in and that started to act up as well. My mother would tell me to make sure I turned my radio off before I went to school because she would come home to find it on when I knew that I turned it off. After that happened a few times it started to happen when I was in my room by myself. But my mother still said that it was an old house and all of the wiring ran together that’s why both radios acted up. I believe that for a while until we moved to a new house. At this house I had a new radio which did the same exact things. Turn on, turn off, turn really loud, or turn really soft. After a year living at this house we moved to our third and final home. In my bedroom in this home there was a very large radio that was fit into a spot between two dressers that was left. For the first few months the radio worked fine until one day I walked into my bedroom and noticed that the red power light was on, but the radio was turned down do low you couldn’t hear it. After that things went wild with that radio sometimes it would turn on and blare music, sometimes it would turn off. Now today I have another clock radio that will randomly turn on and off just as others did before. Any explanations of why this may be happening would be greatly appreciated.

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