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Is is paranormal or psyhic or just a trick of the mind?

Submitted by: Alex

My Story: Some nights i will lay down and try to sort of meditate and forget about everything, but one night i was lying down and i heard my name crystal clear at first i thought it was my little brothier while he was asleep but this felt alot closer. I mean i felt a sort of breath on my left ear i froze to think what the heck it was i hid under my covers its where i feel most secure i started thinking agian like asking questions, in my head but a month before i heard a cough in my sleep but this actully felt like it was inside my head, alot of strange happenings are going on now im older i usto suffer from getting a dream that repeated and when i woke from it i was sick.

maybe it is paranormal or psyhic or just a trick of mind but i would like answers 🙂

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  1. When you meditate before sleeping you are opening up yourself to anything and everything-not a good plan.

    Rather than hide, if you are going to do this, (I don’t recommend before bedtime), then you should stand up to whatever, ask question, explain you don’t want the visitation or communication. Never good to show fear.

    Always cleanse yourself mentally with prayer and white light before any contact of this type, doors open both ways otherwise. You need to read up on protections. John Edwards is a good source on this.

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