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My dead husband visits our daughter

Submitted by: vrgnapril

My Story This ghost story starts in WV and moves to Pa and back to WV. It started in 1963 and is unending.
In late Dec i drempt a dream that was so real i woke my husband up because i thought it was real. I dreamed that he was inn a car accident(we didn’t own the car at the time) his death right down to the casket. When i woke him up his response was “All things will pass We had a close friend die and he told me that he would be next.

Our daughter was born in December of 1963 and at Easter he won a easter basket and came home with film to take the pictures. He said “That that would be the last i would have” I asked him why that? He said he had done everything he wanted to do, seen everything he wanted to see, and he would never live to see 30.” I couldn’t believe it I said no you are wrong. He said no he was right, and that i was not to go back to my hometown,I wouldn’t find happiness and he would come until ileft.

In june of that year he had the accident (2 miles from my parents house. I realized after the funneral that the dream came true. I moved back home and one night I was awaken by Gene standing at the foot of the bed. He said he was alright but i would have to leave and he would come back every night until i left. He then walked over to the crib, picked up Gena, held her, and put her back in her crib. My bedroom was right next door to my parents with only a plastic sliding door to seperate. The next moring my father asked me who was I talking to, it was not of this world(he only saw a bright light). I lied and told him I didn’t know.

I went to visit a friend and after 2 days she said I would have to leave,Gene came every night and I was sleeping with a 100 watt lightbulb on so i couldn’t see him with the same message. Leave this town.Other noises were unsettling her children. So i returned to the town we had moved to and left my home town.
Gena was 7 months old when Gene died ,I had remarried but never shown her a picture of her father.he was about 5 when she screamed that there was a man in her room, talking to her and asking if she was happy. She said he wasn’t as tall as her dad(present husband) and he had a mushase. We could not quiet her so Fred said he would sleep in there to show that nobody was there. The next morning he was sitting at the table,looked awful. I asked him if he slept well. His reply was no someboby was breathing down his neck.

To this day i will not walk in any darken room that she is in. No sitter would ever stayover,i.e. running water, cold places,strange lights. And by the way when we did tell gena about her father and showed her a photo of him, her respose was “Thats the man who comes to see me.”

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