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An unseen force grapped my arm in the grocery store

Submitted by: Linda

My Story J.J. I wrote about 5 months ago regarding hearing voices talking to me from time to time. We chatted about it and you gave me great comfort. Things have been quiet for a while, no voices since. Remember my experiences were always pleasant and always it was a voice I knew. But now all has changed – I was touched!. I was in a grocery store of all places picking up a couple of things before dropping off a friend of mine and was about to walk down the aisle to buy some cat food. All of a sudden I felt a tug on my pony tail and heard a strong female voice that I never heard before YELL (and I mean YELL) in my ear “Don’t”. I thought at first it was my friend so I asked her, she looked at me like I had grown a second head. Well, knowing my history, I just about always listen, so I decided to for go the aisle and just continue shopping. Later before checking out I thought “I really need to get the cat food” so I headed back to the aisle. My friend saw I hesitated to go up the aisle but she started forward so I did too. Nothing happened. However when I got to the cat food I wanted to purchase, I reached for the bag (it was on the top most shelf) and I felt my forearm being grabbed. It hurt! Well I panicked and was so frightened that I practically ran away from the cart and out of the aisle. My friend chased me and caught me near the registers. With the cat food in the cart, up to me and asked me what was wrong. I asked her if she had seen anyone in the aisle with us either time we went to get the food and she said “no”. Still uncomfortable sharing I just told her I didn’t feel good for a minute. I took a couple of deep breaths and paid for the groceries, dropped my friend off and headed home. Later that night I had a dream in which a woman named “Audra” kept repeating to me that “I was forgiven, but I must listen in the future.” The next day I felt an ache in my arm but thought nothing of it. By Monday, I had a bruise 5 inches in diameter covering a large portion of my forearm where I felt grabbed. Nothing has happened since. The kitties ate the food and are just fine, but I am very unnerved. Audra is about my age and dressed all in red. I can picture her very clearly. She has a slight accent that I cannot place. Anyway, I’m a little worried.

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