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Did the spirits of my relatives visit me in my cot?

Submitted by: Dino Crolla

My Story: various experiences

my first spiritual experience i cannot remember my age but i was young enough to be in a cot.
Anyway i vividly remember lying on my front facing left & looking straight at my bedroom door when i seen a human figure casually but not quickly walk through the closed door!,, now at the time being so young i didnt think much of it and didnt fully understand what was gong on!.
the figure had no detail at all and was difficult to look at because it was so bright!. It was completely covered in a light i can only describe as being identical to sparkler fireworks ,, very bright sparkling white light!,,i could just make out a human shape which was large & bulky (like an astronaut space suit)

It just stood there for about 30 seconds then Another one walked through the closed door in the same manner as the first….then another ..and another!

eventually here were about 8 or 9 all stood there at the bottom of my bedroom & they then started to look like they were talking to each other although i heard Nothing!!.

Then And This is the Scary bit for me!!!

they all started walking towards me & ended up surrounding my cot & looking down at me it Was scary and they appeared to be talking to & looking at each other & nodding their heads in agreement then looking back down at me.

Then i freaked and started screaming and all i remember after that was my mum bringing me downstairs to join the rest of the family & to calm me down!.
I think my dad was alive then but my mum cannot remember the incident so its hard to say,, i do remember her giving me a piece of birthday cake so i presume it was someones birthday.

I remember Quite a lot from early childhood & DEFINATELY know this wasnt a dream!!, for a start i was way too young to imagine such things!.
if i were to guess id say it was(between) when my family came back to britain after emigrating to australia & i was 4 years old & my dad passing away which was about 4 months later.
My theory is they may have been spirits of my relatives checking up on me!,,well i like to think that anyway.


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  1. I don’t often visit this site and was stunned when I read your headline.

    When I was about 4 and living in our Victorian family home, I was still in a cot in my parents room. I used to have a recurring dream, well nightmare actually, that I floated up out of the cot, over the side of it and then tipped and landed on the floor on my feet. I can still feel the sensation of my feet hitting terra firma when I recall this. I wasn’t frightened at the floating experience it’s what came after.

    I would then walk across to the old dressing table with a huge mirror and looking back at me was a wizened old lady with white hair, long poplin nightdress and ruffled edge sleeping botton. Frightened the s**t out of me and I’d wake up screaming. Eventually my parents decorated the third bedroom for me and I never had the dream again.

    My grandparents, who owned and lived in the house before me were spiritualists and I think dabbled in ouija. To this day, I’m afraid of mirrors in the dark – not so much the past few years as I’ve steeled myself to look into them at night but it’s an experience that will stay with me the rest of my days.

    I should add that my mum used to say my dad was pyschic and that he was so distraught when his mother died that he would fly out of the window and go and sit on her grave. Also that he often saw many faces around his bed (same room) when he was asleep.


  2. Hi Yvonne & Thank you for sharing your experiences!.

    Unfortunately ive never had a similar experience since but i have had 5 separate occasions where things have physically moved,, 1 of them was about 6 years ago in the house i live in now!,,..I was sitting on my sofa leaning over my coffee table about 11.30 at night when a small plastic container which was right under my nose on the table slowly moved about 8 inches toward me,, Now i was not scared in the slightest & was fascinated as this was my 1st (REAL) experience of the supernatural & although before this i was extremely dubious about such things im very open given proof & That certainly was all the Proof i needed!!.
    the way it moved was unnatural as it didnt wobble as it moved & moved very smoothly in a straight line, i tried countless times after to see if i could physically move it smoothly the same way but failed every time!.

    the others were at various places spread over the years since,
    & the second thing to happen was (me & a friend were renovating a house & only me & him had a key ,before leaving we always switch off a lamp that was left on in the hall & on 1 occasion we forgot & because it was dark when we finished we clearly seen from outside that we had forgot to switch it off…Anyway we were both tired & decided to leave it,, Needless to say the next day when we looked it had been turned off at the switch & that spooked us both!!. A few weeks later in the same building which is a 3 floor victorian terrace we arrived in the morning to find 10 empty coke cans stacked on the mantle piece in a pyramid shape!.

    A few days later again on arrival in the morning we were shocked to find an empty cigarette packet placed on top of the open living room door.

    A few years after that i was helping another friend decorate his late mum & dads house in longsight which was a semi detached house, it was older than victorian, i decided to stay there late on my own one night & carry on decorating the large main upstairs bedroom which was empty except for a very tall heavy old set of aluminum stepladders i was using to reach the high ceiling & fill in cracks with filler, anyway id just come off these ladders which were easily 8 foot tall & went to the corner off the room with my back to the ladders when i heard a dull thud behind me!!!,, i looked & the ladders had been pushed over but because they were so high & placed in just the right position they ended up hitting the wall & still open (wedged) against the wallin a diagonal position almost horizontal.

    the strange thing about all my experiences is that i wasnt scared & this occasion was no exception as i carried on working there till 2.30 in the morning & even went down in the cellar & up in the attic looking for decorating stuff.

    About a year after that i was asleep one night in the house im living in now & i started to wake up slowly,,Now before i tell you what happened some people may decide i was having one of those episodes where your half awake half asleep & dreaming!!,,,((well ive had a few of those & definately know the difference!!)) & this was DEFINATELY NO Dream!!!!!

    Anyway i was waking up & QUICKLY realized something wasnt normal!!.. i can only conclude that i had a spirit ,entity poltergeist god knows but i definately had something with a human shape ACTUALLY inside my body!!!

    this was made obvious to me because what ever it was it was shuffling around trying to get comfortable & moulding itself into the shape i was lying in at the time which was lying on my front facing left ..

    It became very real to me when i could actually hear the sound it made as it moved!, i can only describe the sound as two blocks of polystyrene being rubbed together or the sound you get when your wearing a stephascope & rub the rubber tubing!!

    Then i realized that i was struggling to fully wake this thing was keeping me in that state & i started to panic as this was a totally unnatural & new experience for me.

    Every second was bringing me closer to the reality that this was not A dream & as i panicked further i then tried to get up & make it go away but found myself being pinned down Physically ..I ended up with on my knees & getting that far was a real effort as whatever it was wasnt happy at all that id woke & caught it out & i could REALLY feel its urgency to leave my body,,it was actually panicking the same as me and i could sense it was extremely important to it that it should not be in my body whilst i was awake!!,, it actually forced my head into my pillow to try stop me getting up.

    ive only told a few people about this my best friend was 1st but hes sceptical to say the least & being a sceptic turned it into a sexual joke ,so you can imagine its not easy for me to talk about.

    Anyway i was fully awake by now & all i could do in my frustration & bemusement at what had just happened was toscream for it to F12345off (pardon my french!!) & leave me ALONE!!

    The following weeks & months gave me time to recollect & i quickly decided that i probably had someone i knew that passed away & just wanted to be close so every night before sleeping i promised in my head that if it happened again i would not panic this time & try hard to just go back to sleep,, & this is what i did every night i even went out of my way to invite whatever it was back!..

    The months passed & nothing happened & i desperately wanted to experience it twice just to verify to myself it was really real.

    & then it Happened Again,,Wow,, This time id changed my bedroom for another room but it still came back only this time as soon as i started waking & felt the exact same things happening i remembered my Promise i gave & within seconds i fell back to sleep ((very easily)) like it helped me??

    What happened next convinced me 100% it was a REAL Spiritual experience!!

    Like you Yvonne i too Very occasionally have floating dreams (their my absolute favorite!!),, in the few ive had ive always been able to tune to a certain frequency which has a sound pitch of a bumble bee or cat purring strangely enough & when i manipulate this sound in my head to go higher or lower in pitch i can actually control my movement & speed whilst floating in my dream ( it happens every time!!),

    Well as soon as i fell back to sleep im convinced this thing Rewarded me by sending me straight into a fully functional floating dream which i really enjoyed!, id not had one for years before that & havent had one since & its been a long time since!. Although i have since tried enticing by inviting it has not happened again.

    My last experience was a few months before my Alien ufo siting last year, i was sitting alone watching telly about 9 pm & i heard a thud in my kitchen followed by the sound of my plates moving in the plate rack. Now i was a bit scared by this & left it for 20 minutes before investigating.

    i went into the kitchen to find a plastic milkshake bottle in the middle of my kitchen floor??,,& i KNOW i drank it & pushed it upside down deep into the middle of the rubbish in my bin earlier that day & there was no way it could have been anything other than poltergeist activity.

    These Are all my experiences & it feels great to get it off my chest & tell people!!..

    p.s. years ago me & my sister & a friend went to a spiritualist church & my sister got picked out & the medium woman was SPOT on with the info she gave about my late aunt who died under tragic circumstances including her name which neither off us knew till we got home & asked our mum who then verified it!!


  3. p.s. Yvonne , i also am scared to look at mirrors at night & like you have forced myself to look !, i have a big mirror in my bedroom Facing the Window which someone once told me is not wise to do but i believe for some strange reason that GOOD Spirits wont appear in the mirror & if i do see anything it can only be bad!,, i only do this because id rather see something by looking & not have it creep up on me & giving me a shock

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