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Is my beloved dog visiting me in my dreams?

Submitted by:  Meag

My Story: My fiance and I were given a dog a while back. he was a ridgeback pit mix..we loved him dearly and I considered him to be my best friend..the dog had a hard life and i believe that his previous owners had used him for fighting as he was abnormally animal agressive..with people he was a teddy bear but around animals he was a different night he freaked out on one of his walks when he saw another dog and accidentally bit my fiance in the hand..he had known what he had done and looked up at him like he was sorry but we do not have a place of our own so we unfortunately had to give him up to a family that had a fenced in yard..the shelter told us they would try to find him a home..It BROKE MY HEART, to have to give him up but I had hoped that maybe he would have a chance at a better life..I called the shelter two days later to see how he was doing and they told me they had put him to sleep a day after they had gotten him…I felt ripped apart, like I had failed him, and like he had thought that I abandoned him..I called them again a day after i found out to see why they had put him to sleep, thinking maybe he went after another animal..they simply told me they didnt have room for him…that he was friendly but they had no place for him..I am going to explain why Im writing this i promise you all..I was not aware that there was a problem with space or else maybe I could have taken him back home..for days it ate me up and I was overwhelmed with guilt…the crying didnt stop right away because I lost my best friend..It has been a month to this day since he was put to sleep..and I dont cry as Much now but I do when im alone…the thing that gets me and I need help to understand but almost EVERY night I have these dreams that in one way or another he passes away, whether it be euthenization or what not. In the dream He passes on and I feel heartbroken and then all of the sudden after all the grieving in the dream he is with me again and healthy…What I want to know is that My beloved dog visiting my dreams and telling me that although hes gone from this place he is still here and ok? or is that still my guilt eating at me? the dreams are recurring and usually very similar..I cry in the dreams and have a broken heart, but then as soon as I see that hes ok again, I feel a joy that i cant describe of seeing my best friend alive and well..and then I wake up and start getting upset again wondering, was it him…or was it just me? someone please help me


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  1. Hi, I read over you entry and it sounded so similer to something I went through a year or two ago. I had a Jack Russell named Harry, who I had bought when I was about 20 years old. I got him at a tough time in my life and boy did he help me get through a lot of it. A few years later I met my wife and so had to leave Harry with my parents because we were planning on moving overseas. I used to visit my parents every weekend and of course see Harry as well. He was truly my best friend. Once we decided to go overseas a year later my parents decided to retire back to the UK as well and so they had to leave Harry and my moms dog behind. Comming from any where outside of Europe and a dog will be in quaratine for 6 months when comming to the UK and its grossly expensive. Nearly £400 a month for a small dog. So the decision was made to give Harry away to a good home. My mom found a family with a young son who lived on a farm which would be ideal for Harry. For months after he went I always felt a bit guilty but I knew he was in good hands until one night I woke up in the middle of the night and I knew there was something wrong. by then my parents were already living in the UK. My mom had never kept the family’s details so I had no way of knowing for sure. This feeling went on for a few weeks. Then again one night I had a dream. I was back in my bedroom and Harry came charging in, like he used to when I came home from collage. I remember dropping to my knees and grabbing him and hugging him like I used to. Even now after it being nearly 3 years I still get a lump in my throat. I even wrote the same experiance on here and the admin, Jeanette, explained to me what I felt. And that was that Harry had come to visit me, to tell me that he still loved me and that he didn’t blaim me for leaving him behind. And it made me feel good again knowing this. I still feel guilty but its not overwhelming.

    So what with my brief experiance explained, I think the same thing has happened to you. I think part of your dream is being affected by your guilt and it’s playing out in your dream. But I think where you see your dog and you know he’s fine and you feel better, I think thats him coming to you and letting you know, he’s fine and that he still loves you and when you wake up in the night, try to keep that image and feeling in your head.

  2. Hi, I am sorry you feel so much guilt over this situation. Let me share with you a few thoughts that I hope will ease your mind. Death is a transition into another realm and although we on earth are saddened when someone or a beloved pet dies, they are simply in another dimension. They can and often do contact us through out dreams as I have had personal proof of this. As you describe, this dog was probably your best friend and may also have also been a very important teacher for you. When you work over the guilt of this situation, understand that this dog may have been destined to teach you something. It may make you feel better to go to an animal shelter and volunteer your time with dogs that are misunderstood or who have been abused. You might come to understand that your dog had a higher purpose and a greater love for you than you could have possibly imagined.

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