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I saw a tiny orb hovering above the bathroom floor

Submitted by: Sarkasmi

My Story: This really isn’t all that scary, but just something that happened that I haven’t ever been able to understand.

I mean, if some of you have any explanations or theories, I’d love you to share them…

When I was a young boy, I saw a weird thing when going to our upstairs bathroom.

Before putting the lights on I saw a tiny orb (like… a little smaller than a ping pong ball, but bigger than a sugarcube) hovering a few inches off the floor, circling there like a bat circles above the water trying to catch bugs… sometimes doing the figure eight, sometimes not. But anyway repeating a pattern of going to left and right, back and forth with different archs and motions.

It left no trail behind it and was completely round. It didn’t really emit light, it was more like.. The kinda ball you see when you’ve stared at a bright light and then look at something dark, but just white/blue-ish.

It kinda looked like a ball of electricity, but didn’t make any noise (As I figure a lightning ball would…)

I called my mother to come see it as well, as she was iin the next room and she saw it too.

We just stood there, watching. It didn’t disappear or anything. Just kep going back and forth, sometimes going a little under our washing machine and then back to the open. I put on the lights to see if we can see it then. We couldn’t.
I turned off the lights again and there it was, still doing it.

I turned the light on again to look close if there was something tiny emitting light, like a bug or something but couldn’t see anything. And then as I turned the light off again, it was gone.

My mother still remembers it to this day as well, so that’s the only way I know it really did happen. Otherwise I’d probably think I was just imagining things.

And we never really treated it as a big deal, but have never figured out what it could’ve been. 😛 Do small electric charges ever show themselves like that or… anything?

Updated: June 30, 2010 — 9:54 pm

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  1. im quite shocked but at the same time happy to here of a similar story!
    this blue/white ball you discribe is exactly the same as i seen as a young child. i have always remmembered it to be just a little smaller than a tennis ball shape, almost like there was electricity inside it, it was so strange and beautiful! it hovered toward me and stayed for atleast 20 seconds, making me feel scared at first but then happy to see it! when you said what you had seen didnt make a sound, the thing i seen made a buzz noise but definatley was
    not some sort of bug!
    anyway, i have always wondered if anyone has ever seen anything similar. glad to read someone has!

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