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Is my spirit guide protecting me?

Submitted by:  Amy

My Story:  I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on a couple of my experiences.
Two months ago i was hit by a bus but i was fine only went unconscience for a few seconds and was able to get up and walk straight away but for a few weeks afterwards I had a reoccuring dream of the incident and in the dreams a flash of white light appered in my eyes before i was hit but it wasn’t the bus because the bus had all of its lights switched off and i also the doctors told me that they found a heart murmur when they checked me over. They said it was nothing to worry about but the accident could have been a blessing in disguise as now they have sent me for tests to make sure my heart is fine but they would never had found the murmur if i never got taken into hospital. Another thing is the doctors say i was really lucky as it was a bus that hit me and that could of caused some bad damage. My mum is a bus driver and she also says i was lucky as most people are killed instantly by buses. I was maybe thinking that the light might of been a spirit guardian who protected me as it was not my time to go just yet buts thats one of my opinions i would like to hear your opinions if you have any thanks =].

Another experience that happens to me is having the feeling like i’m constantly being followed by something. I always see shadows or flashes out of the corner of my eye also i get shivers quite a lot. I hear a lot of unexplainable noises and have found handprints on my arm but i know they are not my own as the prints are much larger than my own hands. So i would also apreciate any thoughts you may have on this aswell.

Thank you


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  1. Hi, Amy
    Just going of my own experiences, I believe we all have spirit guardians or what some mystics call a Holy Guardian Angel.
    Throughout my life I have found myself in many life threatening situations, most accidental, a couple intentional. Always, I have been protected.
    When I was a kid, I used to tell my mates that I could jump off a block of flats and my guardian angel would send an open truck past, loaded with mattresses, just before the moment of impact.
    My mates thought I was crazy talking of jumping off blocks of flats. They simply misunderstood the message I was trying to convey. That we all have a Holy Guardian Angel. Just to mention also, if you start to acknowledge and communicate with your HGA, you can, in times of need, call upon your HGA at will for guidance and protection.

    In my late teens, I went to Bude in Cornwall, in my Transit van with my mates. A lads holiday. We went to the beach, drank quite a bit of scrumpy, and rather foolishly decided to go surfing in the sea. I can’t even swim! Needless to say as the tide rushed in and the waves got bigger, we got into seriuos trouble. I clung to my boggie board for dear life, I was washed to the sea bed and back up again, several times, I could here my friend shouting, “this is it boys were all gonna die”.
    Another friend, a strong swimmer saw, I was in serious risk of drowning. He saved my life!
    It was so bad, even the life guards would not enter the water, and we eventually washed up on some rocks, I stood up, massively shocked, when a big wave hit us from behind and slammed us int the rocks, my legs and arms where cut quite badly.
    It is a miracle non of us died that day. All 5 of us made it out a live.
    Even though it was terrifying at the time, I also remained quite calm as I knew we would bo OKay.
    This is just one of many crazy situations I have found myself in, where my HGA has, 100% without doubt, protected me, and my friends.

    There are so many things going on behind the scenes, so to speak, that many never see. Some get glimpses sometimes, and some are obviously more sensitive than others and often feel protected and guided. Seeing shadows moving out of the corner of the eye, paranormal activity, UFO’s, and a feeling of being watched or followed are all signs to look for.


  2. Just to add,
    Everybody is different, and so we all experience different guardian spirits.
    For some they may be ancestral, or a recently passed relative or friend, others see them as Angels, or may experience strange lights in thier bedrooms.
    I recently had a friend come to me, who seveal years ago took his own life becuase we had gotten into drugs and started smoking weed, and ended up addicted to heroin.
    I am clean and well again now and have been for sometime. My good friend passed over in sheer turmoil and as a result was aimlessly lost. He recently came to me, and through recent events i was able to help him find his way home.
    Once he realised, it happened so fast, he was gone in an instant, and I was left feeling rather warm and cozy. The Love I felt was intense.

  3. Hi Amy,

    I do believe that something may have saved you in those moments during the accident. The latter part of your story disturbs me as finding hand prints on your arm and seeing shadows is not a sign of a benevolent spirit but a malevolent one. Flashes of light and bright orbs are usually a sign of spiritual activity. The thing to be aware of is if the orbs are black and you see dark shadows, these are all evil spirits. Please go and see someone to help you get rid of this spirit as well as bless your home. This does not sound healthy to me as I am speaking from my own personal experience with these things. Remember if the spirit is leaving hand prints on you it is not a good sign.

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