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How do I stop my dreams and visions

Submitted by: Tanya

My Story:  I need help from someone that knows quite a bit about being psychic.
Here is my Life.. I have several things that happen I have dreams that actually happen but my dreams are never clear enough to whom it may be about or happen to. I get feelings of something good or bad happening. I also get feelings with visions. For example please let me write my journal on a recent situation. 6-14-2010
I have now realized when I have dreams or visions and it is of someone like my own child/red, it is something that happens to someone I am very close to. Today I was driving in my vehicle to get prescriptions for my husband and son. Out of nowhere I feel very sad and start crying (The vision I get is me standing over a casket with one of my children, cant see the child not sure which one it is). That was at 10:50am. At 3:00 pm I got a phone call, one of my dear friends lost her baby, she was due to have her child in 11 days. How do I make this stop?? I am tired..I feel if my feelings and dreams would be a little more clear maybe I could help, maybe I could have warned her?? Please keep in mind, I am 34, I was about 6 when these things started happening. Please help

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  1. I think of them as main messages. When you get one, it’s because usually you are to help someone or convey the message to them.

    You need to read up on this and build barriers and learn how to block out. i can usually do this, except, oddly enough on vacations or when having a really good time, then I think I must let my guard down.

    Lord’s prayer and white light of God surrounding you always a good thing when these things are happening.

    Sometimes in those dream/vision states I only see from the neck down. It is just like that never gives you all the answers, only more questions. That’s why it is a good idea not to get to caught up in it. Just learn to protect yourself.

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