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A Creepy Journey Through Gibbett Wood

Your Name: Stefanie

My Story: As a regular user of the badly bumpy shortcut through Gibbett wood from Dunsley road/hyde park avenue-Wollaston to the A449 Kinver, i always felt slightly uncomfortable.

I remember locking the doors of my battered little car everytime i went through- not sure why, just felt like i might get attacked in the car.
The regular eerie and misplaced sight of burned out cars and evidence of flytippers aside, it just had a ‘loaded’ feel to it and the suspension on my Nova bore the scarss of regularly being driven like a range rover through the meandering caverous pits and curves of the mud road.

So on the evening drive back from work on the 29th October 1999, i did the normal shortcut past the big industrial plant to the right and into the wood, did my normal routine of turning the radio off and locking the doors and closing the windows. Nothing more or less eeyrie than usual i was as always glad to emerge in my battered and mudsplattered car opposite the kinver junction.

On that evening, my then boyfriend and I went to see Blair Witch project at the cinema, so at approx 11.30pm on returning home, i decided that it would be funny to scare my boyfriend by driving him down the dirt road through Gibbits wood, coming in from the A449 near the kinver junction through towards wollaston.

It is creepy in daylight hours so i figured, close to halloween and bonfire night, might be a tiny thrill to see if it scared him…this is what followed…

We were chatting about the film and he was saying these woods were like the film and wouldnt it be funny if the blair witch jumped out…we came to about half way down the track as the mud started to rise up into a steepish hill…i was confused and my heart was in my mouth, my boyfriend turned from me to look at the path and he was looking ahead too…as we carried on up the hill we saw feet with brown shoes and long socks, then the feet turned into trousers and then into a body with a shirt and coat- there was a bag over the head with a rope around it hanging from the middle of a high branch directly over the top of the top of the hill.

I just carried on driving and said- did you see that?
My boyfriend replied- see what?

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  1. Hi Stefanie,
    There is no doubt that something strange is occouring in there.
    About two and a half years ago I had been over in Kinver enjoying a curry with friends (only 3 pints consumed with food so not drunk)
    I live in Wollaston now, although brought up in Kinver so I know the area well. Managed to get a lift to Kinver but not back, so planned to walk.
    It would have been mid July so I guess it would get dark by about 10.15pm.
    Shortest route as you know is out of Kinver past the Vine, turn right opposite Dunsley Hall, up the little lane, cross the A449, then on into Gibbet Lane.
    The lanes now closed to vehicles I think to stop fly tippers, but the route is still easy to follow and well defined, had a small torch on my phone anyway so was not worried.
    Was just after 10.00 pm so not totally dark yet. I walked up the approach and into the wooded section. Where the track kicks right and climbs slightly I felt the temperature drop noticably. I just put this down to it getting late and being in a wood so pressed on. As I came up towards a gate on the right a feeling of being giddy, or disoriented came over me. Also a feeling of dread like being watched.
    I’m a level headed fella, and can tell you honestly never felt anything like this before. I have walked this lane many times in daylight and know the path really well.
    I picked up the pace and after 5 minutes realised I was headed out of the woods back towards the A449!
    I do not remember doing and 180 degree turn at all, far as I recall I was walking forward all the time. I am a keen mountaineer and am used to navigating in adverse conditions cloud fog etc. I would say I’ve got a good sence of direction so what occoured here I really don’t know.
    I can say that at the time I had no idea about William Howe or the Gibbet ghost, although I did a bit of reasearch after this.
    Decided to go back to Wollaston along the main road!
    So like I said theres defo something going on in there. I was a sceptic about such things but I keep an open mind now.
    If you would like to exchange notes on our experiances please feel free to contact me at
    If anyone else has seen or heard anything just ping me a mail. I really would like to get to the bottom of whats going on.
    All the best Jez

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