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My passed mother helps me find things I’m looking for

Your Name: Antonio Cortes

My Story: My mother passed away in 1996. I have ample, unquestionable proof of the fact that she is with me and ‘takes me’ again and again, for instance, to something I may have lost or something I am looking for. My daughter calls me to say my granddaughter  is crazy about the music of the old film ‘The Sound of Music’ , could I find a disk, a tape. But this is out of a 60 year old film. I said I’d try in downtown Manchester. Before catching the bus I feel the urge to go to one of the charity shops. ‘Cancer Reseach. Tapes? At the back. I go to the back and there, among piles of cassettes, on the shelf, right in from of my eyes ‘The Sound of Music’. But the most extraordinary so far is my awaking and even before opening my eyes, seeing ‘SPANISH HARLEM’, again and again. Strange but I did not associate it with my mother at all. Yet, on sitting up in bed and turning on my radio as I do every morning… .that second, on Smooth Radio, the very beginning of ‘There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem’ !!!

Updated: October 19, 2010 — 9:25 pm

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