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Robed Figure Tapped Me on My Shoulder in the Movie Theater

Your Name: FjnDallas

My Story I will ever forget this horrifying experience.
I was in an almost empty theater, watching a movie with my buddy. We were sitting in the center section with one seat between us.

Out of no where I felt a tap on my shoulder, not hard but you could feel it. I looked over at my friend who was watching the movie not looking at me. The all the sudden in less than a minute, I felt it again, the same tap, but more chilling. I again looked over at my friend and I said “what do you want”? He said “what are you talking about” then continued watching the movie before him.

I looked back behind me and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes.

There I saw a man, dressed in some kind of a robe, like a burlap fabric. His face was painted snow white and accented with a yellow, black and green stripe. Staring right at me, I will never forget his eyes. Around his eyes you could see a flesh line as if he didn’t want to get the “face paint”
into his eyes. His face and eyes expression looked to me as a serious warning, ice, ice cold.
He liked vanished in no time and
with the look horror on my face I ask my bud if he had seen the man behind me. My friend said he never saw anyone or anything, but said he had never seen a more horrified expression as the one on my face at that moment.

I never saw the spirit or demon again.

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