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Who was singing in the cubicle?

Your Name: Izet Grace Fedrequilan

My Story It was lunch time in our school. I suggested to go to the cr because I really need to pee. Juvelyn and regine agreed… because they had to see the mirror.
Now our school has two cr’s for girls, each has two cubicle; I went in the first cr and in the second cubicle. While peeing… I sang to myself a song (imagine me without you). When I went out of the cr, I saw juvelyn and regine were nowhere to be found.
I thought they are trying to hide (as we do to tease each other), i wanted to play th trick on them so I left them to let them search for me, not me searching for them. I walked fast out oof the cr… I didn’t look back.
I was about 12 meters far from the cr, I turned back to surprise them. I saw them talking to the seniors I went to them to ask whats happening. they went up to me and said they thought they still heard me singing in the cr… when I actually already left.
When they peeked in the cubicle where I just peed, they saw no one!
Then who was singing?

Updated: October 19, 2010 — 9:18 pm

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