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Why does a half man/ half bird spirit fly around me?

Submitted By: Karen Weston

My Story: I have a spirit around me which is half man half bird i caught it on dvd it shows this bird flying straight throu my head its freaky to watch i know it sound crazy but it flys around me all the time and i need to know why or what it wants,tks

Updated: October 19, 2010 — 9:13 pm

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  1. Hello Karen,

    Does this experience make you feel uncomfortable or are you just curious as to the workings of this?
    We all have energy around us and we interpret this energy differently. What you are seeing is a manifestation of how you interpret the energy that is around you. Some people call this “spirit guides”. It’s quite safe and should you choose to communicate then you can. Simply address the energy as you would talk normally but in your mind. The responses will come either as further visions or as feelings. Look out for this but it does take practice. Meditation is a good tool to help develop those “listening skills”.
    If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with the situation then say so. Tell the energy to go away. You have the right and the power to make this happen.
    Do some research and read books on the subject. There is loads of material out there..
    Remember……Meditation is the key.
    Good luck.

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