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I dated my friend’s dead brother

Your Name Anonymous

My Story:  This might sound feaky but its true 100%
here i go ….
people say its love at first sight but do they say once you’ve seen them youll never see them again. cause thats my story
I was in my kitchen when my friend who was round my house at the time brought through her brother i had never seen him before in fact i dint know she had one . but anyway he and i started dating round about two days after his visit for about a month. Me and his sister drifted apart. One day he went out on a business call and i went round to see her. Her mum answered and invited shouting to her up the stairs.she came and replied two seconds just drying my hair. as i started to explain to her mum its so nice how your son and me are dating. She gave me a dirty look and said “My only son died last year” and she showed me a picture of him and it was him!!! I got out my phone and showed the pictures of us on our date. However when i showed them to her she asked me why i was showing her pictures of me on my own. she screamed called me names asking why i would lie like that.but i wasnt!!! it took me years to persuade her that and she still does not believe me.

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