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Knowing the future from my dreams frightens me

Your Name:  Anonymous.

My Story:  lets start with the fact that i’m now fifteen years old. When i was 4, i would see a man. a shadowed man with a hat and a long coat standing over my bed, no one else saw him. my mom told the pastor and they placed the bible under my bed and i never saw the man again. but the memories are still horrible.
My paranormal experiences left for quite some years. Then i kept getting messages in my dreams, from my dead uncle. I thought nothing of it, until i told my mother. she was experiencing things with her dead brother also. he was tickling her feet at night. and he said ” sorry ” , it scared her. My dreams aren’t just dreams, they come true. I had a dream that my uncle got sick and had to be in the hospital. The next morning, we get a call. sure enough he’s in the hospital. My dad has visions,but he can’t force them. they come naturally. The idea of knowing the future from my dreams frightens me. what do you think?.


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  1. Hello there,

    It is normal for young children to see things as you have in your past. As you get older, usually after the age of 7, you gradually lose this ability. Being able to see your future in dreams is becoming more popular with a lot of people. So you are not odd. You can use this to your advantage and it can become a useful tool. For the time being you will need to do some research. Do a search for books on the subject as this is the only way that you will become less fearful of this process.
    Insight into the workings of this phenomenon will lead to you becoming comfortable with this and then you can start developing it as a tool and make it work for you.
    Exciting stuff! good luck in your quest.

  2. Hi 🙂
    I too have similar dreams but not about things that important, just little things that later come true. I see ghosts too and when I was little people told me I’d probably grow out of it (like the above comment) but I too am now 15 and still have experiences. I have come to terms with it but still get scared at times, I think you need to just try your hardest not to be affraid and if it is uncomfortable for you, you could do what my Mum does and just try to block it out. Most of my family see spirits but my Mum was scared by it so she simply said I don’t want to see them, now she doesn’t. Although she occasionally gets weird feelings because she knows I see stuff.
    Hope this helps somehow, good luck!

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