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Silent phonecalls and a mystery man who sits on my bed

Your Name : Aimie davies

My Story:  I have had a few wierd things happen that i cant explain but what happened the other week i cant forget. I was laying in bed and i dont know if i was in a dream state or awake but 2 nights in a row a guy came into my bedroom and sat on my bed not looking at me but he was talking to me ! thought it was my partner so i started talking about my daughters birthday the next day and this man was talking back to me and we was having a good talk. Then on the 1st night he got up and was bending over like he was in pain and just stoood there for ages then vanished and the 2nd night he just walked away and vanished near the window. I was screaming for my partner because i knew it could not of been him and even he thought it was strange. This guy was tall and slim and seemed to know what i was talking about and i heard his voice. This is a long story but its made me think about alot of other things that have happened and i need answers now, I get phonecalls where nobody talks and there is no number and when i cheak the time of the call there is no log of the call. And last of all i was staying in my daughters grandparents house 2 nights ago and she said when i was walking up the stairs to bed that a little girl was following me up the stairs. I dont know what to belive and i need to know if im being warned about somthing or if it is just relatives visiting?.

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