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My dead dog came back to say goodbye

Your Name: Terri

My Story: ¬†Isabel. Some kids at the grocery store were giving away half-Newfoundland puppies. I’ve always loved big dogs, picked her out, and took her home. For two years, she grew up in our family, was extremely intelligent, playful, and always gentle. She loved everyone, but her and I had a special bond. There was something in her eyes I find difficult to explain, other than to say she had true compassion. Yes, dogs sense people, but it was beyond that. She’d listen intently as I talked to her about my divorce, and she’d “talk” back to me in low tones, always at the appropriate time, as if she truly understood what I was saying. After the kids, Isabel, and I moved, she would sit in the hall by the bathroom door in the morning while I got ready for work, and her and I would have our daily “rooo roo roo” conversations. The kids’ bedroom door was directly behind her, but she was always careful to “talk” quietly to me so she didn’t wake them. One day (the kids were at their fathers house), I came home, and she wasn’t in the house. I panicked. Looked outside. Her collar was attached to the cable but there was no dog. Now, the collar stayed on her at all times and she stayed in the house! What was it doing outside?? I ran all over the neighborhood, calling for her. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Early the next morning, not knowing why, I quickly got dressed and ran out to the main road. On the other side, there she was. Laying off to the side of the road, cold. Gone. I cried my way back to the house and got the van. As I pulled up, a jogger stopped to help me load her. Three evenings later, I was awakened by, what appeared to be, a spotlight being shined in thru my bedroom glass door. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the light, but I saw movement down low, as if there were police outside – absent the noise they make. As my eyes continued to adjust, the movement on the right became clearer. Then, Isabel walked in. Thru the glass, right up to my bed. I sat up a bit, wondering why I was dreaming this and WHY she was so crystal clear! I needed to put an end to it. I’d been crying over her for days. Missing our morning “talks”. So, I slowly put my hand out, knowing as soon as I did, she’d be gone. But, I had to. She moved closer and placed her head on the edge of the bed. I felt the weight of her big head sink in next to me. As I placed my hand on her shoulder, I closed my eyes. This was nonsense. And it hurt! But – when my hand reached her, I felt her coat. My eyes opened. She was still there. I ran my hand down her back, then again frim her head down. I felt every change in her coat. From fine and silky to thick and coarse. Then, she looked up at mne with those eyes, right in to mine, as she’d always done, then turned and walked away. My hand fell down her side as she left. She walked back out thru the glass door, and the bright spotlight went away. This was over 10 years ago. I still vividly recall the feel of her hair and the look in her eyes. I’m crying again now. Talking about it, makes me cry. I loved that dog and she truly loved me. So much, that she came back to say goodbye.

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