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Our next hotel stay was a place I had explored in a dream

Your Name: Anonymous.

My Story I’m not sure if this qualifies, but I have to share this somewhere and found this site. Here goes.

I was in France with my family and we were staying in an old stable at a Chateau that had been renovated and my parents slept in one room, and my younger sister and I in another. Anyway one night I had a bizarre dream, where I was walking through what seemed a huge house, this was about 10 years ago so I can’t recall my feelings during the dream, whether I felt I was being led through the home, chased, if I was just curious and was exploring or if I felt safe, but given I was about 12 at the time I think I would have remembered if I had felt genuinely frightened at any stage during my dream, but I’m not ruling anything out because I can’t say for sure.

Next morning wake up, no big deal, had a weird dream. But a couple days later we arrive at our next hotel and it is the same exact place I walked around in my dream. Every detail. I had never been to France, and was 12 so I didn’t check my parents itinerary. I distinctly remember as soon as we got there my dad asked for the bathroom and I knew exactly where it was, we get to the room and it’s another room piece for piece from my room.

Weirdest part? My sister had the exact same dream, and showed my mom around my parents room. I can’t explain what happened, but I swear on my late mothers grave everything here is 100% true. me. what do you think?.


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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    This is not weird at all. This happens to me a lot. Dreams can be divided into categories. One category is the Astral plane. When you go to sleep a portion of you leaves and goes off “travelling”, for lack of a better word. In this world there is “no time” as we know it. so we can navigate freely from past to future. So when you visit a future place of where you will be sometimes some of that energy remains attached from that “time zone” ( again for lack of a better word), very similar to water on your body as you get out the shower, you then see that as a memory or dream. When your body synchronizes back up at the end of your deep sleep, you will interpret this energy and see it as a visual representation of where you have been or will be.
    To summarize: It is merely residual energy that you have brought back with you.
    Keep a journal and you will be amazed at the results after a few months. Its good fun try it.

  2. Past life? Sounds like at another time that was the place you were in.

  3. Hi, This has happened to me before but not quite as detailed. When I was younger, I used to have a child minder who had a son, a daughter and no pets. I used to go after school and was the only other child there. One night I had a dream that I went there during the day and her son showed me that they had bought a guinea pig and a rabbit and there was a little girl sitting with them. A few days later I went there after school as usual and sure enough, they had gon and bought a guinea pig and rabbit. A few days later I was ill so went during the day and my child minder introduced me to a little girl that goes there every day, the girl I saw in my dream. I’ve had other smaller dreams like this, I think it’s simply a prepanition where somehow, something in your mind tells you what’s going to happen before it does. Perhaps as a form of de ja vou or maybe it is something connected to a past life. Just thought I’d share that

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