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My dead grandmother used to comfort me in the middle of the night

Your Name: Sara Stewart

My Story:  When I was a little girl I was scared to go to bed by myself so my mom layed in bed with me til I was asleep. Then I was afraid to sleep without her because I would wake up in the middle of the night but I was too afraid to run to her room so I’d cry alone til I fell back asleep. One night when I was scared my mom heard me crying and came in and sat on the edge of my bed. She held my left arm and lightly ran her fingers up and down. from wrist to mid arm. It was the best feeling and knocked me out. She also would sing a song in Italian and her voice was very quiet and sweet. It began to be an every night ritual for many months. One morning I was getting ready for school and my mom was yelling for me to hurry up and get down stairs.As I was walking down the steps to where she was waiting for me I was singing the Italian lullaby that she sang at night. When I was on the last step or so my mom drop” I was so scared at that point and I was begging my mom not to be mad and I will never sing it again. “I’m sorry mommy. I didnt know you didnt allow me to sing it in the day. I wont. I wont!” I kept saying this over and over. After school I heard my mom and dad talking. I heard my mom say that her mom sang that song when she was a kid. I never knew my grandmother as she died at age 42, 5 years before my birth. I am named after her and I am always told that I look just like her. My grandmother whom Id never met was the comfort in the middle of the night.

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