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What was the Chupacabra like creature we saw perched on the garden fence?

Your Name Jason

My Story  :My story happened when I was a child of around 9 or 10 years of age and was witnessed by a lad who lived next door to me.

Each year this lad’s parents and mine would take turns to hold a bonfire party in each family’s back garden. This particular year the bonfire was held next door where lived a couple with their 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. After watching all of the fireworks and the bonfire started to die down everyone went indoors, all except me and Phillip, the eldest lad from next door. He came round to my house and we sat out on the back door step, with torches, watching the random fireworks that were being set off by people in the local area. This was at about 10pm and the sky was pretty much clear and perfect for watching the firework displays.

Our houses were separated by a picket fence at the time and we could see the embers of the fire, which glowed around our gardens, from next door. There was an older lad who lived in the house at the very back of mine. Our gardens were separated by your standard 2 metre fencing panels that are about an inch in depth. He was at senior school and we were still juniors and we used to think of it as fun to play him up a little because he was cocky due to attending senior school. Phil and I sometimes used to hang out of our bedroom windows and shine a torch through this kid’s bedroom window to wind him up, all part of being kid’s I guess. Anyway, on this particular evening we thought we would sit outside and shine the torch through his bedroom window for a laugh. After a while we got the fright of our lives. We saw some kind of creature perched on the fence that separated this lad’s garden from mine. Phil and I just screamed in fear. We each put so much pressure backwards that the door opened without us even turning the handle. We ran into my house. I was crying with fear and Phil was laughing hysterically in fear. My Dad asked what was wrong and when we told him he immediately went up the garden to see what was going on. There was nothing there. We all went next door to tell Phil’s parents and his Dad and mine went up the garden together to check but they found nothing untoward. They even checked over the fences, and into the neighbouring gardens, but again they saw nothing out of the ordinary.

I refer to what we saw as a creature because there is no other way to describe it. It was cowered down and facing east as we looked at it. It was far too big to be a cat and far too thin to appear to be a dog. It was a dark, eerie figure and the nearest thing I have seen to it since is the creature in the movie The Mothman Prophecies. That film sort of sent shivers down my spine because it brought back memories of that night. There is also something known as a Chupacabra (I think that’s the spelling) that also reminds me of that night, every time I see it on TV shows about the paranormal.

Phil and his family moved a few years later and I haven’t seen them since but we both knew that what we saw that night was not human and did not resemble anything like a cat or a dog. Also, what cowers down and keeps balance on a fence that is only an inch thick? Something that appears to be around 3 or 4 feet in height if it was to stand tall could surely not keep balance like that on a one inch wide fence? I have no idea what it was but I know that it scared the hell out of us and it is something that I personally will never forget.

If anyone knows what this is or has had a similar experience I would be glad if you could post it in a comment against my post, or even share your views in a fresh post of your own.

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  1. In my grandmothers house many years ago there was an odd occurence involving a strange little creature with pointed ears.

    I and another member of the family saw it on different occasions in the early hours of the morning.

    It looked hairy, black eyes ( or thats how they looked in the early morning light. ) Very hairy – along its head with vertical pointed ears. Around 2-3ft in height

    On both ocassions it was seen it seemed to be watching us but didnt seem to mean any harm. My experience of the creature ended with it scurrying off towards the bedroom wall. On another occasion we found a long fingered child size hand print near the radiator in one of the bedrooms.

    Then all this kind of thing stopped and theres never been anything seen of it since.

    Wierd stuff but it did happen.

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