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Strange occurences in a Victorian Terrace House, Aintree, Liverpool-July 2008

Your Name: John Currie

My Story:  My partner and I moved into a victorian terrace house in Aintree, Liverpool in July 2008. Not long after we moved in we noticed a number of strange occurences. There was a cold spot in one particular area of the dining room (we also took pictures of blue lights shooting upwards from the floor in the same place). There were bangs in the chimney breast accompanied by long, loud scratches. Money would go missing then inexplicably reappear in the middle of the dining room table. My fiance saw a child like shape walk from the closed cellar door into the kitchen then disappear. On other occasions we heard our names being whispered and both our heads were stroked simultaneously whilst I was putting our young son to bed and she was in the kitchen. After sixteen months of this we finally decided enough was enough and moved. Very scary place. On a final note, I have received scratches all over my body since childhood and apparently (according to some) this could be related. Does anyone have any similar experiences to this?


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  1. I too have had experiences in the Aintree (Orrell Park) area.

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