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A true account of what happened to me at a spiritual healer

Your Name: James Wilson

My Story: The following is a true account of what happened to me at a spiritual healer.

For over a year My right thigh had been going numb. This
happened mainly when I was standing still doing something,
but it was getting worse & sometimes got numb just walking
down the street.

This was about 20 years ago. It may have been slightly more.
I made an appointment with Steven Turoff. It was a

I was told to take off my shoes, socks & trousers & lie on my
back on the “Bed”

The son, “Jason” came in first. He was in his 20 s I would
have thought. He put his hand on my thigh, & closed his eyes.
He said nothing as far as I can remember.

He left & his father, Steven Turoff came in. His father Did something with
my thigh. I tried to look but could not see much. I did see him
“Throw” something & heard a loud “Plop” as something
appeared to go in the bin.

“God be with You” He also said, “I know you live a fair distance
from here, If you have any problems, think of me at 10 pm
& tell me what it is” “I will try to help”

That was at least 20 years ago……….My thigh has NEVER gone
numb since.

A few years later I had a small lump on the back of my neck.
I went to the doctor, who told me what it was & that it would
come & go but unless it got really sore there was little he
could do.

It was a bit sore & easily knocked.

One night at 10, I visualized the clinic & Steven Turoff.
I had my hand on the lump. I told him what the Doctor had said
& that I kept knocking it. A few days later it came to a head &
burst. There is almost nothing there now and it does not cause me
any problems at all.

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