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Am I having a paranormal experience when I go to bed?

Your Name: Tabitha Zuver

My Story: Everynight now when I go to bed, I zone out and keep saying “Leave him alone, he’s so little,” and “Why are you here?” I’ve asked my friends for advice and they said that I’ve been experiencing paranormal experience. I can also see ghosts when I close my eyes at night. That only comes and goes. All I would like to know is if it is actually a paranormal experience.


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  1. Hi Tabitha,

    The first thing you need to do is imagine yourself sitting in a big ball of white light. This will enable you to feel more comfortable and view the experience in a positive frame of mind. The images you see with your eyes closed are due to the fact that your third eye is active at the time. This will allow you to see the images that are not normally visible to the naked eye. This is normal for someone that is developing spiritually. Nothing to be worried about. Remember that you are in charge of the situation at all times and should you wish to stop the experience, you can. you can choose to communicate with the entities that you are seeing too. They would not have appeared to you if you were not ready to accept the experience. These people are not ghosts. They are spiritual entities and they are here to assist you, should you choose this. You are obviously ready to develop spiritually. My advice is to ask them how they want to help you(do this in your head next time you see them, use your mind to talk). The response will come to you as images or as feelings. Trust in yourself and your feelings. If the situation does not feel right then say so and refuse communication. remember ….you are in charge. what you say goes.
    ps. get some books and read up. you are not alone with experiences like this.

  2. You need to say you surround yourself with white protective light.
    Also to say the Lord’s Prayer. It works!

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