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Did my dead friend warn me of an electrical fault?

Your Name: James Wilson

My Story: This is a true account of what happened to me one evening.

It was summer & getting slightly dark. I was working in the shed.
As I pressed the trigger on the electric drill, all the lights in the
shed went out ………….. As I said it was almost dark & I did not
want to get too involved in the dark with electricity. (This was
before the trip cutouts were common)

I first checked the fuse in the house. It was ok ! I went back
to the shed with a “Neon” test screwdriver. There was not
much light but I opened the Fuse box & tested for “live”. The
screwdriver lit ok.

I closed the fuse-box & tried…..Nothing………..

I thought at that time it was strange. It crossed my mind that
there was something unusual happening, but I was not frightened.

In the shed were a 4 13 amp plugs at the work bench & one
near the door. With the exception of the inspection lamp all
the lights were fluorescent tubes.

I plugged the inspection light into the plug near the door &
switched on…….

The light went “on”, “off”. “on”, “off”, “on”, “off”, “on”, “off”, “on”.

I said the first thing that came to my mind……”VINCE”.
He was a good friend who had died a few years ago.

ALL THE LIGHTS CAME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spoke of this to a friend about a week later.
He told me to re-check the wiring. He thought that it was a
warning that there was a problem somewhere.

In daylight I checked it all………I found that although the earth
wire came in, it was not connected to anything past the fuse
box. I rewired that area & put in a new main swich etc.
I have had no problems since.

Strange ?????????????? James

Updated: January 4, 2011 — 8:45 pm

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