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My trial as healer helped my friend but now i can’t meditate

Your Name James Wilson

My Story: I swear the following is 100% true.
Even the name has not been changed.

My trial as a healer !!!!
I claim nothing for what happened. I only asked for help.

I worked with a very nice genuine guy for years & used to fix his van
from time to time. He by then was towards retiring age, but was still
working. He always has bad circulation, probably caused by smoking.

At that time I used to meditate each night. (I got a cassette tape by
Harry Edwards), who was a great healer. I asked for healing for many
people but of course never really knew how much my “asking” helped.

One day George Dobie mentioned that he was going into hospital to
get blood vessels opened to allow better blood flow to his kidneys.
He was going in on the following Monday.

I asked for healing for him & explained the position & what was going
to be done to increase the blood flow to his kidneys. I never said
anything to him about it.

In the evening of the Monday when he was going to hospital I phoned
his house, expecting to speak to his wife. George answered the
phone. I said, “I thought you were going into hospital today”
He said that they had sent him home without actually doing anything.
He said nothing more…………

A year later he said he had a growth on one testicle & was going in
to hospital to either get the growth removed or have the testicle

I asked for the growth to be made to shrink till it did not exist. I

On the evening on the day he was getting it done, I phoned his house
again expecting to speak to his wife. George himself answered the
phone. I asked why he was not in hospital. He said that they had sent
him home. I asked why.

He told me that they looked & said that the growth had gone !!!
He died a few years late of a burst aneurysm that was difficult
for the doctors to get to. (It was at the back)

I find it impossible to meditate now. I feel I can’t switch off as I used
to be able to. I would love to be able to help people.

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  1. hi, I read your stories with interest could you please get in touch with me as I would love to talk to you

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