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What was the bluish white ball of light that shot down the corridor?

Your Name: Mark

My Story:  I saw this about six years ago in south africa, while I was working over there. I was staying in a farmhouse, they generated their own power, and the genny was cranky and had just cut out, rather than fix it, we just lit parrafin lamps. I had just lit one and was walking back to the two other people in the room when the wall in front on me was lit by a light source behind me, the quality of the illumination was odd, speckly and bluish white, almost like a monochromatic source, but white, I turned to look at the source, which was to my right and saw a bluish white ball five inches in diameter and about two feet away from my face, and about five feet above the floor, from the pattern of light it made it had been moving in my general direction, but as soon as I saw it, it stopped, moved directly away from me in a straight line at speed and with a slightly downward angle, it then stopped changed course and shot off in a straight line down the corridor at which point I lost sight of it. When I first saw it I said “What the…” which alerted the other people in the room, one of whom was in a position to see down the corridor, the other who was facing away and sitting next to a lamp, saw nothing, but the guy saw it and saw it go down the corridor and change direction again and go through a door, which was closed. I have no explanation for this, we had not been drinking, there was nothing I’d associate with an eletrical effect, no noise or smell and no damage to the door that it apparently passed through, there was no electricity in the house, which was steel framed with wooden walls and a sheet metal roof and a pored concrete floor there was no gas in the area, and whatever it was it moved very quickly, apparently in reaction to my observation of it, and in straight lines with slight pauses as it changed direction. The whole thing happened in under two seconds, and if the lights had been on I doubt anyone would have seen it, unless they had looked directly at it, as the light it emmited seemed sort of washed out, I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. Any theories?

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