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Evil Spirits in the Brick House

Your Name: Sumer

My Story:  When i was 12 i lived in a brick house.The lanlord was schizophrenic and she had no family because they were all dead but if you are wondering y we moved in there i will tell you my mom is very spiritual and likes activity but this house was not your average spirits…..more like demons.Our first expierience in the house was the usual noises lights flickering on and off etc,but as we stayed there longer and longer they got meaner.I remember seeing a little boy with black hair and beady eyes he looked almost sad and beaten,but then there were two more a male and a female i got the vibe they were siblings of each other but they looked very evil.the ghosts didnt come downstairs much they stayed upstairs in of course MY ROOM!!! I could never sleep up there i remember having barbeques and people sleeping in the room upstairs next thing you know everyone is laying in my living room knowone ever said what happened though.So when my cuzin alysa stayed she ended up getting pushed down the stairs and had a bar go through her ancle she was bleeding everywhere and then we heard growls and laughs creepy huh……just wait.So me and my momma were laying on the couch downstairs she fell asleep while reading a book and i was watching tv,the tv turns off i look over at my mom and her leg looks like its being held up in the air and then she screams…….she was being punched repeatedly in her privates i was shocked.When we first moved into the house there was a rottweiler in our garage it had spit hanging from its mouth almost like it wanted to eat us or something,and when we walked into the house there was different shade and types of border and wallpaper all around the house and there was this black circle in the cieling that turned out to be black mold it was gross.Well this is my last story,when my brother camed to stay with us with his kids aden and zoe he was going to be tough and sleep upstairs after we worned him next day he was downstairs with the screaming babies aden had bruise in a unique pattern on his back and zoe looked petrified and had a very high fever my brother was crying.I am now 13 and am shocked from the expieriences i had in that house all i have to say is if u are creeped out by a house follow your instincts and STAY AWAY!!!!!ps: my mom did send the little boy to cross over afterwards we left and the house was never rented again.

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