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Strange Experiences in my Old House

Your Name: Miss n bruce

My Story: ¬†About 4 years ago I was ill in bed with quinsy I was due to take my pills from my doctor I had to get out of my bed to go downstairs to my kitchen to get them this was around 1am but I really didn’t want to get up something was telling me to go down stairs to get them and another part of me didn’t want to so after around 10 minutes I got out of bed went down the stairs opened the living room door went to switch the light on as the light came on I immediately stared to the corner of my Living room where I saw a smoky grey figure it was about 4 ft in height had shoulders and a head but no features was see threw and just looked like cigarette smoke I froze starring at then I thought if I look away then back at it maybe it was just my imagination or lack of sleep but it was still there I could see it in corner of my eye I ran into my kitchen and shouted my partner down then as soon as my partner down to explain what I saw I started crying tears streaming down my face I explained I didn’t know why I was crying but I felt so sad inside I don’t know weather my partner believed me or not but I will never forget it that was my very first sighting after that I started to here strange stuff in my home I smelt things too like perfume once in my kitchen as if someone was standing right behind me with strong perfume on when I was the only person there but I was to scared to turn around to c who it was I just froze up I had a few experiences in that house I was on the phone to my friend one day in summer when I heard someone running sounded like round the side of my house so I thought it was someone coming in my back door so I just carried on talking on the phone then I had this funny feeling it sounded like someone was running towards me someone heavy in build but running fast towards me I was standing in my living room still on the phone but i thought someone or something was going to run into me so even though I couldn’t see anything I turned my body as if to let it past and when I did I felt something past by my face I froze for a second in disbelieve that I moved out if the way as there was nothing there to see then my friend on the phone was saying my name are you still there I paused but came bs k down to reality and said yes I’m still here but u will never guess what just happened to me I told her as then she said who r u with I said I’m on my own in house she told me she heard over my phone some mans voice as there was only me in my house. I ended up moving out of that house after a year or so after that experience as it started getting me down. and the night I was due to go and look at another house to move to I was in bed thinking about it when my ears popped and I heard a sort of buzzing sound in my ears and I heard clear as day a little boys voice right next to my bed saying I’m going there too that was the last straw I moved out with in 6 weeks when I did move to our new house I used to dream of my old house it was as if something was reminding me of what went on in that house it’s been 4 years now I rarely dream of my old house but i will never forget my experiences I had there

Updated: March 9, 2011 — 8:49 pm

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