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I woke up screaming just before the call that my Nan had died

Your Name: Paul Cadwallader

My Story: When I was five years old, we had a telephone call from the hospital that our Nan had died. The wierd thing being ten minutes before the call i woke up screaming. I think i dreamt of something but im not too sure. Could of been coincidence.

However in 2008 when my Grandad passed away, being 17 i again woke up before we got the information hed passed away. Didnt scream this time and no dream as i can remember. But that night before i had that feeling something wasnt right and when i did wake i knew instantly what had happened even before our Nan phoned us and was saying the paramedics were still trying revive him.

Moreover, i hate walking through graveyards. Headaches develop when we went to visit my Grandads grave, i can never spend long in graveyards. But it could just be me being weird!

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