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Strange happenings at a theme bar in Darlington Co.Durham

Your Name Mike Kay

My Story: Since the age of 17 I have lived and worked all over the UK in my capacity as a Hospitality Manager. In 1993 I returned to my home town in the North East from a Hotel Managers position in Windsor Berkshire, where countless things happened, this however in not about the hotel ,it`s about a theme bar in Darlington Co.Durham, one of the first of it`s kind in the town.
Having taken the deputy managers position I settled in well and made some good friends with the staff and customers. However over the course of a few months It become apparent that all was not as it seemed with the building, especially after hours. We found out the original use for the building had been something to do with Jehovah witnesses, and had been used as a kind of holding area for the dead during the second world war..
There were always little things that occurred after the Bar was closed and the staff were having a drink. Noises in the kitchen on the second floor when you knew no one was up there. Doors slamming behind you for no reason, the music would turn it`s self up with no one in the DJ box.
One particular evening we were having a little staff party after work, I was stood behind the bar getting a couple of drinks and talking to two of the staff when I noticed a woman in a short flowery dress walking up the stairs in front of me, presumably to go to the toilet . From behind she looked very nice and I asked the two guys at the bar with me who she was, when we all looked over she was not there, the staff told me there was no one but work colleagues here. We searched the entire second floor and found no one. Another occasion myself and a member of staff were stood at the end of the bar having a smoke, there were no customers in as it was about 9.30 on a wet Tuesday winters night, Without warning we both heard a huge crash above us, enough to make us both jump, we ran up the stairs and began looking for the source of the noise only to find the trays of cutlery in the kitchen all over the floor, but the trays were still on the work tops… empty.
Lots of incidents occurred over the 4 years I worked there but the last major one still haunts me to this day, we were locking up the building after a fairly quiet night, the control box for all the lights and the alarm was under a flight of stairs next to the front double doors. Mark my colleague was outside pulling the huge metal shutter down halfway , I reached under the stairs and turned all the lights off,the only light left being from the fire route and escape lights, I dont know what made me look up but as I did I saw something that made my heart freeze, facing me on the second level balcony was a huge blacker than black shape, it looked like a tall person in black hooded monk like robes, I knew I was alone in the building. Within a few seconds I banged the alarm code into the box and ran outside slamming the shutter behind me as I went. Even as I headed to my car I did not turn around to look at the building which had huge windows taking up most of the front. Many other things happened after that but nothing to compare to seeing that figure……


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  1. That incident with the shutter and on the Sunday night and the shape was me. I concur the events and can actually add that Mike was trying to set the alarm, it wouldn’t set as the sensor was picking up movement upstairs.

  2. By any chance was this in routes 66 in darlington?

    If so I used to be a doorman there and always noticed very strange things going on when it came to locking up

  3. My x used 2 b a doorman his strange experience was throwing people out and seeing them inside again!!

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