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I have no doubt that my mother was sending messages from beyond

Your Name: Kathy C.

My Story: My mother died this past jan 2011, I was happy for her that she was finally at peace since she had alzheimers for 11years. One day i came into my apt and my ceiling light was on and a picture above my tv was dropped on the left side,it was extremely bothersome to me since i was sure i never turned that ceiling light on and the picture was hanging fine prior to my departure for the day. 4 days later it about about 5:00am i was in my room totally awake when i saw a light in my hallway, i thought to myself is that timer on the lamp not working correctly as i was thinking that i heard a loud noise like stuff was falling out of my closet. I thought maybe the cat had gotten into the closet, When i walked down the hallway from my bedroom i saw the cat on the tower in the living room absolutely frozen in place with her hair standing straight up. At this point i wasn t sure if anyone had broken into the apartment so i waited, i noticed the light switch on the wall was turned on and the ceiling light illuminated in the dining area. I was scared and very startled. I looked around the living room saw no one was there i waited quietly in the hall praying if someone had broken in they just take what they want and get out. So i waited a few minutes and didn’t hear anything else. I checked the front door and it had not been opened and the dead bolt clearly still secured. It was apparent no one had physically entered the apartment. As i turned around i saw the picture above the tv dropped on the left side the tack had again been removed from the wall but was still in the picture itself. I was really freaked out. It wasn t until the next day i noticed a framed picture i keep of my mother on the kitchen counter leaning up against the back wall turned out on the left side away from the wall. My mother was left handed. I also noticed what appeared to be a left hand print in the dust on my tv stand. The print inself was 4 skeletal digits and an obvious thumb print. When i factored in everything i observed, i came to the conclusion it was my mother in my apartment . I found it very unsettling and very disturbing. I picked up a picture of her and said if this is you stop it , i don t want you sending me messages from beyond. My mother was a great mother and a great person. However, having experienced a paranormal event i can truly say it will haunt me, It was totally unbelieveable, i can t even try to rationalize away the events that took place .I was wide awake when they took place. It was the 2nd time in less then a week and the days were significant. On Sunday i had just come home from hosting a bridal shower for my niece, and on Thursday it was my nephews birthday, I have no doubt it was my mother.

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  1. Hi, it sounds like these events have really unsettled you, but do you not gather some comfort from the fact that your Mother came to see you. I have had several ghostly experiences and I realise that people react differently to them but obviously she loves you very much still and wants to let you know she is still around…

    Regards Mike..

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