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Is it my imagination or is there something following me?

Your Name: Chloe

My Story: Ii have been experiencing something strange for a couple of months maybe a year now, but its strange and i carent help but feel that something is watching me, or standing behind me and following me, i get this feeling in cerrtain places either in my mums house or my dads house. also when i go for walks down this alley way where i live i see things and hear things moving and snapping branches behind me sometimes this really scares me but i know it’s there and if i’m in a house and i feel that its there i’m scared to even go any where near where it is. am i imagining this or is there something really with me ??

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Updated: June 21, 2011 — 5:49 pm


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  1. I also get this, i tend to feel like somebodys standing behind me and sometimes i seem to catch a black mass out the corner of my eye, i never see it infront of me but always behind me, in my bathroom, in my bedroom, in my parents room and also in my garage, though no where else in the house, it is strange and does scare me but i always think to myself if it wants to harm me in any way it would have done so by now, i see it more as a deceased family member watching over me, atleast thats what i hope it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi, This may put your mind at rest and I am no sceptic as I have had many experiences since being a child, but the uneasy feeling you get could be caused by nearby elctromagnetic fields or radiowaves, mobile phones, electricity pilons and undeground cabling all emit some form of pulse or signal that our senses sometimes pick up on.. the result is a feeling of being watched or followed. The next time you get the feelings, have a look aroud and see whats close by, wet or damp weather (misty or fine drizzle) can amplify the radiowaves or EMF’s.

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